Hugh Freeze issues statement of support for Nkemdiches

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Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche are being sued for $2 million for an alleged battery at a fraternity house in February of 2013.

Hugh Freeze offered up a statement of support for the brothers, after the school already has. Freeze calls the allegations unwarranted.

“Having spoken with our players after the event occurred and reviewed the incident report, we are disappointed these unwarranted allegations are being directed at Denzel and Robert, and they have the full support of our team as they fight this matter.”

The Ole Miss Police told the Clarion Ledger that no arrests were made when the incident occurred because nobody could identify the suspect, including the plaintiff.

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  • Nobody could identify the suspect? That’s not good for the plaintiff. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find many fraternity members who couldn’t recognize one or both of the Nkemdiche brothers. Even if Robert wasn’t enrolled at Ole Miss at the time the incident occurred, he was the biggest recruit in the nation.

    • I was a little uneasy about this when the new report first surface. However, with both our AD & now Freeze publicly backing them, I feel better. Neither would put their reputations on the line like this unless they were damned certain that nothing will come of this.

      • You may be letting the red and blue glasses cloud your judgement. You can bet if they have brought this suit that they have someone who will testify. Doesn’t appear that this is a case of throw something on the wall to see what sticks. I’m not saying this is sure fire win for the plaintiff but something happened and most likely it will end up getting settled out of court once full disclosure happens and the attorneys sit down.

    • Yep. That part about nobody being able to identify the suspect including the plaintiff sounded kinda sketchy

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