Georgia defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt describes his defense as varied and multiple


The best coordinator hire this offseason was no doubt Jeremy Pruitt. Pruitt left FSU for UGA, and the Bulldogs essentially traded Todd Grantham for Pruitt. I hope there’s a short ESPN ‘30 for 30’ on how it all went down.

Georgia’s biggest problem has been making elite athletes and defenders play elite together, especially under Grantham. Grantham ran a 3-4 scheme, and that’s what Pruitt’s defenses are known for.

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Pruitt and new defensive assistant recently spoke about the scheme we can expect in 2014, via Athens-Banner Herald.

“They’ll be times we’ll line up with three down linemen and they’ll be times when we line up with four down linemen,” Pruitt said. “It’s varied based on what the offense is doing to us and for one, what we think our best personnel is.

“For the most part, the basis of it was a carbon copy,” said Sherrer. “I know he did some things that we did at Hoover High School (in Alabama). We did a little bit of that at South Alabama, but the terminology, the scheme, the coverages, the pressures, all of those type of things are exactly the same things.

“Teams that are 3-4, you’ll see them line up in 4-3 defenses and teams that are 4-3, you’ll see them line up in odd defenses,” he said when he was hired. “I think you’ve got to be able to do both.”

The type of defense the Bulldogs line up in will depend largely on the offensive personnel package.

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Let me say this: don’t get all caught up in a 3-4 or 4-3 and varied or multiple talk; what Pruitt must do is simplify the scheme and the players’ jobs on every play. The lack of communication has been a problem. The tackling has been a problem. This all can be corrected with fundamentals. Hopefully for UGA, Pruitt brings a simple mindset to the defense and every player will know what he is trying to accomplish on every play.



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  • Good points Jon, I think most UGA fans would agree CTG tried to micromanage every down and play with the entire Defense looking to the sidelines and NOT looking at the Offense until the ball was snapped. I say get the best players on the field, get them into a base defense and let THEM read and react. Play hard and fast. Not playing NOT to screw up. That alone should help the defense this year..

  • there are 2 problems that make up for why we have fell short on the the championships…1 is we dont develop players well..horrible in fact. i dont know who is in control of who plays or not and if there ready or not, but ive seen an multiple occasions where it takes 2-3 games before they realize who the better player is(too many to name most recent is JSW) and they’ve had a whole year to observe and watch them. Brandon Boykin wasnt a highly rated player coming from highschool, he developed because he has god gaven talent, same with jarvis jones and justin houston. uga didnt do anything to make them better. alabama gets every single drop out of a player and has 3 out of 5 be very good ball players where UGA makes 1 out of 5 better. if not 1 out of 10. division II schools develop better than we do. the 2nd BIG problem we have is the media and underclassmen leaving a national championship team for the nfl because they were brainwashed by questions of going pro the week of the sec championship game. harrassing them to the point it gets exiting to them by the possibility of going pro. the thing is, is we need those players the nexy year and most of the underclassmen arnt highly rated and wind up a bust. ASK ORSON CHARLES HE ISNT EVEN A TIGHT END ANYMORE!! He left for his ‘family for money’ well he wont be on an NFL roster next year and he could have had a 4 year degree national championship and be MORE PREPARED for the speed and strength of the NFL. MARK RITCH HAS GOT TO BAN THE MEDIA FROM TALKING TO OUR PLAYERS. why wouldnt the reporter say ”’so after the disappointing loss what are you gonna do to make it back here next year and come out with a victory’??? instead of writing a report that says “such and such is forgoeing his senior year”?? as a bulldog beat writer u would think they wold have the players/kids do whats in there best interests. GODAWGS screw the media!!

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