FSU’s Jimbo Fisher: We wanted Bama in BCS Championship, talks first-half Auburn struggles

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Florida State vs Auburn

Meet Jimbo Fisher: motivational speaker.

FSU’s softball team brought in Fisher as its motivational speaker prior to their super regional bout, and he was spitting out words faster than fast pitch softball.

Nick Saban’s former understudy said he wanted an SEC team in the championship, and he wanted it to be Alabama.

“I don’t want to be in the SEC and win the championship,” Fisher said in this YouTube video. “I want to be in the ACC and win one. We were begging to play an SEC team and we were hoping it was Alabama.”

Fisher and the Seminoles received that opportunity against the SEC in Auburn, not Alabama, and the Seminoles had a strong second half, aided by a game-winning touchdown drive, which eventually had them hoisting the hardware on the heels of a 34-31 victory.

So, why did Auburn jump out to the early lead? According to Fisher, his team was trying to force a win and forgot how to play.

“In the first half, and for the first time all year in our national championship game, we became outcome oriented,” said Fisher. “For the first quarter and a half, our guys wanted to win so bad, they forgot how to play.”

“We were down 21-3,” Fisher told the team. “Nobody had ever come back from a deficit like that in a national championship game. It was 21-10 and they came back again, we score, they score again. Our guys looked at each other and say ‘Just like Thursday practice. Two minutes, we know what we’re doing.’”

Fisher, the former SEC assistant, has another strong returning team in 2014 aided by Heisman winner (and world renowned crab leg lover) Jameis Winston. The Seminoles, along with Alabama – and many also include Auburn – are favorites for the College Football Playoff.

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  • Be thankful you got to the game. Be thankful that you pulled it off against any opponent. We read the FSU news all season and we watched FSU vs. Auburn. It was what it was.

  • Easy to say now that he wanted BAMA. Awbarn had their ass beat but then, Criminole QB, who, by the way would have been suspended at either Alabama, or Auburn, had a lucky play. If they had played BAMA, and if BAMA showed up, they would have had their ASS spanked, and Jimbo knows it. Now, since that game, Jameis the Thug stole crab legs from Publix, and STILL does not get arrested. Takes a lot of character to win the Heisman, right.

  • Jimbo’s cute. Wants to prove to daddy that he is a grown up big boy. Good thing he didn’t get that chance. He wouldn’t have liked the humiliating spanking dad would have put on him.

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