Lou Holtz says he plans to retire from ESPN after 2014 season

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What will college football be without ESPN analyst Lou Holtz? We may soon find out.

Holtz told 247Sports’ Notre Dame site that he’s leaving ESPN after the 2014 season, specifically to spend more time at home with his wife and work on his ole’ golf game.

“I’d like to practice my golf a little more. I’ve been everywhere except to bed. I’ve spoken to everybody except my wife. Somebody said, ‘Do you ever go anywhere where people don’t recognize you?’ I said home. I owe it to her to spend a little more time with her. I said that last year too.

“I’d like to leave when people say, ‘Why are you leaving?’ not ‘When are you leaving?’” he said. “This is my fifth last year. They usually talk me into it. ESPN is a great organization to work for. We’ve been together nine years now. That’s unusual. They’re like my family. I love them. We enjoy it. There comes a time where you need to step aside and let the younger people do it.”

Will Holtz officially retire? He leaves some doubt in the latter portion of the above statement, citing it will be his ‘fifth-last year’ and adding they usually talk him into it.

The 77-year-old Holtz has been a fixture on ESPN for the last nine years, often going head-to-head with villain Mark May. His podium-flipping disagreement with Rece Davis and May won’t soon be forgotten, and neither will Dr. Lou, assuming Holtz officially steps down after the season.

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

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  • I hope he does not retire. Although he never gave Missouri a fair shake in his life, he was still one of the best coaches ever to make the transition to media.. Encore, please Lou. And this time be nice to the Tigers, they’ve earned some of your sage praise.

  • Lou Holtz is bar none my favorite character on television. I actually received an autographed Lou Holtz football for my 21st birthday. PLEASE stay. Or at least make frequent television appearances

  • can’t wait to see loose bolts leave.

  • Racist. Should have been booted a long time ago. Great to see his bias for Dome go!

  • Lou don’t wait. Do us a favor and leave now!

  • I have had the opportunity to meet Lou Holtz and actually carry on a lengthy conversation with him. I came away from that meeting feeling very fortunate getting the chance to talk with him. I must admit he left the Gamecocks in shambles for Steve Spurrier, but the highlight of his South Carolina tenure was beating Ohio State two years in a row at the Outback Bowl. I agree with the Wolfman in that Holtz made a great transition from coaching to TV, and while Dr. Lou has had to endure all the jokes about his speech issues, he has had 2 great careers. Just don’t ever play for money on the golf course with him….he has a mean stick. Great guy….at 77 I hope he does retire and enjoy life!

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