Missouri WR Levi Copelin arrested


The offseason is just getting started, and another SEC football player has been arrested.

Missouri redshirt freshman WR Levi Copelin was arrested Thursday by university police and charged with disturbing the peace, a Class B misdemeanor.

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According to the St. Louis Dispatch, Copelin was arrested at the student union when he went to get a new student ID. The campus employee told Copelin his account was on hold, and the employee then said Copelin ‘made comments the staff found threatening’, according to university police.

This is Copelin’s second arrest while at Mizzou. He was arrested in 2012 on suspicion of marijuana. Copelin is Missouri’s second player who has been arrested this offseason. Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of felony drug activity.

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  • These 2 in one month coupled with the swept-under-the-carpet rape allegations. Right on Mizzou.

    • You see, for there to be an “allegation” she actually has to tell someone. She told no coach, professor, administrator, cop, etc. She only reportedly told, months later, healthcare professionals who could tell no one by law. What was the AD supposed to do when he knew nothing about an allegation? Especially when she never accused any specific individual that we know of?

      • http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/10323102/university-missouri-officials-did-not-pursue-rape-case-lines-investigation-finds
        The incident was even in a 2012 newspaper article. Get outta here with all that. They basically said it wasn’t reported because she had already committed suicide. The university has information and still chooses to sit on it simply because the victim is dead. That’s like choosing not to pursue a possible homicide because the victim was already killed. No sense in doing it now, huh?

        • Missouri’s football and other athletic programs record of appropriate reactions to student athletes citizenship or possible lack thereof is well known and documented. The student athletes and football players they have suspended and dismissed is not a long one because they do a great job of screening the bad ones out before they get to campus. When an athlete acts up for the first time after becoming a Tiger they react appropriately with and no exceptions come to mind. This story is tragic because a 16 year old tried to take her own life and her parents under-reacted. It is tragic because athletic participation at the division one level is not a rescue method, it is instead a greater burden on a challenged mental state. The reasons why no one ever went to the police and asked for charges to be written include the mental state of the young lady and all the actions, words she used that night of her own free will. The ‘outside the lines’ video referenced above seems to look for anyone and everyone at Missouri University to blame for behavior of a seriously mentally ill young woman who was allowed to make choices when sick at age 17 that were sure to cause a crisis at a later date. It was not, as her mother tried to project, a case where competitive swimming was going to protect her at any age and certainly not in NCAA swimming programs. If evidence really exists that someone raped this young woman, then that individual will be treated like any other criminal, ie check the facts of other assault cases in Columbia, Missouri. If something less than criminal took place that action will get the appropriate action by the University. There are just too many examples of the most popular football and basketball players (football team captains, basketball starters, etc.) having a slip up and getting timely and appropriate responses by Haith and Pinkel to believe this video. The Swimming coach interviewed in this video probably followed University and Athletic Department policy on grants-in-aid, class attendance, and team practice/team travel. It’s a problem when a tabloid journalist, i submit who would be at the bottom of his profession, tries to second guess a system that is run by professionals at the top of their profession, and this is the real and only exploitation going on here.

  • Young Mr. Copelin, you are better than this.

  • Now that Mizzou is under more pressure to win. And the ‘Spot light’ is brighter now. It will be interesting to see how Pinkel handles these 2 time offenders. Will it be like Richt or Urban Meyer?

  • They are susupended per policy if they are arrested on a felony until it is cleared up. If they are found guilty they are booted off the team.

    Just wondering, are you telling me campus police are arresting football players at the other universities? That’s what I thought.

    • exactly right Mizlnnc. and for ADB, Richts behavior problems clearly indicate that his philosophy is to let lots of bad boys in and slap their wrists repeatedly. Meyer seems to take anyone and try to hide their behavior as much as possible, and the ghost of Woody Hayes probably still slaps college students around in Ohio. If you knew anything about Pinkel and Missouri, you would know that, while not perfect, He and his staff are among the best examples of recruiting and training higher quality student-athletes to be even better citizens. Try to know what you are talking about before you sling mud.

      • You both know nothing about Richt or UGA if you think he and the university are handing out slaps on wrists. Furthermore, I saw no mud-slinging by ADB; he was merely wondering aloud whether Pinkel would have a strict disciplinary policy (like Richt) or hide things (like Meyer). From everything I’ve heard, Pinkel is very respectable, so I expect him to handle it like Richt.
        Finally, yes Mizzouinc, UGA campus police are typically the ones arresting or reporting our players, which results in the highly-publicized suspensions (and the resulting negative image for the football program).

        • Dawg, I was wrong to word it “lots of bad boys” like it could be a high percent of the roster, so if I say “a few bad boys”, you should be able to “Show Me” how the Richt suspensions are signs of program quality. My reaction to Pinkel (or even Richt) possibly being a Meyers, should be expected, but giving the benefit of doubt, maybe I just have a far lower opinion of Meyer than ADB, So I invite further comment from ADB on this. I can name a dozen things i like about Georgia football from the fans who visited Columbia 2012, to the courage Aaron Murray exemplified, and more. But there were a couple of plays in the 2013 MO at GA where a couple of GA players made me wonder how they fit on that team. Neither Georgia or Missouri need any roster member who isn’t a #1 class act. They both have plenty of talent. To be fair, there was a Missouri player who retaliated on a Oklahoma State lowlife in the Cottonbowl that should have had more than hand slap.

  • man we really beginning to fit into the SEC now. Levis is just a misdemeanor remote affect a standing on the team other than maybe a game or two suspension. DGB will more than likely not be charged and therefore won’t affect his standing on the team. as far as rape allegation goes while it’s tragic how it turned out it sounds like the victim was unsure about whether she had been assaulted or not and we’re seeking counseling more than anything. I feel like to university drop the ball but where were those who were close to her especially her parents

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