Gary Pinkel reportedly set to receive a new deal at Missouri

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri

According to, Tigers’ head coach Gary Pinkel has a new deal in place waiting to be approved by the University and the Board of Curators, which will meet Wednesday morning.

Sources tell Gabe DeArmond that Pinkel’s salary should jump to or slightly above $3 million per season. Pinkel made a reported $2.8 million in 2013, and his current contract was set to run through the 2017 season.

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Pinkel’s new deal is expected to bring raises for all assistant coaches, which was the 10th highest paid staff in the SEC, according to USAToday. Earlier in January, Pinkel said he was disappointed with the slow process of increasing his assistants’ pay, but he added, “We’ll see where it goes.”

Most coaches don’t make those kinds of statements, and Pinkel and his staff completed one of the biggest turnarounds in college football, the biggest outside of Auburn.

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  • The reality is that our move to the SEC has been a catalyst to the Mizzou brand. We’ve been trending up ever since. Kudos to Pinkel, Alden and Deaton for snatching the moment. It’s so obvious now how we were parceled behind Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 in regards to national exposure. I’m sure the entire SEC can see that now as well…. In light of past Mizzou earnings, he deserves a slice of historic money for such a historic move.

    • I agree with that. As a lifelong SEC fan, we didn’t even know the Big 12 had more than two teams! Y’all have been a great addition to the conference

    • To really understand the Mizzou brand look at the program’s pendulum between the great coaches and average coaches who were kept too long. The old Big 8 was the Nebraska vs. Oklahoma show, and why?, I guess we would have to go back and look at the minutes of all those league meetings plus understand the media and recruiting advantages (history shows there was a lot of cheating going on in Texas and Oklahoma). The Big 12 wanted to divide up the fame and fortune between Texas and Oklahoma and that conference will never fully recover. Media and fans agree that the SEC was the re-alignment winner. The real test will be long term ie. will the conference continue to vote for all it’s member’s interests or will a few programs try to power/money grab. I think one serious bad decision already has to be rectified. Television network ESPN owning part of the SEC and will ruin it The longer this continues the more it will hurt the SEC. The SEC has the power to control it’s own product without giving a network more than a few years rights in advance. Conferences that manage this best in the future will be the super-conferences. Yes, Pinkel, Alden, Deaton lined up on the best side of the issue, no surprise, but the amazing thing was that Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State stayed.

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