SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy says credit Nick Saban for LSU’s ongoing success


Former Alabama quarterback and current SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy said Nick Saban should be credited with LSU’s ongoing success.

McElroy spoke yesterday to our good friend Bo Mattingly, host of ‘SportsTalk with Bo Mattingly’, via 247Sports, and he expounded on this, well, funny notion.

“If you look at LSU, they’ve had sustained success since Saban left because he established that mindset,” McElroy said. “Les Miles obviously did take over that program and has done a terrific job in his own right, but once you establish that mindset and have the leadership that holds young players accountable, that success shouldn’t soon dwindle.”

McElroy couldn’t be more wrong. Once Saban’s recruits and signees were gone – and really once Saban announced he was leaving for the Miami Dolphins, the team developed Les Miles’ mindset and identified with his persona.

Saban’s mindset and Miles’ mindset are worlds apart. Saban left LSU in 2004, and since 2003, LSU has won more games than any other SEC program with 117. Saban left LSU nearly a decade ago, and McElroy really wants to credit him for the continued success?

McElroy, who won a championship playing at Alabama under Saban, promised he’d be unbiased upon getting hired as an SEC Network analyst, even to the point of picking Auburn to win the SEC Championship again in 2014.

But should LSU’s ongoing success really be attributed to Nick Saban?

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  • Ridiculous. I’d expect more from such a smart guy. Guess his book smarts didn’t translate to common sense very well for him OR….. they brainwash them all there in Bama. Who am I kidding, of course they’re brainwashed in Bama.

    • Nick put in a system that is still in place, with a few tweeks, but the mind set and Nick’s “Process” is still a part of the LSU system You can’t deny that. Les is driving a fancy automobile that someone else built…

    • I remember LSU before Saban got there, and it’s a fair point McElroy made: LSU prior to him was NOT, regardless of what you’ll admit, a team who felt themselves “in the hunt” every year. They were content winning games where they could and celebrating the hell out of upset wins. The “Earthquake Game” in 88 was a 7-6 win win over a #4 ranked Auburn, the 97 game against Florida… hell, you all tore the goalposts down Saban’s first year for beating an #11 ranked UT.

      If you’d had the same success Saban brought prior to that, everyone in Tiger Stadium’s head would’ve exploded.

  • Hilarious, what happened after Bear Bryant left ? If this is true, Nick Sabans success at Alabama is due to Bear Bryant. Love it when people get paid to do something they are clueless about. The game has changed and will continue to change. Only the best will stay the best and its due to Talent, Coaching some luck. Nice try

  • It is true Saban deserves some of the credit, but what get lost in LSU’s resurgence is
    the part Mark Emmert had in it. He was the mastermind of the whole thing. Despite
    the fact that Saban was already a very good coach prior to LSU, Emmert made Saban the great coach he is today. He is still using the Emmert plan at Alabama, which he did not use previous to LSU.

  • LSU was a mid tier program at best before Saban’s tenure. I always find it comical how LSU fans forget the 20th century even existed and just go off the 21th century, which Saban built by the way. LSU’s only national championship under Miles was won with Saban’s recruits. No Saban recruits ZERO national titles. Alabama, three national titles with Saban recruits. So yeah he not only has a point but he is just stating fact.

    • No one man is responsible for a programs success. Mark Emmert convinced the administration to pay out the money and give saban what ever he needed, including making him the 3rd highest paid coach at the outset. And before that happened, Gerry Dinardo layed the groundwork. He got the in-state players to stay home and “bring the magic back.” Before that, we were losing most of the players in a state that sends the most to the NFL per capita. LSU finished 12th and 13th in 96′, 97′ and had beaten Spurrier’s top ranked gators. When saban left MSU, they were saying this: “MSU fans are getting restless as Saban continues to rack up bewilderingly inconsistent, 6-6-type seasons despite playing with NFL talent like Sedrick Irvin and Dimitrius Underwood.” So mcelroy should understand that credit to peoples success is a two way street.

  • LSU wasn’t a top choice for a lot of kids until Nick Saban made it so. He(McElroy) may be wrong in terms of mindset, but he’s right that it didn’t become a “cool” or glamorous choice until Saban established it as one.

  • Is he going to be somewhat objective on the SECN or a Bama kiss ass in all his opinions like this?

    • College football analysts are subjective? I don’t think so, otherwise Lou “I drool over Notre Dame” Holtz and Vern “OMG I LOVE YOU TEBOW” Lundquist wouldn’t have jobs.

  • Let us know what you think…

  • I’m hoping these washedm up players the SEC network are hiring dont screw it up. McElroy is a Saban lover for sure! Stand by. Tebow has a crush on Urban Meyer.

  • How do I change password?

  • To address that les miles is still driving the saban vehicle is absurd . Maybe les miles inherited a good program due to saban , yet les has kept it going for 10 yrs. Larry Coker in Miami inherited a Maserati in Miami and could not keep it going ..

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