Georgia extends OC Mike Bobo’s contract

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Georgia doesn’t want to lose the SEC’s most underrated coordinator.

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Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo received a contract extension through the 2016 season, after just signing a three-year extension last year. According to the AJC, Bobo didn’t receive a raise, just an extension. He’ll make $575,000 annually through 2016.

Bobo rarely gets the credit he deserves. Despite mounting injuries in 2013, Georgia’s offense still put up 36 points per game. He’s coached record-setting quarterbacks Aaron Murray and David Greene. He’s coached a first overall pick in Matt Stafford.

“It’s what Mark (Richt) wanted to do,” UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity told the AJC. “Now Mike and (defensive coordinator) Jeremy Pruitt are on the same page as far as the duration of their contracts. That was important to Mark and we agreed to do that.”

For comparison, Florida’s new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper will make $590,000 per year.

Do you think Bobo is still underpaid?

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  • I think Bobo has been artificially propped up by the great talent Georgia has had in the past…but I hope with Mason at QB this year he will prove me wrong.

    • I dunno. I just disagree. You don’t have that many QBs breaking records and putting up stupid numbers without a great position coach and balanced play caller. Of course better players means scoring more points, but, to me, he’s the most under appreciated assistant in the SEC.

      • I’m with you…I just don’t understand what this guy would hafta do to make some of these people happy. Everyone has the same story: ‘Predictable Playcalling”. Well all of these people must be smarter than every opposing DC since Saban/Smart themselves couldn’t stop it.

        • True, the talent might be evidence of his good coaching ability but his playcalling is often puzzling.

  • He knows how to coach QB’s that I think is a given. David Greene was not the most athletic guy in the world. He and Bobo clicked and Greene was an outstanding SEC QB. Stafford could roll out and fling it the length of the field ala Elway. Sometimes Stafford made dumb decisions but made up for it with that cannon. Murray was a runner early at GA but after the loss of Mettenburger he had some good coaching that changed his game some. So I will give you good QB coach. However, his play calling is what has kept the Bulldog faithfull somewhat baffled at times. And has also kept them from wholeheartedly embracing him. He has gawdy numbers / records etc. But, closing out games and putting people away has held him back a little in Athens.

    • Could you be more specific when you talk about games that the playcalling has lost? I mean I may could think of one or two times since he’s been doing it but I would love to hear which game in recent years has been lost due to playcalling.

  • It absolutely blows my mind to hear the amount of ignorant negativity that is still spewed from the mouths of Dawg Nation over Bobo. Frankly, It’s embarassing. We were dead last in the SEC and 110th in the nation in takeaways. We did not return a single kick for a TD and were dead last in return yardage. We lose 7 of our top playmakers for a significant time on offense. But we still put up over 35 points per game. Do I think he is worth more? possibly..but I’m sure there are some performance bonuses included as well. If this offense does what it is capable of this year he will be paid next season or possibly be a HC somewhere.

  • Have never “spewed’ negativity about anyone associated with GA football. EVER. Now the most recent game I can think of that we couldn’t put people away. North Texas State in the rain last year in Athens. I thought we should have killed them, but in my opinion the play calling was questionable. Most recently was in Jax. I was there. We should have put UF away but the play calling in the 2cnd quarter and early 3rd was VERY suspect. Resulting in a much closer game than it should have been. I can recall many more. That is not my intent. I’m glad we have a better than average OC. With the rest of the staff maybe even a good one. I’m not complaining. Just giving my opinion. And I’m not alone.

    • That comment wasn’t intended for you…it was actually started before your post. And those games you mentioned: UNT is actually a pretty good program that lit up a lot of their opponents last season. And if I recall we pulled it together and won that game by 24 points. That kind of slow start happens to pretty much everybody at some point in the season. As for the game in J-ville as a fan you should know that that game has been an ugly slugfest for three or four years in a row which is what a rivalry is supposed to be. We leave there with a W and everyone should be more than pleased.

  • I put the lack of putting away teams on Richt. He certainly has a say in what tempo and risks the Offense can/will take in ball games and is a terrible clock manager. Bobo just enables that with his Vanilla play calling. You can almost physically feel when UGA goes conservative in a game. I call it the “Prevent Offense”….all it does is prevent you from winning.

    • CMR has to take responsibility for most of the mistakes I can think of. His stubbornness can also be to blame for the horrible ST play. But I do not follow you on how Mike Bobo has enabled any of that. I never felt that switch go off last year as virtually every game was a battle well into the 2nd half it seemed. Everyone criticizes Bobo in generalities and I have yet to hear anyone use specifics and tell me what they would do differently.

  • North Texas may have lit people up? But to come into Athens and scare the Dawgs like they did is more than’ a slow start’. Also if you didn’t feel the wind leave UGA ‘s sail in Jax? After being up 21 to zip? And we won by running out the clock in the 4th. Those aren’t generalities? They are specifics. I can site probably 20 games where play calling was questionable. We obviously differ in opinion. Richt is ultimately responsible yes. However, when he was calling the plays it was a much different offense. Also I’ve been watching the game in Jax now for a looooooong time. To be up 21 and winning by 3? I don’t think Spurrier would have put on the brakes. He actually never did. His philosophy..if you don’t want the score run-up on you? Don’t get behind. GA does not play like that period. I refuse to apologize for the play calling.

    • First of all….you’re talkin about Spurrier? The same guy that hasn’t coached a game in Jville since the turn of the century? Hell why don’t we just talk about the Dooley era too while we’re at it. Please dude…you don’t have a clue…play calling had nothing to do with any of our losses in the last 3 years. It’s just the one thing all of you people think you know something about for some reason. So tell me the specifics…tell me what play needed to be ran against Florida that would have magically made our injuries disappear? We’re talking about games we F-ing won. Get a grip and find something else to bitch about.

  • ADB – Couldn’t agree more. After the dropped lateral by Lynch in Jax you could feel he whole game switch to Florida’s side. UGA couldn’t do anything except run play-action in the end zone which led to a Safety. UGA is notorious for changing what works to something that doesn’t. Some games we score on the 1st or 2nd series and then mysteriously change tactics mid-game. Keep running what works until they can stop it. if that is toss sweeps to Gurley then so be it. The running the smaller backs up the middle is insane. The incessant use of 2nd/3rd teamers on ST. The “directional” kick offs (which thankfully we seem to have stopped). The wasting of time outs on Defense. In Jax coming out of an time out with too many men on the field and giving Florida a gimme 1st down……where does it end?

    • Out of all the things you just listed…One of them has something to do with Bobo…and I guarantee you it is bogus. News flash: this was still a Will Muschamp Defense last year.

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