How many SEC teams should make post-spring top 25 ranking?

post-spring-top-25’s Mark Schlabach published his version of the post-spring top 25 teams, and seven SEC teams made the ranking.

Alabama checked in at No. 2, while Auburn ranked No. 4. Georgia and South Carolina checked in on the top 10 at No. 8 and No. 10 respectively. LSU, Texas A&M and Florida were all ranked in the top 20.

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Here’s how Schlabach’s ranking looked:

1. FSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Auburn
5. Oregon
6. Michigan State
7. Ohio State
8. Georgia
9. Baylor
10. South Carolina
11. Stanford
12. UCLA
13. LSU
14. Texas A&M
15. Wisconsin
16. UNC
17. Notre Dame
18. Iowa
19. Florida
20. USC
21. Texas Tech
22. Clemson
23. Kansas State
24. Nebraska
25. Michigan

Few takeaways:

  • Despite Auburn being the reigning SEC Champion, Schlabach think Alabama is the team to beat in 2014 – and he’s not alone. Several project the Tide to be the team to beat. Nonetheless, the SEC West will probably go through the Iron Bowl again.
  • I, too, think LSU is a top 15-caliber team, but Texas A&M probably shouldn’t be, and Florida isn’t top 20-caliber…yet.
  • I would drop Texas A&M and Florida out of the top 25, purely based on seeing what’s returning and the deficiencies each team possessed, and I would add in Missouri and Ole Miss, two quality teams with plenty of talent.
  • The Aggies lose the most firepower from any of the teams with Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans, not to mention the defense was downright unwatchable at times. How much will they improve? That’s the big question. Talent and depth are gaining, but there are too many losses and questions for the Aggies to open a top 25 team.
  • Florida could garner some top 25 love from others, but it will have to be earned for me, as I’m not quick to say the Gators’ offensive scheme change makes them a top 25 team. But I do think the Gators will have the SEC’s biggest turnaround.

What say you?

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  • No Respect!! #ZOU-Rah!

    • Yep! Is this Mark Schlabach guy a graduate of North Carolina? He has a pitiful excuse of a team like that at # 16!!!… and NO MIZZOU ANYWHERE? Add to the fact that he has Texas Tech in the Top 25, without ZOU & his list becomes a mockery. Do you think he’s ever heard of one MATY MAUK? I don’t either.

    • I absolutely agree. Mizzou will be very good this year, I don’t get why no one gives them any respect. Mauk will be good, the WRs will surprise, and as always the D will be quick and solid when it matters. A&M will surprise everyone, by all accounts the D will be better (its hard to be worse) and Kyle Allen is similar to Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and Jason White all quarterbacks that Sumlin worked with. That being said, it seems like A&M gets ranked really high in years that they absolutely should not be…we haven’t done anything to prove a 14 ranking yet.

    • It’s laughable that this guy has UF at 19 and left Mizzou out completely. I guess he’s putting too much stock into DGB’s dismissal from the team.

      • At least he was smart enough not to rank Texas. They get ranked every year for no reason and stay in the top 25 even with 4-5 losses in the drowning BIG 12.

  • Wow, how is Ole Miss not ranked in this poll? Ole Miss is easily a top 20 preseason team, but I expect them finish in the top 15. I would probably have Mizzou ranked anywhere from 25-20. A&M has way to much to prove right now to be ranked. I know a lot of ignorant ppl are going to get upset because of how high I put Ole Miss, but they are loaded on defense and have an offense that score a lot of points. Plus they have the most experienced QB in the SEC that is poised for a huge year and he has tons of talented targets to throw too. And MSU fans can’t say I’m being a homer because i am giving MSU some love by ranking were I actually think they should be. Mark Schlabach is an idiot and he can’t couldn’t find his own ass if it was handed to him. But anyway, here is my preseason top 25, so let the mocking begin:

    1. FSU
    2. Bama
    5. Michigan St.
    6. South Carolina
    7. Wisconsin
    8. Ohio St.
    9. Oklahoma.
    10. UCLA
    11. Ole Miss
    12. Baylor
    13. LSU
    14. Stanford
    15. Georgia
    16. Notre Dame
    17. USC
    18. Clemson
    19. Nebraska
    20. Mizzou
    21. Mississippi St.
    22. Texas Tech
    23. Texas
    24. Arizona St
    25. Florida

    • Will all do respect and as a student at Ole Miss you are beyond crazy if you think we are going to finish in the top 15 this season. Sure the defense is pretty loaded and yes we return a lot of weapons on offense. However, Bo Wallace will be as always mediocre at best but, the main reason we will not be top 15 is the offensive line. Golson will be gone and then we have no left tackle. Ben still is a decent center but he isn’t Swindall. The O-Line aside from Tunsil is going to be a train wreck. I’ve never in my life seen or heard of a team that did well without a good oline. Case and point the 2013-14 Falcons fine the year before but lost the oline and went 4-12. Also preseason top twenty teams don’t go scoreless on offense for five quarters leading up to a bowl game.

      • “Bo Wallace will be as always mediocre at best..”

        Yeah. That’s why he’s set to break all of Eli Manning’s passing records this year.

        • Does that really mean anything considering the type of offense he plays in?

        • When you average more plays that every other SEC team per game, you tend to break a couple records. Care to check for any record in interceptions? He’s more than likely will break that one too.

      • I love Ole Miss, but dude you’ve been pushing this case since I started reading SDS. If Ole Miss has a good year, this year or next year will be it. With that said, there will have to be several surprises to make that happen. Rebel Runnin is saying what every analyst has been saying since the end of last season. Without a solid O-line, Bo will have pressure like never before. This off season, he has been set up for consistency, but he’s being put in a situation with a very inconsistent pocket. You don’t need to look at the highlight reels to see thats when he made most of his interceptions.

        I think Ole Miss may end up on this list… but I am realistically optimistic.

    • Florida has enough talent on the field to be ranked in the top 25, how ever the Gators are lacking a real head coach. Until Florida has a competent head coach. I would rather see the Gators win than Muschamp fail, I Just haven’t seen anything from him to change my opinion.

    • Why does nobody else see that O Miss had a good defense last year and that this squad is more likely to make the difference than the offense.

  • Noticed the frequency of comments from the Mississippians on these blogs..Guys, there’s really no easy way to say this. Unfortunately, Ole Miss and Miss State will be just as irrelevant as they’ve always been UNTIL proven otherwise. I say unfortunately because I always pull for you guys against the powers out west. But, expecting your teams to be ranked a certain place because of what kind of team you COULD have, after years of greatly underachieving, is ridiculous. Respect is earned on the field and neither is close as of today. I sincerely hope the balance of power shifts in your division but I just don’t see it. Good luck and I’ll be pulling for ya. Also, I think my Dawgs are ranked a little too high. And Florida? I hope the dumpster fire from last year smolders on through this year as well. Sic ‘Em Dawgs!!

    • I have to agree, and I’ll go a step further, if any three teams teams underwhelm with a lot of hype its UGA, UM, and MSU. UGA usually gets a good bit of hype and disappoint not matter how hard I cheer for my dawgs back east, fortunately they do have years they live up to or exceed the hype. TSUN always sucks when they have a lot of hype (not knocking on winning seasons, especially 7 or 8 win seasons) but it seems every year they are a “dark horse contender for the west” and are out of the conversation early in SEC play. Luckily State usually doesn’t get that much hype year in and out so however we do we don’t look too bad.
      This year is different for us because we have a relatively easy schedule and an unreal number of returners, and a QB that fits Mullen’s system like a glove. I hope we can live up to the hype we’ve been getting and can upset some people, especially those turds on the Plains (Too high of expectations? I’ll go back to the cellar.)

      • I hope you guys do well too. Mullens has to start showing some true results or he may see some folks turn on him. There was some grumbling last year from the fan base until the Egg Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, I hate how he basically rallied State’s program around an Ole Miss hate campaign(not that he was the sole hand in that), but it’s undeniable the success he’s had taking over from Croom. I feel like he may come down with what I like to call the “Ole Miss coach syndrome”. This is where if you don’t produce unrealistic results in an absurdly short amount of time, the support and love of the fan base turns against you and you get canned.

        Good luck to guys next season. (except during the Egg Bowl. Then you can go to hell.)

        • I wouldnt say “Hate” because I have yet to hear dan say the word hate and TSUN in the in the same comment.

  • How many of the teams on that list have won multiple division titles in the past decade…or been ranked in the National top 5 twice in the past 7 years? Thanks for showing us just how ridiculous pre-season ranking can be. Every Missouri fan knows your name and what news outlet you work for. We look forward to calling you out for numerous humor encore performances.

  • I think TSUN, Mizzou, and dear ol’ State have an argument to be on this list. Not that it matters I expect all three to see the top 25 when football season starts. I am hoping and expecting that State will get deep into the top 25 by the time the season ends and I’m hoping the Egg Bowl features two ranked teams to when we win it’ll be that much sweeter Hail State.

  • You know what this reminds me of? Virtually every other poll that has come out of ESPN in the last 10 years. This. Means. Nothing. As will every poll that is released from now till October. Most of this is based on last season and then you have the standar. There is nothing to validate UGA being top 10 and there is damn sure nothing to validate UF even being ranked.

    • I disagree on Georgia. Offense is loaded and with so many players returning on defense with Jeremy Pruitt, I can see why UGA is projected to so high. I have no problem with either the Dawgs or Gamecocks in top 10.

    • I agree. With everything SC lost on defense, I’m shocked we’re in the top 10. I was assuming top 20, but this is a bit much. This is typical ESPN hoping with all of their might that the status quo remains in tact. OSU in the top ten blows my mind, seeing as they lost to the only two good teams they played last year. UGA in the top 10 with an unproven Hutson Mason is a bit off base. As I said before, USC in the top 10 with all the newcomers on defense is equally puzzling. No Mizzou in the top 25? Most shockingly, Florida even being mentioned is absurd.

  • You know what this reminds me of? Virtually every other poll that has come out of ESPN in the last 10 years. This. Means. Nothing. This being May it means less than nothing. As will every poll that is released from now till October. Most of this is based on last season and then you have the automatic ND and USC ranking who have never missed a preseason poll no matter how mediocre they are. There is nothing to validate UGA being top 10 and there is damn sure nothing to validate UF even being ranked.

    • right, last year at this time Missouri was ranked 56th out of 127 . That means the poll was off by about 48% on that prediction. That means that a monkey with a crayon could have marked on a list of football teams and been just as accurate.

      • Wolfman, the pollsters were going by the previous year of Missouri last year, which, if you care to recall, stunk up the place.

        • Thanks Wrangler, Anyone can make a list based on last year’s final ranking, but that not what happened in this poll. So if he wants to drop #5 Missouri out of the 2014 pre-season poll because of (make something up here),… then last year’s poll should also have to take into account the following injuries that healed up after the bout .500 season 2012 (seven injured o-linemen, qb franklin, rb Josey, suspended players). It would be like expecting GA to not have Gurley all this year because he was gone for a couple of games last year, or like expecting SC to perform the same no matter what qb they had on the field.

  • Florida’s season, All depends on how much Muschamp stays out of the offense.

    • I like Florida, and Muschamp actually redeemed himself in my eyes a little last year, but this comment is not only funny but it is right on the mark.

  • Well, Schlabach is a UGA graduate, so you can’t get mad at him for having his school higher than it belongs. I’d swap A&M for Mizzou, and I wouldn’t even have UF in there. UF would need to earn their way after last season. This isn’t an official poll, just one man’s opinion, so I don’t mind Ole Miss not being in there. We’ll be around the #25 mark of the pre-season AP poll (which means NOTHING). If we’re not in it, we’ll have a chance to earn our way in. This year, nothing matters except winning until that initial committee poll comes out in week 7 or 8.

  • Jon,
    I couldn’t agree more with your comments concerning Florida and Texas A&M. A&M will be interesting to watch from one standpoint, and that’s with Johnny Football being gone, the remaining team may actually play decent without the distractions which have been there the past couple of years. Florida should stink this season….period. FSU should stay number 1 until someone knocks them off, or if Winston gets caught stealing groceries again. It will be interesting seeing what Clemson does in the post Boyd/Watkins era. Gamecock fans are really disappointed in seeing those guys leave seeing as how they never beat South Carolina in their careers!

  • I think talent wise Ole Miss, Mizzou, and Miss. St are all top 25 teams but playing in SEC diminishes their chance of a pre-season ranking.

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