There’s no stopping the Commish: Mike Slive returning as SEC Commissioner for 2014-15

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day

The SEC’s main man Mike Slive is returning for another year as the SEC’s Commissioner, according to

Slive said he couldn’t quit now; there are simply too many issues ongoing that he has to take care of.

“I’ve got too much going on,” Slive said. “I’ve got the (SEC) Network to work on. I’ve got football scheduling to solve. We’ve got the NCAA restructuring. We’ve got a lot of important issues to take care of. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Several have speculated Slive’s future as the commissioner, and at 73, he entered 2013-14 with just one year remaining on his contact. He didn’t spell out how long he’d return for, but he made it known it will be at least one more year.

Under Slive’s watch, the SEC has found unparalleled success specifically in football. Slive has also been key in helping land the SEC Network and increasing revenue distributions between conference members from $95.7 million to 314.5 million.

Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports



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