Former Alabama QB says Auburn’s the favorite in 2014


Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy promised he’d be unbiased upon being hired as an SEC Network analyst, and he’s making that known before the network even kicks off in mid-August.

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McElroy, who led Alabama to a perfect 14-0 season and a championship in 2009, told WJOX-FM that Auburn is the 2014 frontrunner ‘without question’, mostly because of Gus Malzahn.

“I think he’s the most innovative play-caller in college football,” McElroy said. “I think he’s a tremendous football coach, and he’s had a lot of success over the course of his career. And what they did last year was really special; so I think they are the frontrunners without question at this point.”

McElroy and I share the same idea.

Is there a hotter coach in the country than Gus Malzahn? Is Malzahn the one factor that could totally change the direction and landscape of the Iron Bowl rivalry? Is Malzahn the most ingenious play caller in football at any level?

Those questions will be answered in the coming years, but it’s clear: with the talent Auburn returns, it’s easy to make a case for the Tigers to be a playoff contender (sounds fun saying playoffs). In fact, Auburn should be the preseason favorites among the masses.

Winning in the NFL revolves around the quarterback. In contrast, college football is all about the head coach, and Auburn may have a top-five coach in the country in the Gus Bus – and maybe the most innovative offensive mind at any level.

High praise? You bet.

But what Malzahn did for Auburn last year, taking a 3-9 team and turning it into 12-2 championship team, is one of the most impressive things we’ve seen in the SEC over the last several years.

However, the Iron Bowl winner could again decide the division winner in 2014. So, it’s not about the ‘best’ team; it’s more about who wins on that day.

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  • Two Awbrens victories were absolutely blind luck, miracles. I don’t see that kind of thing happening again before the next ice age in hell…..

    • One last time for all the haters. Auburn controlled the Georgia game until the fourth quarter. The deflected pass shouldn’t have been caught but Louis made an athletic play on it. It wasn’t ALL luck that he caught the ball. It took skill that I’m betting neither you nor anyone on this forum possess to bring that ball in. As far as the Iron Bowl is concerned..Bama fans forget that they were about to go into OT if the field goal was missed. They hadn’t won the freakin game yet. Bama vs Auburn in the red zone? With Bama’s kicker not being able to hit the broad side of a barn from 5 yards away? I like Auburn’s chances in that contest. The kick 6 was just a great play. It had NOTHING to do with luck.

  • That hurts, Greg…hurts real bad…

    • Don’t be so hard on McElroy. The last time I saw him he was looking dazed and confused and wobbling around after Nick Fairley got a hold of him. Probably still has an AU imprinted on his skull somewhere.

      • You mean Nick Unfairly? The dirtiest player ever? Of course Auburn is used to players like that. It’s normal there. How to be an Auburn QB. 1st steal from a school more prestigious than than Auburn, then go to Juco, you are now Auburn’s QB. I am glad AJ calls Auburn the favorite, they had the biggest comeback ever in BCS era put on them in the championship game, lost to ACC team. They have 1 year every 3 that’s good and come out the wood work.

  • We will get back to the promise land, this year if not this it will be the next. BAMA IS always relevant. Don’t forget this!

    • Bama IS always relevant. And that’s the way I like them! I don’t want to hate a crappy team. Remember 2012? All of my Bama fans were upset that Auburn couldn’t put up a good showing. It’s good for BOTH schools to be bad ass. The road through the national championship goes through the BEST rivalry in ALL of college football. I hope it stays that way for years to come.

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