A statistical comparison of Missouri vs. Oklahoma State


SDS will break down all 10 SEC bowl games from a numbers perspective, and here is a look at this year’s Cotton Bowl between Missouri and Oklahoma State.

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Oklahoma State-Missouri figures to be the biggest toss-up game during bowl season, and had you made me pick confidence points, this would have been the least, even less than Auburn-FSU. These teams are so evenly matched with similar schemes, and even the team statistical numbers are very similar.

Oklahoma State’s defensive numbers are strong, but the stat that jumps off the page is Missouri’s 38 sacks. Ironically, both teams finished first in their conference in turnover margin, and both have been good in redzone offense. However, OSU’s redzone defense jumps off the page. They allowed a Big-12-low 17 TDs from the money zone in 2013.

This sets up to be a fantastic game, and it could be the most entertaining of the non-BCS bowls.

Missouri Oklahoma State
Scoring Offense 39 PPG 39.8 PPG
Rushing Offense 236.46 YPG 172 YPG
Passing Offense 256.5 YPG 268.5 YPG
Total Offense 492.9 YPG 440.5 YPG
Scoring Defense 22.5 PPG 20 PPG
Rushing Defense 151.85 YPG 132.92 YPG
Passing Defense 256 YPG 245.6 YPG
Total Defense 407.8 YPG 378.5 YPG
TO Margin +16 +15
3rd Down Offense 79/176 (44.89%) 67/174 (38.51%)
3rd Down Defense 76/203 (37.44%) 66/211 (31.28%)
Sacks 38 22
Red Zone Offense 86.67% (42 TDs, 10 FGs) 88.33% (46 TDs, 7 FGs)
Red Zone Defense 84.09% (26 TDs, 11 FGs) 68.29% (17 TDs, 11 FGs)

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  • Mizzou better have their defensive secondary ready to play or it’s gonna be a long night.
    I believe Ok St. learned something from the Auburn game.

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