Georgia’s Josh Harvey-Clemons suspended for first three games of the year

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech

Georgia’s starting safety Josh Harvey-Clemons will miss the first three games of the 2014 season against Clemson, South Carolina and Troy due to a continuation of the suspension that caused him to miss the Gator Bowl, according to the AJC.

The AJC learned the then-reported academic suspension was actually a second marijuana offense, which is a standard four-game suspension in the athletic association’s student-athlete disciplinary guidelines. It calls for no less than ‘30 percent of the season’ upon the second offense.

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New defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt will be without his safety Harvey-Clemons to start the season against two top 25 opponents.

One of the reasons Steve Spurrier likes playing Georgia early in the season is because ‘they usually have two or three key players suspended’. I guess JHC really doesn’t like playing against Clemson.

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  • This is when I wish the NCAA had set standards for drug offenses. I like that UGA doesn’t play around, but it costs us a lot when our competitors don’t play by the same rules.

  • Maybe before Steve speaks, maybe he can tell us how many games the Clown got after speeding multiple times…..

    • Games (plural) for two speeding tickets…really? Don’t get me wrong, Clowney’s speeding is not condoned, but there is a major difference between speeding and marijuana use. One is a major NCAA violation. I also searched to find any instance of an UGA player being suspended for multiple speeding tickets and was unable to find anything. In each example I found, the player suspended after a speeding ticket was not suspended for the actual speeding, but for the failure to pay the ticket or appear in court, both of which resulted in arrest warrants. I respect Richt for trying to drive behaviors of those on the team by enforcing suspensions, but I highly doubt an UGA player would be suspended for multiple speeding tickets, even at the rate of speed Clowney was traveling, unless there was something more to the issue (DUI, accident, drug use, hit and run, etc.).

    • That quote came around the 2012 season, when Georgia played Carolina in the first week of October.

  • These “young men” know the rules. If CMR said “Don’t wear green shirts” and they wore a green shirt then it’s their own fault. I DO believe in a common game suspension drug policy NCAA wide however. After all the commotion of the JHC signing day theatrics this seems like just bad karma.

  • Rules are rules. I don’t agree with some of the punishments some kids get for marijuana but it is still against the rules. Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational use but the NCAA still does not, which I also do not agree with. But since it’s a definite rule, something that no one can say they didn’t know, it shouldn’t happen at ANY program. There’s no excuse for this.

  • Well, Pruitt’s first test is shaping up. Wiggins may (I stress “may”) be suspended a game for his arrest for driving on a suspended license. Since we’re Georgia and like to slit our own throats, I won’t be surprised to see another defender or two suspended for the first game or more before it’s all said and done. So, we’ll see Pruitt can do without a full deck to start the season.

  • This is the perfect time for Jeremy Pruitt to put his stamp on his players. This is his second offense for smoking pot. Pull his scholarship and kick him off the team. He obviously is a trouble maker and will only hurt the team in the long run. Make an example of him and let the rest of them know that they are responsible for their actions and how they represent the University.

  • Obviously some would rather smoke hippie lettuce than play football….

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