LSU AD slams the SEC’s future scheduling decision


The SEC ended the future scheduling speculation last night, and LSU AD Joe Alleva slammed the conference’s decision.

The current 6-1-1 model with six divisional games, one permanent cross-divisional opponent and one rotating cross-divisional opponent will remain intact. That means LSU will play Florida, well, for the foreseeable future, and Alleva isn’t happy about the 10-4 vote that was cast in “self-interest” of individuals.

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“I’m disappointed in the fact that the leadership of our conference doesn’t understand the competitive advantage permanent partners give to certain institutions,” Alleva told the Louisiana media. “I tried to bring that up very strongly at the meeting today. In our league we share the money and expenses equally but we don’t share our opponents equally.

“Since 2000 LSU has played Florida and Georgia 19 times and Alabama has played them eight times. That is a competitive disadvantage. There are a lot of other examples.”

LSU, Les Miles and Alleva have made it very obvious in the past they’re tired of having to play Florida every year. Alabama hasn’t lost to its permanent cross-divisional rival Tennessee since 2006. LSU is 4-3 against Florida since 2006 and both have played in national championships.

Alleva continued on his scheduling rant by reinforcing the vote was cast in the “self-interest” of individuals, as opposed his perceived competitive fairness of the conference overall.

“If I’m Ole Miss and I’m playing Vanderbilt, I’ll vote to play Vanderbilt,” Alleva said. “If I’m Mississippi State and I’m playing Kentucky, I’m going to vote to play Kentucky. People voted their own self interest instead of what is in the best interest of competitive balance.

“I understand Alabama-Tennessee and Auburn-Georgia for the history, but that’s only four schools. The rest were voting in their own self-interest. They could have kept those games and the rest of us rotated. That was brought up but voted down.

“I’m not pushing for the self-interest of LSU. I’m pushing for the equity.”

Florida, meanwhile, has maintained they wanted to keep LSU as a permanent cross-divisional rival.

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  • I agree with the LSU A.D., but I also certainly understand why our A.D. voted to continue to play Vandy. Competively speaking this was in our best interest. From a fan’s perspective, this vote couldn’t have turned out any worse.

  • I think just for more entertainment and diversity in games i would prefer both cross division games rotate.

  • Honestly, I’m with Nick Saban on a 9 game conference schedule along with a required major out of conference team. That way, we don’t have a watered down 6-6 team go to a bowl game every year just because they beat their 4 crap schools out of conference and two of the lesser SEC programs. Nine conference games and one major out of conference insures that each team is playing stiff competition and rivalry games are still able to be played. Personally, I know how aggravating it is to watch Alabama play Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Vanderbilt out of the east each season lately. However, I hate Florida and love playing them. If we lose to them, we lose to them. But I enjoy games like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, and I like watching us play quality out of conference teams like Oregon, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, TCU, Virginia Tech, and others. If you want to be the best, you gotta beat the best.

  • The Red A team controls the SEC. That’s it period. Just as the University of Texas controls the Big 12. Until the headquarters is forcibly removed from the State of Alabama, and 2/3 of the staff and officials fired, it will remain dominated in the self interest of Alabama. As for the MSUs and the Ole Miss schools of the conference, can you blame them? Who wants to play the Red A’s anyway or Florida from their perspective. They have a good season only 1 every 15 years, and they don’t want to make it any worse playing tougher conference opponents. The Red A’s however can keep playing out of conference and in conference cupcakes as they did last year and will this year and keep their ratings up, their SEC standings up, their field officials in place, keep paying players, keep giving scholarships to the girlfriends of players, and keep playing multiple times to win BCS and now playoff series national championships. If you’re from the Red A school, its all about football, anyway, there is no other sport or reason to go to college. The SEC is owned by the Red A—period. One thing is for sure, its only a matter of time, fakery and cheating will not last, Sabin will leave, the NCAA will catch them cheating. And their SEC ties, won’t help them. And the Red A’s are National Champs? at what? LOL

    • Out of conference and in conference cupcakes? Strange, I seem to see those on EVERY competitive team’s schedule, and I wasn’t aware that any team, much less Alabama, got to pick and choose which in-conference teams they play. Six division games+ one rotating cross-division game + one fixed rivalry… where in that equation do you get that Alabama has a choice in that matter?

    • cry me a river. The MSU’s and ole miss’s in the conference play every team in the west every year and play all the cross conference teams eventually. No one can predict when teams are gonna be up or down. Every team’s schedule strength changes every year based on this and you can’t make snap judgements about the here and now on this.

  • CongotheTiger – Change your name to Tigger the Tiger or honey boo boo.

  • While he may be voting for the strength of the league, he too was voting for the best interest of his institution. Of course he wants to not play Florida every year: it’s better for LSU when they get to play some of the weaker opponents. So don’t try and bash other programs when you are doing the same thing, the only difference is they like the current situation and you do not.

    • absolutely. Like i tried to say above (maybe not the best wording) you can’t base the team strengths now for a long term solution and make all happy. For example, tennessee will eventually be more competitive and that won’t be a cake walk for bama in the future. Msu will play kentucky regularly and do you blame them for taking that versus maybe having to play USCarolina every year? The Lsu’s talk about “you have to play the best to be the best” and so on. then shut up and play the games and take care of your business and don’t let what other teams are doing.

  • The Ole Ball Coach is right. Nothing is fair when it comes to the SEC scheduling. In the 10 year period from 2005-2014, Florida played or will play Alabama and LSU 17 times. Georgia has played the same schools 8 times. Of course the 2006 and 2008 National Championships that Florida won included victories over both Alabama and LSU, both times. SOS, no pun intended.

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