NFL analyst says we could witness best moment in draft history, and it includes Johnny Manziel

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Bowl-Duke vs Texas A&M lead analyst Mike Mayock says the best moment in the history of the NFL Draft could happen tonight.

And it includes Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

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Mayock went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about his final Mock Draft, of which he has Manziel being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys at No. 16. Mayock knows Manziel is a hot commodity tonight, but he stressed if he makes it through the top eight picks without being selected, the Cowboys could wind up drafting him.

“There are five significant quarterbacks needs in those top eight teams,” Mayock said. “But more and more of my gut tells me that both [Blake] Bortles and [Johnny] Manziel get through that top eight. If they do, where do they land? I think all hell’s going to break loose tonight. All I know is, if he gets on the board when Dallas is picking, I just think it’s going to be the best moment in the history of the draft. Jerry Jones, that whole thing, to me, is intriguing. It really is. I’m not sure where he’s going to land, or Bortles, but I do know if one or both makes it through the first eight picks, it’s going to be fun television tonight.”

Manziel to the Cowboys is a HOT topic right now leading into the draft, and can you imagine if the Texas native were to be a Cowboy? It’s too exciting not to consider.

“Johnny Manziel to Dez Bryant”; it’s too intoxicating.

You can hear the entire interview on the Dan Patrick Show here.

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  • He’s going to be a giant bust, so going to Dallas would be appropriate.

  • Yeah he sucks get a life ^

  • What position will Manziel play? He is exciting but is not capable of playing qb in the nfl. Lacks arm strength and smarts. The stuff he was known for in college, running around and throwing crazy passes downfield won’t play at the pro level. I could see him bulk up though and be a Himes Ward type player for someone.

  • How did that prediciton work out? hahaha

    Manziel to Dallas!… wait, not Bortles to Dallas! Ooops

  • Manziel will work a lot of the same magic in the NFL and he will stay healthy enough. He’s a unique player and this makes draft pickers have brain explosions. “Safe” so called picks are also risky and get the draft pickers fired just as often. (Kansas City taking Fisher last year from a softer league?)

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