Florida creates fan advisory council to enhance game-day experience


The University of Florida Athletic Association announced a 13-member panel to help enhance the overall game-day experience at The Swamp.

The fan advisory council represents a variety of fan groups and is a cross section of season ticket holders.

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Here’s a look at the council:

  • One recent graduate
  • Two current students
  • Two Bull Gators
  • Four Gators fans from of the Orange & Blue or Booster level at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
  • Four fans from the Varsity Club, Fighting Gator, Scholarship Partner, Scholarship Club or Grand Gator levels

Lowered attendance is a college football-wide problem, not just a Florida problem. Helping enhance the game-day experience would mean solving pain points. Traffic is a huge pain point, along with terrible cell phone reception inside stadiums, which Florida has recently upgraded.

But when you get right down to it, solving pain points isn’t going to put butts in seats. I would view the three biggest factors as the cost of the experience, the quality of the home team, and the quality of opponents the home team plays.

Oddly, I do think Florida’s offensive coordinator change will help with attendance, because Brent Pease’s offenses were just plain boring to watch last season.

Florida’s home schedule looks like the following in 2014:

  • Aug. 30: Idaho
  • Sept. 6: Eastern Michigan
  • Sept. 13: Kentucky
  • Oct. 11: LSU
  • Oct. 18: Missouri
  • Nov. 15: South Carolina
  • Nov. 22: Eastern Kentucky

LSU, Missouri and South Carolina should help have high attendance. The others, well, not so much.

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  • You hit it! A better product on the field will help attendance…NOT a committee or WIFI or any other stuff. Win the games and people will show up.

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