Freeze, Malzahn helped ‘structure a nationwide attack’ against 10-second proposal


The NCAA Rules Oversight Panel votes tomorrow whether or not to approve the 10-second proposal that would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute players before offenses snap the ball.

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Nearly every SEC coach has spoken about the rule, and it’s parted the Red Sea of coaches, with Nick Saban and Bret Bielema leading the charge against the proposal. Others such as Gus Malzahn, Kevin Sumlin and Hugh Freeze have spoken out against it. Will Muschamp has remained neutral, stating he doesn’t care what happens with the vote; his main worry is about the officials.

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze held his pre-spring press conference, where he said he, Malzahn and others have issued ‘a nationwide attack’ against the 10-second proposal. You can read the full transcript here.

“We’ve kind of structured a nationwide attack of how we’ll go about voices heard before this is final,” Freeze said. “From our conference, Coach Sumlin, Gus , myself and Coach Jones have led the way the most and Coach Spurrier. We divided up names that we were going to call that we felt like had an interest in this.”

Freeze lashed out against the rule immediately following the news that there would be a proposed change in early February, and he said there’s no documented medical evidence that supports the claims.

“Is there documented medical evidence that supports this rule change that tempo offenses are putting players at a higher degree of risk than others? If there is then show it to us,” Freeze told ESPN. “Where is it? They’re going to have to show us some evidence. If there’s not any evidence, then they should table it.

“You can do it the last two minutes of the game. Isn’t that when you should be most fatigued?

Freeze knows the urgency with which the pro-hurry-up, no-huddle offense stance must be heard, but he’s not even sure what will happen when it comes to a vote.

“There’s a very important conference call tomorrow that the rules committee is maybe being instructed to reconvene and be sure their thoughts are all the same after the feedback has been received,” Freeze said. “We’ll see if they continue after their meeting or whatever it is tomorrow; if they get together and decide this is going to move forward then we hope and pray that the prop committee sees that there’s no adequate evidence under the umbrella of player safety to push that rule through in a non-rule change year.”

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