Les Miles sounds off on the SEC’s future scheduling format

NCAA Football: Louisiana State-Spring Game

LSU’s athletic director Joe Alleva slammed the SEC’s scheduling format last night with a written statement to Louisiana media members. You can read it here.

Today, it was Les Miles’ turn.

Miles basically told The Advocate the SEC leaders reaffirmed a biased schedule by keeping the 6-1-1 format, including the LSU-despised permanent cross-divisional game against Florida.

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“We play the toughest schedule in America in our conference, and then we have the bias of the permanent partner,” Miles told The Advocate. “We’re now also being mandated to take a BCS team. The bias of the schedule continues to be disproportionate. Fundamentally fair is not something they’ve given great thought to.”

LSU has dominated non-conference foes from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 during the BCS era to the tune of 11-2 (.846). That’s the biggest margin in the SEC against the same competition. So, the additional non-conference foe isn’t what’s irking Miles and Alleva; it’s having to play Florida every year, when others get perceived lesser rides.

As my esteemed colleague Kevin wrote last May, fairness doesn’t belong in the SEC, and he pointed out that the uneven, asymmetrical nature of college football is what makes the sport unique. Playing Florida every year should actually help the strength of schedule argument for LSU, who will always be in the upper tier of the conference and in championship contention.

The best part about what Les Miles told The Advocate is that he referred to himself in the third person, as only he would do.

“(LSU president) King Alexander, Joe Alleva and Les Miles stand in full agreement,” Miles said.

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  • I think its funny that Les is crying for an easier schedule while Saban wants a 9 game conference schedule and everyone bashes Saban for having an easy schedule.

    • LSU doesn’t want an “easier schedule”. LSU wants to play a schedule comparable to the rest of the division. LSU I suspect would in fact be fine with playing UF & UGA every single year if cross divisional games didn’t count towards divisional records.

      • Well let’s compare their schedule to Alabama’s, who everyone says is a cake walk. Same SEC west competition, +3 cupcakes, +Kentucky as rotating cross-division game, +Florida as fixed game. Alabama gets UT as permanent cross-division rivalry, and Florida as rotating game. LSU opens the season against Wisconsin, Alabama against WVU.

        That’s practically the same schedule, with the only “tougher” aspect that I can see being Wisconsin rather than WVU… then again, LSU gets Kentucky, and Alabama has UT, so I’d say it evens itself out.

        Face it… they don’t want “equality”, they want an easier schedule. Notice the way they’re complaining about it: They’re saying “It’s not fair Alabama gets to play UT.”, NOT “It’s not fair that UT has to play Alabama every year.”

        Their AD can play that “We want equality” shtick all they want, but Florida, historically, hasn’t been as good as UT. They also weren’t complaining back when UT was a perennial powerhouse and beating both Alabama and LSU consistently, so it’s pretty clear what his intentions are, and it’s not equality.

  • Les doesn’t really want to play a comparable schedule. He wants an easier one. The SEC West has three BCS championship teams. LSU is one and has to play two in western division games. Yes, Bama only plays two and Auburn only plays two but LSU isn’t complaining about Auburn/Georgia permanent game. And their AD didn’t call out Bama or Auburn. He called out Ole Miss and MSU who already have to play THREE championship teams (as do Vandy and A&M), LSU and BAMA and AUBURN, every year in western division. So you don’t want to have to play Florida every year? Too bad. Why should other schools take on harder cross conference games to add yet another Championship winning team just so your team can get away with only playing TWO championship caliber team every year while others in West already have to play THREE and with the changes LSU wants possibly have to play FOUR. What is fair about that? These AD’s are supposed to look out for their schools just like LSU’s AD does and that is what they did. Maybe if he was a better negotiator and less whiney he could have gotten a deal done.

    • I love Les Miles. I think he’s funny and a good coach, but on this occasion he’s just being a baby. You guys want to talk about tough schedules? Take a look at Auburn’s 2014 schedule. Road games against Bama, GEORGIA, Ole Miss, Miss St., in addition to home games against SOUTH CAROLINA, Texas A&M, Arkansas and LSU. Oh and they play Kansas State away…on a THURSDAY. So go cry in your gumbo Les. No-one at Auburn is pitying you. Better yet take a page out of poor Butch Jones’ book and pretend you like getting slapped around by a team like the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Cause let’s face it..Florida was (and will be again) a good school, but even the most reasoned person out there (including this AU fan) knows that Florida ain’t no Bama. ;)

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