Former Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers goes off on the Commodores’ athletic department


Former Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers hammered the athletic department and said that the Commodores’ program will always be second-rate and stuck in mediocrity.

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Rodgers is upset after he wasn’t allowed to access the Vanderbilt facilities, and he was told that he’d have to pay a membership at the Vanderbilt Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

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With just a little over a week until National Signing Day, Rodgers is doing Vandy and new coach Derek Mason no favors in recruiting. Rodgers deleted his tweets, but here are screen shots.







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  • I don’t blame him one bit for being pissed. You would think that they would let him use the facilities anytime he wanted without making him pay. I’m sure he can afford it, but that’s not the point. Vandy should let the former players come and go as they please. I don’t think Ole Miss would tell Eli Manning he has to pay to use the facilities when he shows up.

    • I’m surprised they don’t let the football players use the facilities. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of David Price, Sonny Gray, and some other former Vandy baseball players doing winter workouts at our training/practice areas, and I’m surprised this isn’t a university-wide policy. Unless guys like them are rich enough to afford the membership fees without complaining. Definitely an overreaction on Rodgers’s part either way.

  • Holy crap, this rant defeats the purpose of Twitter. Dude, type it up and link it or something. I don’t even have a Twitter account and I know to do that.

  • Ok, but I want to see a little more evidence of how VU is mistreating varsity athletes beside making a pro quarterback pay a few bucks to join a rec center. Congratulations on your career at Vandy and to every athlete who contributed and to Coach Franklin, also to all future Vandy teams. I think Vandy will continue riding the same wave you did because Universities that promote young men with great educations have about 95% more to offer than those who promote a few NFL pros and teams win game more often than stars.

  • I’d say he’s not treating Vanderbilt very well either. There are right ways to handle things (that never involve Twitter) and their are wrong ways (that often involve Twitter for this self possessed, entitled generation).

  • And there are quite a few kids who go to Vanderbilt and pay a lot of money for everything.

  • Trust me, there is more to this story.
    Stay tuned…

  • Well, you know if you are an athlete at Vandy how you will be treated. Vandy sucks and always will. Always more Orange in that stadium than any other.

  • Yeah that’ll help the recruiting…

  • Everyone always gives credit to the coach when a program rises higher than it ever had previously, and I personally gave praise to Coach Franklin numerous times over the past three years and what he did at Vandy. The coach is always the one who gets the praise and the hammer when things go wrong. But…..Franklin is gone and the new staff have not seen the first snap of an official football game yet, and Rodgers is slamming the entire program very loud and very publicly. Nothing personal Jordan, but after dragging the entire program through the mud for anyone and everyone to see, if I was in charge, I’d change all the locks and ensure you would never get access. You say you love Vandy and the football program……you have a demented way of showing it.

  • I don’t blame Jordan Rodgers one bit for being upset. He is 100% correct. Before Coach Franklin, Rodgers, and the group of players that have been there the past few years came along, Vanderbilt was the doormat team of the SEC. Now, they are a great team, and he and his team mates who have been good enough to go on and pursue their dreams and goals in the NFL, plus other players who are trying out at the upcoming NFL Combine and participating in upcoming Pro days should be welcomed with open arms. Vanderbilt should be pleased that these former players want to work out there as alums and contributors to the football program. Perhaps their influence and mentorship could add some credibility back to the football program since they are losing recruits like crazy. Instead, by insulting these outstanding athletes and alums by suggesting they pay to use a facility that their talents helped fund, they are making their university and athletic dept. look bad. It is customary for most colleges to allow former players to come in and prepare for Pro Day and the NFL Combine. In fact, the coaching staff usually works really hard with these guys to help them reach their ultimate goals, the NFL. Vanderbilt’s football program seems to have enough to worry about by losing their head coach, so many recruits, and now by alienating these alums and star players like Rodgers. In case people aren’t aware, Jordan is the younger brother of Green Bay Packers Star, Aaron Rodgers. Jordan signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars Practice Squad, and these players are paid very well, much more than the average person makes. He could be signed with any team in the league at anytime as a starter or back up QB. I wish him the best, and I hope he becomes a starter somewhere very soon.

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