Mike Slive on the SEC’s title streak: “No one will ever equal it”


Mike Slive’s baby didn’t close out the BCS era like he had hoped. FSU defeated Auburn 34-31, thus ending the SEC’s seven championships in a row in one of the best games you’ll ever see.

Fitting for closing out the BCS era, I’ll say.

The SEC dominated the BCS era, and since 2002 when Slive took over as SEC commissioner, the conference has won eight total championships, including the streak of seven in a row.

Slive talked about the streak ending to FSU last night, via CBSSports.com.

“There is disappointment, no doubt. We congratulate Florida State and the ACC. They have a great team.

“But right now I can’t help but think about the enduring pride we have in what our conference has accomplished. What we have done is unprecedented. And no one will ever equal it.”

If you thought the SEC dominated the BCS era, just wait until we usher in the College Football Playoff next year, where two SEC teams could get a playoff bid every year.

Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports



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