Mizzou unveils Gary Pinkel’s new contract, how it compares with other SEC coaches’ salaries

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Missouri officially announced Gary Pinkel’s new contract details today.

Missouri announced Pinkel’s contract has been extended through 2020, and his base salary has been increased to $3.1 million. Along with Pinkel’s increased pay, the salary pool for his assistant coaches increased from $2.66 million to $3.2 million.

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“It is important for us to be able to recognize what Gary and his staff have achieved for the University of Missouri,” said Director of Athletics Mike Alden in a released statement. “We’re very grateful to the Board of Curators and University leadership for their support of our program, which is among the best in the nation both academically and competitively.”

“I’m very honored and proud to be the coach at Mizzou, and I appreciate the opportunity,” said Pinkel. “It’s important for our program to keep moving forward and build on a solid foundation. I’m pleased that my assistant coaches continue to get recognized for the work they do. We are fortunate to have a great staff at Mizzou.”

College football is all about the right head coach, and when schools have him, they have to pay him. Pinkel is coming off one of the biggest turnaround seasons in college football, from 5-7 to 12-2 and SEC East division champions.

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Here’s how Pinkel’s pay compares to the current salaries of SEC head coaches:

*Note: Nick Saban has reportedly received an extension and raise to $7 million, but it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Also Vanderbilt new head coach Derek Mason’s salary isn’t made public because Vanderbilt is a private institution.

Head Coach School Salary
Nick Saban Alabama $5.62 million*
Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M $5 million
Les Miles LSU $4.3 million
Steve Spurrier South Carolina $4.0 million
Gus Malzahn Auburn $3.85 million
Bret Bielema Arkansas $3.2 million
Mark Richt Georgia $3.2 million
Gary Pinkel Missouri $3.1  million
Hugh Freeze Ole Miss $3.0 million
Will Muschamp Florida $3.0 million
Butch Jones Tennessee $3.0 million
Dan Mullen Mississippi State $2.65 million
Mark Stoops Kentucky $2.2 million

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  • I’m convinced that Missouri line coaches can teach and develop. I’m not convinced that any other position coach at Missouri is ready for the top salary in the conference. The whole staff needs to learn how to recognize and adjust to opponent’s plans. This Staff does a great job of fostering the family-team atmosphere. So this is a good coaching staff that might become great.

    • Lord knows I’ve shared the exact sentiments. Pinkel’s staff and game planning, reflect his attitude and approach to life. There’s a thin line between being “hard-nosed” and “downright stubborn”. We’ve witnessed both perspective. Under Pinkel, we have been sub-par in terms of counter-coaching during games. GP has never been quick to adjust his style.. Just look at the two losses from this year against the Cocks and Auburn.

      The good thing is that this contract extension gives him certain security and comfort, which will allow his personality to expand. He has been thru a lot the past few years like divorce and DWI, so he recognized a need for personal change and to repair his public image. To his credit, he has made an effort to come down to earth with fans and the public. Just check out his website, and you will see the other side of Pinkel. A playful, loving and earnest Pinkel. The side which has been hidden UNTIL his tragedies and had Tiger fans wondering who he really was. All you would hear from him was the same old sound bytes, some old talk about the system/program, which appears rigid and often stoic to the public. Now, he seems more relaxed than ever while in CoMo. Going 5-7 in SEC scared the crap out him, thus he began to break a lot of his own personal and coaching tendencies and made changes. So yeah Wolfman, hopefully he continues to see the fruit of what change has to offer……a 12-2 record and an authentic loving locker room. Sometimes humble pie tastes bitter, but is good for the heart.

  • Wolfman & Mizzou All Day… enjoyed both your posts. Both being right on the button. I am amazed at the positive progress Pinkel has made in his personal life…which undoubtedly has transferred over to his players & Asst’s. The divorce & DWI took their toll, but it was short-lived as he didn’t buckle under the harsh public spotlight. I greatly admire that! All of us face hard times, crucial decisions go awry, or just plain old bad luck jumps on us. I believe VERY MUCH, that he started a slow, steady transformation within himself long before those 2 incidents happened. After the young football player (#25, his name escapes me right now) who died that one summer some years ago, I think it touched Pinkel so profoundly that he started looking at his young charges as his sons…..thus, the very tightknit family atmosphere within the Tigers program was born. I know that he has a few “in game” coaching weaknesses,…but he has righted the ship so well from those terrible ’80’s & ’90’s seasons, that I hope MIzzou is the last place he ever coaches, before retiring in his early ’70’s with a SEC Championship or two.

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