Former Gator O-lineman talks about the locker room ‘crumbling’ during the 2013 season

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Florida

When teams are losing, nobody’s having fun. The players aren’t, the fans hate it, and you know the coaching staff isn’t having any fun.

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That was Florida’s 4-8 2013 season in a nutshell; nobody was having fun, and former Gators’ center Jonotthan Harrison spoke to the dysfunction of the team and locker room in an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Pads were still on. Tempers were flaring. Head coach Will Muschamp ordered a player to talk to the team. Anyone. So, being a fifth-year senior, center Jonotthan Harrison stepped into the middle of the mayhem.

And then one defensive lineman — Harrison won’t use names — yanked him out and shoved a freshman linebacker to the center. The two shouted at each other with coaches grabbing Harrison and pulling him out of the locker room before punches were thrown.

“We were falling apart,” Harrison said, “crumbling as a team.”

The author of the article even wrote in his own words that the players were “sneaking girls into the team hotel or sneaking out themselves” the night or two before games, while Harrison tried to lead by example.

Current Gator defensive tackle Leon Orr and former defensive tackle Damien Jacobs took to Twitter to express their displeasure towards Harrison for his comments.

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