Gary Pinkel on Dorial Green-Beckham’s suspension: ‘I’m disappointed and frustrated’

NCAA Football: Florida at Missouri

Gary Pinkel isn’t known for discussing matters like this with the media.

It was announced Monday that Missouri had indefinitely suspended All-SEC receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, and on Tuesday Pinkel did something he usually doesn’t do: discuss it with the media, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I’ve been doing this for 14 years,” he said. “I had a release yesterday. I’ve never discussed disciplinary issues in 14 years.

“Obviously, I have 126 players and I’m responsible for every one of them. I take that responsibility, just like I have with the three kids that I raised. Obviously, I’m disappointed. I’m frustrated. We run this program with integrity. We teach our players to be accountable, responsible people. When they make mistakes — they’re going to make some mistakes — but when they’re serious mistakes, obviously that stings. It stings me. It stings the players. It stings our fans. My job is to get that fixed. That’s what I intend to do.”

The suspension is from an incident that came to light in the last 24 hours.

A Tuesday report from the Kansas City Star said Columbia police released a report related to DGB regarding an alleged first-degree burglary, but DGB’s role is unclear. No one has been charged, and DGB hasn’t been arrested. Residents at the location told the Columbian-Missourian that Green-Beckham was involved in an incident at the same location around when the 2:36 a.m. incident occurred.

The police are expected to release a completed report of the incident in the following days.

Receiver is one position in which the Tigers have plenty of depth, and if DGB doesn’t play in 2014, the Tigers’ offense will have lost their top three pass catchers of L’Damian Washington, Green-Beckham and Marcus Lucas. Most of the burden would fall on Bud Sasser, the Tigers’ second-leading returning receiver, who only caught one touchdown last year, along with Darius White, J’Mon Moore and Jake Brents. But no doubt Green-Beckham is the Tigers’ top receiving talent, and he’s arguably the top receiver in the SEC.

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  • Check out Renee Hulshof’s timeline, which features the Columbia Police Chief talking on the radio about the DGB case and why students are reluctant to ‘snitch’ on athletes. Whatever happened to “no comment” from police?

  • What about Jimmie hunt? Or has something happened to him?

  • I think we have several great players waiting to step up to the challenge!

  • Missouri might have two Chase Coffmans on this roster already. The tight-ends average 6’5″ and 250 lbs.. Darius White has to be at least as fast as Washington. The way White supported and waited for his time to come says a lot about this man. Mauk has the ability to make them all look better than last years receiver corp….because he will take more risks, warp the defense more with his feet, throw longer balls, and i don’t think we’re even close to seeing the peak of his college accuracy curve.

    • On Beckham, Pinkel has more cards to play this year than last. Now Beckham knows he’s going to get on the field and going to have balls thrown to him. Mauks throwing style fits with Beckham. SO if Beckham doesn’t get the ball it will be because he is smoking pot at home watching the game. Beckham’s own opportunities have slipped away a little this spring. That has to start sinking in if he slips back on the depth chart even temporarily.

      • Wolf, I told Jon C this the other day. I spent 3 days around Dorial two years ago sizing him up for Parade POY. Really liked the kid and his family. Great people. I didn’t see a bad kid at all, but what I did see is probably a kid who could be susceptible to being a “follower” more than some. Dorial seemed to me to be very naive about things, which can be good and bad. It makes me wonder if he got up there and things exploded for him (gee, duh). Hardly any kind of excuse for him though, but I can tell you I’ve covered a lot of bad seeds where you could see it coming from a mile away … this guy just needs to put an end to the petty stuff. I just wonder if he’s able to focus like that, based on my time around him.

        • I firmly believe the ‘naive’ thing you mentioned. I don’t think DGB is a bad kid at heart, but he is heading down a wrong road fairly quickly. He is only ONE YEAR away from signing a multi-million dollar contract to play in the NFL……so why in the world would he put that in jeopardy? Not to mention he is being mentioned as a possible Heisman candidate. My gut feeling is Pinkel is VERY close to cutting him loose from the team. It would stop all the distractions & send a strong message to current players & future possible recruits (& their parents) that Mizzou doesn’t play that crap of catering to one diva super-star. Why couldn’t DGB, his parents & Pinkel all sit in a room & discuss what needs to change AND, if things don’t get better, exactly what the consequences would be? As in he would be gone.

        • Brian, spot on, no wonder you can do all that work so well for Parade.

        • Reed, DGB’s adoptive father is a coach in Springfield, MO. His brother is starting a football career at Mizzou this fall. Maty Mauks father football coach, just moved from Ohio to Springfield, Missouri (did i get that right?) I think Pinkel and Beckham’s adoptive father have some kind of understanding, or dialogue going on regularly. It could even be one where his father feels non-interference is the best thing for Dorial. The whole thing reeks of Dorial leaning on father and home state Pinkel, for latitude that just delays his maturation. There is a pressure to succeed that probably scares Dorial. There might be a anxious feeling that he thinks life in the NFL will just be simple and more focused for him. It’s so hard for young men to understand why college is just another step in life and all these steps require kids to become responsible adults.

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