QB Jacob Coker arrives at Alabama, Saban says he has ‘plenty of time’ to get adjusted

NCAA Football: Nevada at Florida State

Alabama’s wild card arrived on campus Monday in time for the summer interim session. Jacob Coker recently graduated from Florida State, allowing him to be eligible immediately for the 2014 season.

Does Coker face the most pressure of any quarterback in the conference? Is he the conference’s most interesting player? Is he as good as advertised?

Questions are being asked, and the answers will only come this fall.

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But for the first time ever, summer workouts will be mandatory and not optional, and that’ll benefit Coker, Lane Kiffin and Alabama’s offense tremendously as he gets adjusted to the Tide’s offense. Usually strength and conditioning coaches only get to be with the team; now, the coaching staff gets to spend quality and developmental time with players without breaking any NCAA rules.

While on his Crimson Caravan, Nick Saban said he met with Coker this week, who is currently rehabbing his surgically repaired knee after he tore his meniscus last season, but Saban alluded to no issues or problems with his recovery.

“He’s got plenty of time to sort of try to get adjusted,” Saban said before his Crimson Caravan stop. “I think the big thing is that our plan is that he can just stay focused on what he needs to do to be a good player. He needs to be himself and play quarterback the way he can play it.

“If he can do a good job of executing his offense, I think we’ve got good enough players around him that we can help him be successful and he can help us be successful.”

Is Alabama putting all of its eggs in one basket with Coker? Following Blake Sims’ uninspired 13 of 30 spring game, the Tide may not have a choice.

As Saban indicates, Coker just needs to effectively execute the offense and not try to do too much. The skill positions are loaded at running back and receiver, and the offensive line should continue to gel over the summer and throughout fall camp. Really, everything is in place for Coker to have a smooth transition.

Saban, Kiffin and Coker will be one of the SEC’s hottest storylines to watch during August and September.

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  • Welcome, Jacob…to the greatest tradition in College Football.

    • “Greatest tradition in College Football”???? It doesn’t even come close to the rolling of the trees at Auburn.

      • LOL, way to bolster that “delusional Barner” stereotype.

        • Yes, because nothing can be more delustional than a ‘Barner’, not even 5 imaginary national titles.

      • Just because kids can do it at halloween don’t prove diddely! We’re talking about championships and SEC’s number 1(by far) team over its history! Whether Saban has a chance to pass the Bear or not, he built a tradition that SEC teams today cannot match over their entire history. He won 6(you’d be hard pressed to find teams with 3 over their histories). It’s scary and the closest thing sense Wooden and Westwood; actually, Alabama has more championships than they do, but that run was something else. ANYWAY, WINS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS EQUAL TRADITION! THAT’S WHAT FANS REMEMBER MOST AND THAT’S WHAT OUTSIDERS REMEMBER MOST! GOT THAT?! SO MUCH SO, THAT IF A PLAYERVWINS A CHAMPIONSHIP, HE IS INSTANTLY REGOGNIZABLE IN THE CITY! IF YOU ARE A STAR AND YOU WIN 2, YOU MIGHT GET A CAR, BECOME MAYOR/CONGRESSMAN/GOVERNOR AT SOME POINT!

  • Coker may be smart enough and hard working enough to get the system down as he needs to to be starter, but FSU’s offense(in the few times that I’ve seen it) looks closer to AU’s offense than Alabama’s. Sure, Jameis may not run as much as Marshall, but it has spread concepts to it! The RB runs horizontal across the backfield–either receiving the ball or Jameis playaction passing the ball. Saban was coach-speaking there–to let the media “eat” what he wants them to “eat”. I’m an Alabama fan, but Saban’s comments were telling that we’re getting a $15 meal when he decides to give us a couple of bologna sandwiches, chips, and a soft drink. And eveeyone seems to have bought it, too. But, Coker seems to be a hard worker, graduated college(smart), has an NFL arm that is right at or better than 90 percent of NFL QBs(hurting receivers with passes), and that A-day makes what Fisher said about Coker seem truthful(that he almost beat Jameis) and not coach -speak! So, despite what Saban said, Alabama may be really fortunate to get him. If what Saban was saying about Sims(liked what I saw from Bateman more so than Sims in the A-day) is only coach-speak and Coker becomes better overall than McCarron, Alabama will be lucky enough to have played at the most corrupt casinos anywhere and broke them! Because–if Alabama can get average play from our Oline–then everything would allow Alabama to the favorite again! Then, we may just another 5-star receiver recruit(Cooper wasn’t, but might as well be one). Then, Bateman will be even better than we saw in the A-day by the time he actually starts! Let’s just the say the tide keeps rolling along and coach might just surpass the Bear in overall championships! Hopefully, everything pans out and the tide can become the onfield Canes!

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