Maty Mauk, Missouri motivated by naysayers and moving on from Dorial Green-Beckham

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Every month is ‘Mauktober’.

Missouri’s leader now becomes the face of the offense, especially after Dorial Green-Beckham’s dismissal. Maty Mauk entered spring having to win a position and compete just like everyone else, but there was little question he would exit spring as ‘the guy’.

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Mauk recently talked to ESPN about losing Green-Beckham and other receivers who can step in and help fill the massive void left behind by DGB, L’Damian Washington and Marcus Lucas.

“You’ve got Darius [White] and Bud [Sasser] on the outside who are 6-3, 6-4 guys that run routes that are nice, crisp routes,” Mauk said of his seniors. “I know them so well that I feel like we can run anything and be able to do whatever we want down the field together. And then you look inside at Jimmie [Hunt]. Jimmie’s been here for a while. He’s played. He’s a tremendous guy in there.

“Levi [Copelin], he’s stepping in. He brings something to the table that we might not have had. … J’Mon Moore, who was a freshman last year, he’s going to be something. I’m expecting huge things. That’s a guy I’m on every day. He’s really got to step up, especially with Dorial gone.”

Mauk is a wildcard entering 2014. From what we saw last year, he can be elite under center if his game improves this offseason. He threw for 1,071 yards and 11 touchdowns, compared to just two INTs, and he finished with a 3-1 record while stepping in for James Franklin. However, the concern revolves around his completion percentage. He completed just 51.1 percent of his passes and lacked some noticeable touch on short to intermediate routes. Two of the four defenses – Florida and South Carolina – were elite. He completed 50 percent or less against both.

People who say that Missouri isn’t here to stay and 2013 was a fluke turnaround motivate Mauk and his teammates.

“Everybody is picking us to be down at the bottom of the SEC East again,” Mauk said. “That’s just motivation for us. We just want to come out here and keep proving people wrong.”

Mauk should enter 2014 on several darkhorse Heisman lists. He enters on mine, and even without Franklin, a cast of wide receivers and Henry Josey, Mauk could help take the Tigers’ offense back to an elite level.



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  • should do well since the only really play 3 good teams this year. Georgia,Florida and south Carolina. The rest of their schedual is weak. Just saying.

    • At A&M and at Tennessee is no cakewalk. Also, UCF may be pretty good again. I really don’t like going on the road to Toledo either, but we should handle them pretty easily.

      Mauk will improve our passing game. Losing DGB hurts, but we are so deep at WR its sick. Same with RB as we will rotate 3 guys again this year. OL is very solid. If our defensive units at DB and LB play well (DL is no worries, very deep), Mizzou will contend for the East again.

      • Bling is correct! It is amazing how many people are overlooking UT and A&M, especially with the recruiting classes they brought in.

        A&M will have two full top 10 classes on campus this Fall. They will likely be adding 4 Blue Chip athletes to the roster (Ricky Seals Jones, Speedy Noil, Kyle Allen, and Myles Garrett), plus the two they have on campus (Trey and Brandon Williams) will have many more carries at running back this year. MIZZOU loses their only Blue Chip prospect and is extremely confident??? I remember what happened the last time Maty Mauk came to Kyle Field and they had DGB.

        • So many football fans are clueless about how fast a top 50 team can turn into a top 10 team. Missouri doesn’t have to apologize to anyone about their schedule: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, aTm, UCF, and Indiana could have all beaten Auburn in 2012. Look how fast all those quality status have changed.

  • Georgia did beat Auburn in 2012. If not for a miracle bounce on the last play of the game Auburn would have lost in 2013. “Miracle on the Plains” or something like that? Georgia played with people hurt all year. If not for Murray in Kville they would have lost that one. Anybody with any football knowledge knows that. It’s gonna be interesting this year.

  • injuries or not I still think Missouri was a better team than Georgia last year. and I don’t feel like that’s changed any this coming season. I would have been hesitant to say that if we weren’t playing at home against Georgia this year. but I think we lose a game and I think it’s going to be to SC. so we need them to lose two. I think Maty have you like talented receivers

  • I meant to say that I think Maty has really talented and fast receivers but I’m concerned a little bit about the durability and depth past the starting 4.

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