2014 Auburn signee arrested


Auburn signee Kalvaraz Bessent from Kingsland, Georgia, was arrested sometime today by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. AL.com reports that Bessent was arrested on two felony charges stemming from possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession with intent. He was released on $5,506 bond.

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Bessent was ranked as the No. 11 overall cornerback in the 2014 recruiting class by 247Sports.com.

The following arrest information and screen shot can be found here.


Updated: Here’s the latest from AL.com on Bessent’s arrest.

A 2007 Dodge Charger was stopped Friday at roughly 10 p.m. on U.S. 1 in western Nassau County for driving 58 mph in a 45 mph zone. Inside were four occupants, including driver Elbert Thornton, 21, of Jacksonville, sheriff Bill Leeper said.

A deputy smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana and upon searching the vehicle found four bags of marijuana totaling 202.5 grams underneath the driver’s seat and front passenger seat. Bessent was sitting in the front passenger seat.

None of the four occupants, all male, took ownership of the marijuana and so all were arrested on the same charges, Leeper said.

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  • Seems like he is a perfect fit for the Barn

    Maybe he can bunk with Nick “Hide your Cash” Marshall and be pen pals with $cam $Newton.

    • Well, since you know all about the two QB’s, Why don’t you find out how T J Yeldon gets $250-000.00 a YEAR to play for the bummers/ And maybe you can talk to your daddy Harvey and ask him how the student who molested the LSU player after the NCG is doing.

      • I am still waiting for you to break the story on this 250k a year since you seem to know so much about it Jerry Newman. Also you are as stupid as they come, there were no students who molested the LSU player. You should do your research before you speak, because you are terrible at everything!

  • Going by Malzahns record from last season he’ll be released. Misdemeanors under CGM at Auburn is a release waiting to happen. NO MATTER HOW BAD WE NEEDED THEM. CGM will do what he tells ya.

  • I am sure Jerry has legit proof to prove that Yeldon get’s this kind of money, since you do. You should write a few articles and you will be the 1st and only to break the story! Who knows you may even make that kind of money. More than likely it’s a rumor you heard from one of your so called experts in Alumni that has no weight to it, because you are the only one talking about it. Hell Auburn fans can’t even read, more than likely Misdemeanors is a release waiting to happen! It’s a FELONY!!!!!!!!!! That should help out the Defense there guys you didn’t need him anyway!

    • Haha…my how the truth gets twisted in some fans minds…since when was an lsu player molested by a student? It was a fan first of all and the guy who did it (who wasnt a student) was charged and sentenced…has ZERO to do with anything in this story but i guess when thats all u have to fight with you gotta use what u can…hope kalvarez gets it together and doesnt waste his talent on drugs…regardless of where he signed hes a young kid that could lose a lot for a dumb decision and we shouldnt be making fun of it..

    • I am an Auburn Grad and I can read, I don’t agreed with Jerry but really why do you feel it necessary to say hateful things about anyone from any school, You are as STUPID as he is, I guess you have no moral fiber in you. I don’t really get all the stupid stuff fans put out there, And my degree from Auburn which by the way is an MBA in Finance, has provided my family with a great life. I realize you said Auburn Fans, but that includes a lot of people. Alabama is Alabama, and they are not above reproach, so be careful when you throw stones.

  • This is not about Auburn or Alabama fans, it is about a young man getting arrested and it being made public by the press, now I am not for anyone doing drugs or selling drugs, but he has the same rights as our own children, and if this was our child we would not want this all over the news, he may get youthful offender, but it will do him no good in the sports world because now it has been put out there for the world to see, None of us can cast the first stone, because we are all sinners., And for those idiots that say he is a perfect fit for Auburn have no absolute clue as to what they are saying, just childish!! Grow up and make a valid statement!! It is so easy to point fingers!!!!

    • When someone is arrested it is on the public record. People that do drugs and especially the ones that sell drugs should have their face plastered on every wall.

      • I don’t agree with you, you were not there and I can only assume that you are perfect???? Really, I don’t agree with his actions but I also don’t think all things should be made public, he is a young man and none of us know what happened because we were not there. I know arrest are public records does not mean we should post them on a national public forum. It is not for us to judge. I worry about people with no compassion.

      • As a Bama fan, I disagree. Innocent until proven guilty is the rule in the United States and here we are convicting him with no trial.

        • Innocent until proven guilty is the rule in the courtroom. Unless you’re in the courtroom, whether as a judge, an attorney, or a juror, there is nothing stopping you from making your conclusion about someone’s guilt.

  • SDS don’t you have something else to do but report these types of stories? I pray none of your children are ever in this situation and if they are I am sure you would not want it put out there in this manner. Shame on you!!!!

    • LMAO. Please tell me you’re not serious? Don’t get mad at the media for reporting an arrest.

    • Swholley, you are absolutely right: arrests should all be swept under the rug and nobody should ever know about them. Plus, they obviously aren’t newsworthy, since nobody EVER wants to know about a player on his or her team, or another team, being arrested.

  • Who effing cares? It’s just marijuana people…it’s going to be legal eventually. All I see here is a gross violation of this young man’s privacy. The government has no place to dictate the health concerns of supposedly free citizens.

    • Just because it is legal in some states, which are run by liberals, it is still illegal in the part of the country. This kids needs to have his face on every wall if it is true that he is selling drugs. I have a 9 yr old daughter, and I wouldn’t want her hanging around kids one day that sell or do drugs.

      • When you 9 year old is grown come back and comment, I have raised two children neither of which were perfect, but they both are productive college graduates. But it was a long roads with a small wheel. Never say never and remember you are not in control of your childs every action.

        • Well I wasn’t there, but if it is true that his kid is doing and selling drugs than I have no problem with his face being on the news. The reason why this country is going downhill is because people don’t raise there kids right and people aren’t punished when they do things wrong. But people that sell drugs are the worst in my book. But if was arrested and charged with 2 felonies, I’m pretty sure he did something wrong. It sounds like you wouldn’t punish this kid at all. You don’t need to worry about how compassionate I am.

        • As I can reply to you Armyguy, I am not condoning any behavior I am just saying don’t judge with out merit, he has not been convicted of any crime, I am sure he did something wrong, and yes he should pay for his crimes when convicted. I am just not so stupid to believe all people are bad, I could say you have a lot to learn in life. But it sounds like you feel superior to others period, so yes I am concerned about your compassion for others and your ability to not judge others.

        • Let me tell you something, I spent 9 yrs in the army and I have been to Afganistan once and Iraq twice. I do believe I am superior than some people, because evidently half this country are complete idiots, how do you think Obama got elected twice. I have seen and been threw probably more than you have in your life, so don’t judge me. I don’t have a lot compassion for people that do bad things, everyone makes mistakes. But the pay for them.

      • In Florida you get Intent to sell if you have two separate bags. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. The police here charge you with whatever they can even if it’s not true. He’llpprobably plea down to misdemeanor possession.

        • I retract my statement. I just read he was found with over 200g. He pr someone he was riding with sells pot.

  • That sucks…we had a pool going to see which school would have a signee arrested first not counting EE….I put my money on uga

  • Two felony charges? Gus Malzahn can’t keep him, right?

  • My question is how was he even eligible to play HS football being two years behind?

  • The fact is he knew the guys he was hanging with, he new they smoked marijuana wether it is legal or not. In college football it is an illegal substance both on and off the field for players even in Colorado and Washington State. He put himself in this situation and should accept the consequences period!

  • How is it shame on SDS? And how is it Innocent until proven guilty? He was taken to jail on drugs. It’s not like they planted it on him, it’s possible but not likely. He is guilty. And all drug related charges get plastered all over your local news anway people wake up. It is normal and it should be reported, so would you prefer they keep child molesters under wraps so the public doesn’t know about it? They should report this stuff and report it often, this kind of behavior is what is ruining sports, and the country as a whole. He may be a kid and making mistakes, that doesn’t make it ok to do because he is a kid. Regardless mistake or not he deserves every bit of this that is coming his way, maybe not the insults. Reporting though it should happen, and everyone should be well aware of what these people who are breaking the law are doing.

    • Media can unjustly smear the arrested but they can also serve the accused by calling attention to their false accusations, putting pressure on the court system to find justice. I think in all cases their should be very strict laws about what media can say and not say.
      I wonder if we will legalize enough dope soon enough to stop drug lords from running every state that borders Mexico. Otherwise we can win the war on drugs without running the government of Mexico

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