Gary Pinkel on renewing Kansas rivalry: Jayhawks have an ‘open invitation’


Are you listening, Kansas?

With the SEC mandating a Big 5 opponent on the annual schedule starting in 2016, Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel reiterated Kansas has an open invitation to get back onto the schedule and renew a rivalry.

Dubbed the Border War, 120 games were played annually from 1891 to 2011. When asked today during a Google Hangout, Pinkel said Mizzou wants the rivalry to return.

“We want to play Kansas again. It was a great rivalry we had all those years,” Pinkel said. “It’s been an open invitation. There’s some pouting going on still.

“It’s unfortunate, but it will happen again someday. It will. It would be great for our fans. In every sport, it would be good. We’ll see what happens.”

SEC fans aren’t familiar with the Border War, but the rivalry ended when Missouri left the Big 12 for the SEC in 2012. Mizzou leads the series 57-54-9.

The ball remains in Kansas’ court to get this great rivalry back on the schedule. Missouri has won five of the last six games.

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  • The series is close. The campuses are close. The recruiting territory is close. But the behavior of the worst element among the fans is not close. Missouri, and the SEC should never give low class people this microphone. Kansas is a great state and Kansas people are great, but somehow at the University of Kansas, they believe it’s good for athletics to allow a small but grotesque group of fans (and even a few coaches) to vomit on their sports teams (and the rest of the sports world). Missouri had it share of responses to these creeps, i.e.. the Antlers at basketball games, but much to the credit of University of Missouri, they excommunicated these. So no more Jayhawks till they prove they can keep the best interests of football as sacred, and the good name of eastern Kansas and western Missouri first, and the Metro KC Area’s public relations above the level of dirty jokes. The ball is in Kansas’s court but Kansas is incapable of cleaning up that sewer. Look at the class acts at K-State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State for a much better rivalry. Two of these have a real war as a foundation as well. Get lost and stay lost Lawrence, Kansas.

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about? The Antlers are awesome. Well, of yesteryear they were, anyway. They’ve lost some luster, for sure. Gone are the days, when they, the Antlers held great signs that read, “Cory Beck has Syphilis” Ha!

      • I know you’re kidding Bgd8rd, but You left out that one about claiming the athletes themselves killed innocent family members of the other side, or the one about the athletes being directly responsible for killing slaves, and then there was the making fun of actual dying mothers, and that edict about not spending any money in the opposite state (do you think that didn’t have a real financial impact coming from the most loved program coach of all time). Free speech and free press and uncensored humor are one thing if someone is an ignorant individual but as soon as you pretend to represent a Universities alumni or even just the broader fan base then Alden was about 50 years too late throwing them out. Great humor is the kind that makes both sides laugh at themselves. These awesome fans are all over the place at Missouri. Read/listen to KU, or listened to talk radio Kansas owned, it’s bad for KU, and it won’t accelerate the SEC’s huge new fan base that really started gained momentum with 2013, especially the Cottonbowl. Read my response to Jon below

    • Wolfman not feeling the Kansas rivalry love.

      • When you talk, sit with, have friends and relatives who are alums, eat dinner after games with the great fans of Oklahoma State, Colorado, Kansas State, Iowa State, aTm, and so far 100% of the SEC visitors to Columbia, Missouri, then the only reason KU should get a chance would be when they can compete with those other fan bases. Both sides deserve this. As I said before the people of Kansas are the salt of the earth.

  • Unlike the Wolfman, I think the vast majority of Mizzou fans would love to see the rivalry come back – including me.

    • i said let it come back when KU makes the effort that Missouri made to clean up the haters. Why did you skip over that?, are you saying that extreme bad sportmanship is what a vast majority of Missouri fans want, or like me, the vast majority would like to see the rivalry only if the bad sportsmanship is eradicated. This is funny “a picture of Sod Riesling” sacked in his own end zone on a big play”. This is not funny hotel rooms fixed with phones that ring all night so the visitors can’t sleep. This is fun “a big party at the Sprint Center and Power and Light District or Arrowhead. This is not fun “When KU steals a national championship from a legit #1 Missouri with an illegal player brought in for the game from aTm just for that game, when KU had zero chance of winning the national championship. If you think a healthy rivalry destroys something that valuable out of jealousy then stay away from the tree poison department at Lowes. Grin.

  • i would love to see a “home- home- KC” series with the Gayhawks. They need to visit the Zou these days and we need to travel to Lawrence and give KC a piece of the action too. That will keep revive the rivalry again. BTW, we don’t need to play them, Mizzou has way more at stake to play wack-ass Kansas, than they do. Two opposite trajectories for each team. They have more to gain, but for the sake of tradition, Mizzou should continue to pursue the rivalry.

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