FSU beats Auburn and snaps the SEC’s BCS National Championship streak


Whew! Catch your breath. Imagine how those Big Ten referees felt calling that game. They haven’t seen that type of speed from both teams the entire season.

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Florida State beat Auburn 34-31 in one of the best BCS Championships in history, and it’s only fitting the era was closed out on such a thrilling note. Now, we usher in the College Football Playoff, and exciting days are ahead.

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Here are a few quick takeaways:

Two turning points:

  • FSU’s brilliant fake punt call in the second quarter that helped flip momentum heading into halftime was the key play. The Noles cut the lead to 21-10 and captured momentum heading into the locker room. If not for that fake punt, Auburn would have been in complete control.
  • The second was FSU’s 100-yard kickoff return to get the 27-24 lead in the fourth quarter. I’m not sure Levonte Whitfield’s feet were ever touching the ground. Auburn had another special teams blunder.

The Good

  • One of the most impressive performances of the night came from Auburn’s unsung hero: its defense. The plan to win from Ellis Johnson was executed much throughout the game, with the final FSU drive being a letdown. The Tigers were getting pressure on Jameis Winston early and often, and they hit him more in the first half than he’s been hit all year in any game.
  • RB Tre Mason became Auburn’s single-season rushing leader, breaking the great Bo Jackson’s record. Mason rushed 34 times for 195 yards and one touchdown. Auburn rushed for 232 yards as a team.
  • QB Nick Marshall was good, throwing for 217 yards and two touchdowns but one costly INT in the second half.

The Bad

  • Outside of the punter Steven Clark, Auburn’s special teams weren’t much. In fact, Cody Parkey missed a field goal that ultimately was the difference on the scoreboard. Three different Auburn players bobbled punts or kicks, and the Noles made a huge play on the fake punt.
  • The missed touchdown pass on the opening drive was huge, and Auburn left 10 points on the board with the missed field goal and the missed/dropped pass.

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  • The fat lady finally got tired of holding it in for Auburn.
    I will try to be nice, though, and say that it was a great game to watch. Both teams played well and Auburn showed FSU why FSU was able to plow over the mediocre competition it faced all year.

  • Auburn wasn’t ‘The Team of Destiny’ after all but they proved they deserved to be in Pasadena. They also proved that FSU is not the greatest team of all time as some pundits slavishly have tabbed them. That was fear and confusion everyone saw in Winston’s eyes in the first half. The main reason FSU joined the ACC was they knew it would be an easier road to travel each season than the SEC. (The additions to the ACC next year, including Notre Dame, will make things a bit more interesting). The ACC is improving but it is nowhere near the tough, every Saturday test of the SEC. And remember, this was supposed to be a down year for the Southeastern Conference where the teams at the top were rebuilding from so many early player defections to the NFL.

    • It was Also supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Noles and look what happened. They had 11 Players ( more than any other school ) leave in the draft and 6 assistant coached including the DC. I never expected them to even make it to the Title game, but we see what happened. #GoNoles! #FEARTHESPEAR

      • Yes. Joe Sanders I look at what happened and think: 1) Winston is SEVERELY overrated 2) The state of Alabama has horrible luck on special teams when it actually matters and 3) You found out that your offensive line can tackle with the best of them. (I’m thinking of putting a holding highlight reel for the “Garnet and Gold” O-line.)

    • No offense AllSports, but ND is a joke and a half. That’s another patsy team for an already easy schedule. Hopefully Clemson shows up to play, but I highly doubt it. FSU won’t be able to meet its maker till the playoffs

  • The casual observer might even say FSU stole the game from the Barn. I can Nick Marshall could provide some insight on how a theft like that could occur.

  • Great game. I thought Auburn had it won with that last TD. Defensive melt down cost them the title.

    • FSU shouldn’t have even been in the game. Special teams meltdown is more like it. No fake punt= AU 28-FSU 3 at the half. Tack on the missed field goal. AU 31-FSU 3 at the half. No return for a touchdown and the final score would have looked eerily similar to yall’s NC game last year. I think it’s fair to say that both Saban and Malzahn will really work to improve their special teams units, since it cost the BOTH of us an NC.

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