Mark Richt announces restructuring of coaching staff


Georgia and Mark Richt have been criticized heavily for not having a special teams coach, and the Bulldogs’ special teams unit was one of the worst in the SEC in 2013.

However, Richt has announced the Bulldogs don’t have just one special teams coordinator; they now have two.

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Tight ends coach John Lilly will coordinate the offensive special teams (punt return, kickoff return and extra point/field goal), while inside linebackers coach Mike Ekeler will coordinate the defensive special teams (punt return block, kickoff and extra point/field goal block).

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon was also named the new recruiting coordinator, and he was responsible for landing top running backs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, top defensive end Lorenzo Carter and receiver Isaiah McKenzie, among others.



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  • It’s a mystery to me why Richt refuses (after much criticism) and pointed questions from ‘call-in’ fans and the media, he doesn’t hire a special teams coach? A coach that concentrates and focuses exclusivley on ST. Not unlike many successful teams in his own conference. Last year ST’s hurt the Bulldogs in at least 3 or 4 games. And, it can be argued it cost them the Clemson game. Not sure what the reasoning is? But, if it doesn’t improve this year? Is this a hill Richt will die on?

    • I’m with you…his stubborness at times is maddening. I believe Lily was kind of in charge last season and it was dreadful. On a bright note Ekeler seems to have the right energy for the role so hope he can help bring them to life. Also hoping Mackenzie can come in and immediately give us a much needed threat in the return game.

    • “Not sure what the reasoning is? But, if it doesn’t improve this year? Is this a hill Richt will die on?”

      It doesn’t make a ton of sense to have one guy handle everything on ST. That is because the responsibilities for a “ST coordinator” are incredibly varied and specific. There are very few people who are qualified to technique to EVERY ST position. Think of how different the roles of the place holder and the gunner on punt coverage and the kicker all are! Would you want the same guy teaching everybody just so we have one guy with that title? If you are really, really good at long snap technique, that doesn’t qualify you to teach kick returners.

      I love the way it is broken up because we don’t need a ST coordinator.

  • Among 123 FBS teams, 98 (79.7 percent) have a special teams coordinator, according to listings in the Football Writers Association of America handbook.

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