Auburn signee Kalvaraz Bessent reportedly cleared of felony drug charges


Auburn signee Kalvaraz Bessent has been reportedly cleared of all charges stemming from his arrest last week, according to

“After meeting with the state attorney’s office yesterday, we are pleased to hear the state has decided there was no evidence to support the charges against Kalvaraz,” attorney Travis A. Reinhold told late Friday. “All charges have been dropped. From the beginning of this ordeal, Kalvaraz maintained he had no involvement in the alleged conduct and he is looking forward to graduating from Camden County (Ga.) High School and attending Auburn University.”

Bessent was arrested on two felony charges stemming from possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession with intent. One of the passengers in the motor vehicle indicated to police a loaded handgun found in the car and the 340 grams of marijuana did not belong to Bessent.

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Bessent tweeted this a couple hours ago, and his father has exclaimed on Facebook that his son has been exonerated.

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  • Yeah the guy with the loaded gun and the pot was probably just giving him a ride to church.

  • Regardless of his guilt, or lack thereof, the real question is now “has he learned from this experience?” I hope for his sake that he has.

  • Lack of guilt? He got busted with possession. It’s obviously not used as evidence anymore. I guess someone paid to get him out of this for sure.

    • I should have clarified: lack of guilt in the sense of him not being convicted. Trust me, anybody with any common sense knows damn well that he knew what was in the car, at the very least.

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