Jameis Winston crab leg jokes, Photoshopped photos owning Twitter


FSU Heisman-winning QB Jameis Winston was cited for shoplifting crab legs from Publix in Tallahassee, Florida last night.

And Twitter was made for moments like this:



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  • Perhaps the best 2 to 3 hours Twitter has ever experienced….

  • I’m not going to be happy until he gets the Manziel media tirade of all summer hammering.

    • Amen Wolfman…….well said!

      • Bug, from Missouri, congratulations on MS-State’s strong finish last year. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the 14′ season goes for them. I think they will be one of the shocking realignment of West strength products next year. Players and coaches there deserve a lot of credit

        • Agreed. I would love to see Ole Miss and MSU becoming threats in the West. I like to remember the pre-Sherrill days when we actually sorta got along. Hopefully Mullen will either stop stirring the pot, and we can finally start supporting our state, or at least be a little more friendly and respecting.

        • BSUMS – Kudos for the olive branch. I think the love-hate relationship has always existed, but I absolutely agree with you… Ole Miss and MSU are no longer the bottom dwellers in the SEC. Look out everyone – Title hopes end for teams playing schools with Mississippi in their name – even some love for the once and future Golden Eagles who have signature wins against Bama and Auburn. #HailState

  • This THUG should be in Prison. We have multiple incidents with law enforcement, including this latest crime of taking without paying. In other words, Stealing. Anyone other than this punk would be in jail for doing the same thing. And this is besides his charge of rape that was swept under the carpet. Fisher should be ashamed to have not suspended him when he was charged. I lost a lot of respect for Fisher after that and will no longer call him Coach. I guess after Jameis commits murder maybe FSWHO will do something, but not until that day will he be made to pay for his actions. At least until he can no longer throw touchdowns, so sad.

  • Athletes should be aware of how stupid their crimes sound! How about if they just behave and not commit crimes. Wouldn’t that be better for everyone involved.

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