Gus Malzahn on the Iron Bowl trophy: ‘It’s going to be around here a while’


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Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers were recognized at halftime of last night’s Alabama-Auburn basketball game, and Malzahn, his coaching staff and his players accepted the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy, which is given annually to the Iron Bowl winner.

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Malzahn’s acceptance speech was short and concise, but he got right to the point rather quickly.

“They helped us win a lot of games toward the end, obviously the Iron Bowl was big. And I’m here to tell you, this trophy, it’s going to be around here a while. War Eagle!”

The first-year Auburn coach is 1-0 in the Iron Bowl after November’s 34-28 win over Alabama. Chris Davis, the game’s hero, was unable to attend due to training for the NFL Draft.

Each year as part of the tradition, the student government association president of the losing team is supposed to sing the rival school’s alma mater during the trophy presentation, but Alabama’s Jimmy Taylor couldn’t attend due to weather.

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You can bet your boots that Nick Saban and Alabama’s coaching staff is putting this in every player’s locker currently. It’s probably already up, right beside this poster.

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  • Reminds me of that “We control the Tide” thing.

    Ty so much for possibly the best billboard material in a long time, Gus!

  • What’s the guy supposed to say? “Well, enjoy it this year folks. We got lucky on a miracle play and we’re probably going to get our tails kicked next year. So give me that big payday and as soon as I get offered a better job I’m outta here!”

    • Lol poor guy, still scarred from the IB. Your tears were delicious by the way. I was the guy rubbing it in as you walked back to your 1991 Chevy Silverado. Anyways, the “miracle play” was saban deciding to let a freshman kicker kick a 60 yard FG IN THE BIGGEST IB OF ALL TIME! Yea, go get em kid. Only a fool would even attempt that.

      As for Gus leaving for a “better job”, what about the Texas job huh? He was a lead candidate and turned the job down. How about the Cleveland browns opening? He was sought after there as well bc of his QB development skills. You should stick to trolling, and leave the football discussion to those of us with at least an ounce of football knowledge.

      Oh yea, 34-28 and EAD.

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