Final SEC Power Rankings for 2013


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The SEC officially says goodbye to 2013, and we flip the page looking ahead to the 2014 season. College football is becoming year-round, especially with recruiting through February and spring football amping things up. Before you know it, summer will be here, and SEC Media Days will be right around corner.

How much did the SEC power rankings change after bowl week? Seven of 10 teams won bowl games. Remember, ranked wins and ranked losses reflect the final AP Top 25 rankings below.

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1. Auburn Tigers (12-2, 7-1)

SEC Champions

Auburn was two or three plays away from winning the BCS National Championship, and after what we saw in the Sugar Bowl, I’d pick this Auburn team to beat Alabama, again. Gus Malzahn’s wizardry is great on so many levels, and what a season for the SEC Champs! From 3-9 to 12-2, it was a helluva ride, and it’s only going to get better.

Ranked wins: #18 Texas A&M, #7 Alabama, #5 Missouri
Ranked Losses:#14 LSU, #1 FSU

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2. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-2, 7-1)

Oklahoma proved teams can beat Alabama with ordinary players. It wasn’t Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton or Tim Tebow out there, it was Trevor Knight who brought his A-game. It takes a specific style of game to beat Alabama, and dominating the turnover margin like Oklahoma did certainly helps. It wasn’t that Alabama didn’t show up ready to play; Oklahoma just outplayed and outcoached the Tide. Still, I thought they were the second best team in the SEC, even though they did lose to the two highest ranked opponents they played.

Ranked wins: #18 Texas A&M, #14 LSU
Ranked Losses:#2 Auburn, #6 Oklahoma

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3. South Carolina Gamecocks (11-2, 6-2)

This was possibly the greatest season ever for a team that didn’t win a BCS bowl or compete for the national championship. The Gamecocks beat two BCS bowl winners (UCF and Clemson), along with the Cotton Bowl winner, Mizzou. The Gamecocks have collected three 11-win seasons, and still, nobody is talking about South Carolina. The Gamecocks lost to two final unranked opponents in Georgia and Tennessee, and the Vols pretty much ruined everything.

Ranked wins: #10 UCF, #5 Missouri, #8 Clemson, #24 Vanderbilt, #22 Wisconsin
Ranked Losses: None

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4. Missouri Tigers (12-2, 7-1)

For a team that was too soft and too finesse, Mizzou had an electrifying turnaround that took a back seat to only Auburn. The Tigers turned things around from 5-7 (2-6 SEC) to winning the SEC East. Yes, Mizzou will be remembered on a national level for losing to Auburn and giving up so many yards, but it was a season to remember in Columbia. And the Tigers aren’t going away anytime soon either.

Ranked wins: #24 Vanderbilt, #18 Texas A&M, #17 Oklahoma State
Ranked Losses:#4 South Carolina, #2 Auburn

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5. LSU Tigers (10-3, 5-3)

LSU had the talent and scheme to finish much better than three losses. Ho hum – it’s another 10-win season for LSU, but the ceiling was much higher had a few plays gone their way. Iowa was a comfortable win for LSU, even though the score may not depict that. The offense was explosive, but the defense was a letdown at times. The Tigers were the only team to defeat the SEC Champions during the regular season.

Ranked wins: #2 Auburn, #18 Texas A&M
Ranked Losses: #7 Alabama

6. Texas A&M Aggies (9-4, 4-4)

Had Texas A&M had any semblance of a defense, they would have been a legitimate force. Instead, they had the country’s best player, and the country’s worst defense. The most impressive win the Aggies recorded during the season was a blowout win over Vanderbilt, and the second was beating Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. What’s the ceiling for the Aggies next year without Johnny Manziel? It will certainly be fun finding out.

Ranked wins: #24 Vanderbilt, #23 Duke
Ranked Losses: #7 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #14 LSU, #5 Missouri

7. Vanderbilt Commodores (9-4, 4-4)

This is what great coaching does for you: it helps you rewrite all the football history books in Nashville. For the first time in history, the Commodores have notched back-to-back nine-win seasons and back-to-back bowl victories. It helps having arguably the SEC’s top wide receiver in Jordan Matthews, who epitomizes the program. The Commodores played the weakest win/loss schedule in the SEC for 2014 and had no wins over final ranked teams.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #4 South Carolina, #5 Missouri, #18 Texas A&M

8. Georgia Bulldogs (8-5, 5-3)

What a frustrating season for Georgia. From suffering season-ending injuries to having one of the worst secondaries in the SEC, eight wins and losing to Nebraska in the bowl game will stick in the Bulldogs’ craw all offseason. Georgia has an extreme amount of talent and experience (17 of 22 starters) coming back next year, but replacing Aaron Murray with Hutson Mason won’t be easy. But it’s actually big that Mason had his moments this year in the final three games.

Ranked wins: #4 South Carolina, #14 LSU
Ranked Losses: #8 Clemson, #24 Vanderbilt, #5 Missouri, #2 Auburn

9. Mississippi State (7-6, 3-5)

Mississippi State is one program that should become increasingly excited for 2014. Dak Prescott is a difference maker, and he’s one of the few returning starters next season. Even getting to a bowl was huge for MSU; blowing out Rice may not seem important, but to a young team overall, the confidence is at an all-time high. Could MSU be a surprise team in 2014 after such an impressive and surprising ending to 2013? Who would have thought the biggest game that got away came against Auburn, who played for the national championship?

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #17 Oklahoma State, #2 Auburn, #14 LSU, #4 South Carolina, #18 Texas A&M, #7 Alabama

10. Ole Miss Rebels (8-5, 3-5)

Ole Miss salvaged a disappointing finish with a bowl victory over Georgia Tech. The LSU win was impressive, and it was the only ranked team the Rebels beat, despite having 18 returning starters. Bo Wallace has to make great strides this offseason for the program to take the next step forward.

Ranked wins: #14 LSU
Ranked Losses: #7 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #18 Texas A&M, #5 Missouri

11. Tennessee Volunteers (5-7, 2-6)

Tennessee truly had a very tough season. Had they not played Oregon, the Vols would be bowling. Instead, they didn’t go bowling for their third straight season. Butch Jones has a strong recruiting class that will bring in some talent and help, but replacing the entire offensive line will be difficult. Is Josh Dobbs the future? Is Riley Ferguson the future? Can the defense improve? There are more questions than answers in Knoxville.

Ranked wins: #4 South Carolina
Ranked Losses: #9 Oregon, #7 Alabama, #5 Missouri, #2 Auburn, #24 Vanderbilt

12. Florida Gators (4-8, 3-5)

Florida had their worst year since 1979! Still, Will Muschamp will return, but a philosophical change on offense must be had. Florida lost their last seven games. Granted, it was to five ranked opponents, but losses to Vanderbilt and Georgia Southern are unacceptable for a program that should compete for national titles, injuries or not. Florida plays one of the toughest schedules in college football every single year, but the Gators did go through injuries of biblical proportions to nine different starters. It was an overall forgettable year that will leave Muschamp sitting on the hottest seat in college football entering 2014.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #14 LSU, #5 Missouri, #4 South Carolina, #1 Florida State, #24 Vanderbilt

13. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-9, 0-8)

The Razorbacks finished exactly where Auburn did last season, winless in the SEC. Bret Bielema needs to weed out the weak players and keep the strong. He also has a nice nucleus of returning players in RBs Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, TE Hunter Henry and QB Brandon Allen, but he needs much better players at receiver. Bielema also needs more size and athleticism at linebacker and in the secondary. Overall, this team isn’t SEC-ready, but a couple more good recruiting classes will help. A bowl game is the expectation for 2014. Finishing the season on a nine-game losing streak isn’t what was expected.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #18 Texas A&M, #4 South Carolina, #7 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #14 LSU

14. Kentucky Wildcats (2-10, 0-8)

Mark Stoops endured a tough first season in Lexington. Things really got off to a tough start after the loss to Western Kentucky. Wins against Miami (OH) and Alabama State were imperative. The ceiling was probably four wins entering the season. The Cats played Louisville, Florida and Mississippi State pretty tough. Stoops just needs athletes on both sides of the ball, primarily to fit his throw-it-around identity on offense. There’s another nice nucleus of players in the 2014 class, headlined by QB Drew Barker to help Kentucky get better. The defensive line wasn’t bad, led by DEs Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith, along with DT Donte Rumph.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #15 Louisville, #4 South Carolina, #7 Alabama, #5 Missouri, #24 Vanderbilt

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  • I understand Georgia over OM with 2 ranked wins and the same record, and Vandy, but MS State over OM? State has no ranked wins and a 7-6 record vs OM’s 8-5 record. Don’t tell me they won the Egg Bowl, because OM beat Vandy. OM and State should be swapped.

    • This is more a “what have you done for me lately” type thing. Don’t tell me you deserve to be above us after losing to us in the Egg Bowl. And don’t bring up a beginning of the season win as proof that you are powerful “now”. Auburn is completely different than they were week 1 as is everyone else.

      • The loss in the Egg Bowl was an OT loss on the road after 4 turnovers. And we won our bowl game. So my statement stands.

        • You didn’t score one offensive TD in the Egg Bowl! Not one!

        • You ole miss fans are hilarious. Looking through those red and blue glasses blinds you to the fact that in the fact that MSU over the last 6 weeks turned into a better team than ole miss ended up being. Like it or not. We beat your team with a freshman qb for 3 quarters and dak finished you off. The funny thing to me is that it only will get worse for u over the near future.

        • Rriffe, no THAT is hilarious. MSU will not come into Oxford next year and get a win. Last time that happened Freeze was not our coach and we were having the worst year in school history.

        • Freeze has coached one game in TSUN territory against us “were undefeated”. Lmao

    • MSU lost to SIX ranked teams, one of which was non-conference and accounts for MSU having one less win than OM. They beat Ole Miss, and finished ahead of your team in the division due to the tie-breaker.

      • “MSU lost to SIX ranked teams” is an argument for someone being a good team? hmmm ok so by that logic a team lost to 12 ranked teams would be the best in the country i guess.

        • The point was that every loss we had was to a top 20 team. The only real blow out loss was LSU and that happened in the 4th quarter.

        • So? Maybe the real point here is whenever y’all play a good team, you lose. Remember, you didn’t beat a single ranked team this year…

      • So out of conference teams dont count? Wow 6 ranked teams! You know you didn’t beat a single ranked team right?

  • Your listings of ranked losses should include Vandy for Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

  • Wow Bama lost it’s final two games and they’re still the second best team in the SEC? Not sure about that, seems a lil rosy to me. So Oklahoma would be #1 in the SEC? Not following that logic. I think Mizzou should be #2, perhaps #3, but not fourth. Sure the Gamecocks beat us, along with Auburn, but these teams have a much higher profile then the Vols and Bulldogs. So I think we should be ahead of them.

      • Mizz had a great, could go either way really. However, It’s not just about your losses, it’s about who you beat. SC beat 5 ranked teams, 3 of which ranked in the top 10. Mizz played a very weak OOC schedule and SC had the Clemson and UCF wins.

        • great season that is

        • Agree with Jbass about the season and the schedule. Pinkel’s history of scheduling so many weak OOC games doesn’t impress. Next year is much the same. SC beat Mizzou, Auburn stomped Mizzou. UGA stomped SC, beat LSU, lost to Clemson by 3, and all but for a ridiculous fluke, would have beaten Auburn. Mizzou has to play a better schedule on the front half if they want to silence some of the skeptics.

        • 4dawgsm you weren’t watching these games. Count the SEC teams that scheduled a Pac 12 top team 2012 and a Big 10 middle team 2013 (Missouri did). Missouri beat UCF last year and will beat them again in 2014. In 2012 the computer said Missouri had the #1 strength of schedule. The only time South Carolina was ahead of Missouri in 2013 was, wait a minute they were never ahead of Missouri in 2013’s regulation game. Let me help you with reality: yes Auburn offense scored a lot of points against Missouri and yes Missouri’s offense scored a lot of points against Auburn, being ahead of Auburn late in the game, that not getting stomped.

  • I feel like it should be… 1. Auburn 2. SCar 3. Mizzou 4. Bama 5. LSU 6. TAMU 7. Vandy 8. MSU 9. TSUN 10. Georgia 11. Tennessee 12. Florida 13. Arkansas 14. Kentucky I’m penalizing Georgia for the injuries because they are just an easier team to beat without murray at the helm. Almost losing to Ga Tech and losing to Nebraska shows that.

    • Mississippi state is still not better than a depleted Georgia team nor is Ole miss.

      • After watching the Gator Bowl you’re gonna have to reconsider that.

      • So 2010 was a below depleted Georgia team? I’d say it’s not a far stretch to say we had a better team this year than we did then and still we somehow beat that “depleted Georgia team”

        • Miss State was better than UGA this year. Sorry, Austin.

        • UGA lost 5 GAMES by a total of 32 points. You lost to LSU by the same amount of points, and got thumped by USC also. When UGA is near full strength we would destroy MSU and it’s also not 2010 last time I checked.

    • This is the correct list. No way Alabama is #2.

    • You’re actually out of your mind if you think MSU was better than Georgia this year even with our injuries. 1. We had a better record. 2. Y’all had some pathetic games. Bowling Green by a point! How did your games go against South Carolina and LSU? We beat both. Y’all beet Kentucky by 6. Yes, the 2-10 Kentucky Wildcats y’all beat by 6 points. We were up on Kentucky 59-10 in the 4th quarter after losing our superstar quarterback in the 1st. So excuse me, but Mississippi State will be ranked over Georgia when hell freezes over

  • Dak Prescott is one of the “few returning starters next season”? MSU returns almost everyone. Maybe you worded it wrong.

  • We did not lose to Georgie tek, as you stated as to why Mississippi State is better than UGA.
    So bad 2008 through now six seasons :

    2-13 vs year ranked Top 10

    7-22 vs year ranked Top 25

    26-1 vs non-Bowl teams(Colorado), but only 28-25 vs Bowl teams

    12-19 vs game ranked
    Once .8077, now we’re .6750 beating non-bowl teams.

    Once 16-13 vs ranked teams that year 2001-2007

    Only 07-22 vs ranked teams that year 2008-2013
    55 % Won of 29 games ranked teams that year 2001-2007
    24 % Won of 29 games ranked teams that year 2008-2013

    Losses :

    # 25 Nebraska
    # 23 Vanderbilt
    # 7 Clemson
    # 5 Missouri
    # 2 Auburn

    Wins :
    # 14 LSU
    # 4 South Carolina

    My team had a 5-Loss unranked season, our 3rd unranked season in 5 years now

    We’re a 9-4 team 126-45 over 13 seasons 9 and half wins and 3 and half losses 13 seasons;

    Recently, six (6) seasons’ worth my beloved Top 10 All-Time Bulldogs’ Program is :

    54-26 for current 6 seasons’ to-date : 9 wins exactly MORE than 4 Losses — 4 and a Third Losses –

    in more than 7 years and 2 months, we’ve won 1 away game against team who is ranked for that season. One. We have 9 opponents considered quality for 2014 including Bowl Game and SEC Championship Game we’ve either Lost or not played in since 2005. 9 seasons’ ago we “won” SEC Championship but ended up # 3 SEC team in every single poll 2005, 9 seasons’ ago.

    But, we are better than Mississippi State, and will be again 2014.

  • Nebraska is # 25 USA Today Coaches’ Poll, and while they are replaced in the AP Poll by Washington by 2 votes, Washington did not beat anyone while Nebraska knocked UGA out of both the Coaches’ Poll and the AP Poll with their revenge win over UGA who beat them last year. This is a better win by Nebraska than any of the weaker wins by Washington; but either way by 2 votes or not Ranked Losses is ranked in either the AP Poll or the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, and consistency is the key here.

    Losses :

    # 25 Nebraska
    # 23 Vanderbilt
    # 7 Clemson
    # 5 Missouri
    # 2 Auburn

    Wins :
    # 14 LSU
    # 4 South Carolina

    For us, it is just another unranked season with tons of talent, 3 unranked in either the Coaches’ or the AP Poll 2009, 2010, 2013 three of the current 5 years.

    We are standing pat in the off-season with no changes, and replace Aaron Murray with a weaker-armed quarterback as seen vs Nebraska in the last game floating all of his passes in a long loop. We are told, on that front, that there is no competition but Hutson Mason’s job. I tend to think another 4-year starter should be chosen, that Hutson Mason had his chance much as Joe Tereshinski III was the only UGA QB who could have lost to Florida 2005 season, and thus should not have had Matthew Stafford behind him for 2006 – which was a season not a whole lot of no fun, either as a result.

    What has happened to UGA after 2007 ?

    What was the trigger ?

  • It does make a Georgia fan sick to see the likes of Vandy ahead of us in a poll like this. I open my mouth and raise my finger to protest, but then slowly realize I have no grounds. So, I slink back into the chair and mutter “wait til next year” under my breath. I realize we went to the SECCG the previous two years, but there just seems to be a feeling of this program slipping back into the mediocrity of the Donnan and Goff days. Hope I’m just having a bad day and am way off.

  • Well, we did beat Vandy also, who is ranked. Hard to argue with putting State ahead of us as we did give them that game in Starkville. Overall, we had a better season, with more wins, including multiple wins vs. ranked teams, as well a bowl win against a better team in a better bowl. Anyway, here’s to next year.

    • What a crock. Typical ole miss fan. They lose to us and it’s “they gave it to us”. Gave to us my rear! The score may have just been 17-10 but the fact is that both of your lines were taken to the woodshed for a good old fashioned butt whipping. C. Jones far outplayed knemdicke (lol). Speaking of spoiled brats that one takes the cake.

      • “We whooped y’all! The Miss St fan protests as he desperately searches for clouds to blind the bottom tier program that is Miss St. from his eyes”

  • Is Dan Mullen wearing WR gloves in the pic above? Or are those golf gloves? Either way, why is he wearing those?

  • The only problem I have with the rankings, is that they show the win/loss to ranked teams with the final rankings of the teams and not what the teams were ranked at the time of the actual game.

  • you need to get over bama jon. there is no way teams have lost two in a row in these rankings and still be in the top 5. it hasn’t happened this season at all so why now other than its Bam 2a. I’m going to call bullshit* on that. props to the chickens! who should be sitting in number today in this poll with Missouri number 3

  • Mizzou since 2007…BCS top 10 in wins, ranked in the top 5 twice and top 5 in first round draft picks. Decent trend in two conferences.

  • Looks like Bama had some favoring! Mizzou should have been #2

  • South Carolina has 3 victories over top 10 opponents… 5 wins against top 25.

    And although our 2 losses appear to be against bad opponents… we all know that UGA team that beat USC was far better. No injuries, and coming off an embarrassing loss to clem5on. They were easily a top 15 team, if not top 10. I know injuries happen… but they didnt happen before we faced them.

    USC should be above Alabama who had no very impressive wins.

  • Yea but bcs title game showed the difference between bama and auburn . When bama goes they actually win their title games but auburn goes just 2 show up . Bama has 3 titles in past 5 years vs auburn’s 1 championship . Auburn the ultimate choker .

    • Come on man. Could you be any more of a typical Bama fan? Nobody lives in the past more than you guys. Bama isn’t near as good as they have been. Why did y’all win last year? Because Notte Dame was the weakest opponent in the National Championship in recent history. Y’all would’ve gotten throttled by FSU. Auburn was the best team in that game and lost due to a few critical execution errors. My next point: Auburn’s team this year was made up of very little NFL talent (mostly 3 stars and some 4 stars) and look what they accomplished this year. Gus is arguably the best couch in the nation. The guy is a genius. He has a lot of 5 star and 4 star talent coming up, so you can expect Auburn to be a scary team. Right now I’d put Auburn and even South Carolina ahead of Alabama this year.

  • MU’s only losses were to teams that finished at number 2 and number four in the country. and mizzou certainly wouldn’t have lost Oklahoma. how embarrassing for Bama and the SEC.

  • Florida beat Tennessee head to head, had a better conference record, and played a tougher conference schedule. Should Florida be ahead of Tennessee in the conference power rankings then?

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