Les Miles asked about changing wind currents, and he answered in very Les Miles-like fashion

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Just shut up and listen.

That’s what I’ve learned when Les Miles speaks. Miles is a national treasure, who answers questions in ways only he can.

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Following Saturday’s spring game, Miles was asked about whether he expects the wind currents to change because of the Tiger Stadium addition, and his explanation reminded us why he’s a one-of-a-kind coach, who probably won’t be a meteorologist (transcript below the video):

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“Good point about the study,” he said. “We’re going to a dynamic wind change study. It’s going to have to with confetti and confetti droppings. And what happens is you take a…for instance, you section it off – I just want you to know we learned this by how they’re searching for that plane. Basically, you’re going to drop confetti in one area; the pieces are uniformly cut. Then, you watch where it goes. And you film that. You go one section over, and you drop it; one section over and you drop it. And you bring it out to the 50 and you map it all the way back. We’ll certainly keep that to ourselves after we find that out, but I’m not certain we’ll do that either.

“The 50-yard line has a pretty breezy feel, and then backed into both sides quiets pretty comfortably.”

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  • I enjoy funny coaches but Les Miles always sounds like it hurts his brain to produce complete sentences. Half of what he says doesn’t make sense and/or is just missing words that would make it an actual meaningful sentence. He reminds me of George W Bush trying to express himself. Not a bright guy.

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