Mizzou keeps the SEC’s Cotton Bowl streak alive, beats Oklahoma State in a thriller


What a game!

Didn’t you just know this would be a thriller? Could the night get any better for SEC fans, with Missouri winning a shootout and Ohio State losing in back-to-back games?

Missouri improved to 12-2 with their 41-31 win over Oklahoma State in epic fashion, and Gary Pinkel became Missouri’s all-time winningest coach with 102 wins. Let’s get to some of the bigger takeaways:

Big Picture: This was an important win for the SEC, and earned back some respect after Oklahoma beat Alabama last night. Specifically for Missouri, think about what you’ve accomplished. Mizzou notched their 12th win in a season in which the Tigers won the SEC East, all the while being picked #6 in their own division. Incredible season, and it could have a lasting impact with respect to recruiting momentum. Mizzou’s brand may start expanding more into the southeast.

Henry Freakin’ Josey: What else is there to say about this freak? He sliced and diced defenses all season, and he did it again tonight, rushing for 92 yards and three touchdowns, averaging 7.7 yards per carry. Josey finished with 1,074 yards and 13 touchdowns. Now, we wait to see what he decides ahead of the NFL Draft. Will he return?

When it mattered most:¬†Neither QB James Franklin nor DE Michael Sam had great games. In fact, there were times when I thought Gary Pinkel should have inserted Maty Mauk into the lineup for a change up to see if the Tigers’ offense could get rolling in the second and third quarters. But Franklin turned it on in the fourth quarter, leading two touchdown drives and making some crucial throws, especially the 3rd and nine to Dorial Green-Beckham on the final drive. Yes, he did turn it over three times — almost four! — but he made the plays when it mattered most. Michael Sam was quiet all game until he made the epic strip sack that led to Shane Ray’s 73-yard fumble return. What a way for both seniors to go out!

Darkhorse Heisman: Maty Mauk will enter 2014 on some darkhorse Heisman lists. Mauk only played two possessions the entire game, and he finished second in rushing with three carries for 73 yards and a beautiful touchdown pass. Mauk has burst, speed and great instincts, and once he gets more experience and better touch on his short to intermediate passes, Mauk could become one of the best dual-threat QBs in the country. The offense has so much upside next year with Mauk at the helm.

Secondary held up: One of the biggest questions regarding Missouri in this game was their secondary, but they held up just enough to eek out the win. They are so active in the secondary and tackled pretty well, but OSU still threw for 377 yards. EJ Gaines is going to be a player in the NFL. Mizzou will miss Gaines and fellow CB Randy Ponder next season.

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  • Bob Stoops comment about the SEC “look what Mizzou and A&M were able to do in SEC”. — Yeah, And those 2 teams just beat top Big 12 team in Cotton Bowl since. Kinda means they’re good teams in whatever league. It also means the SEC is better now, doesn’t it? What coach in the SEC is out trying to make statements about how the conference is better than the ACC, Big Ten, etc?? But good it was a good win, 1 win

    • Coaches in the SEC do make comments they just dont single out a single conference. More along the lines of “we play in teh toughest conference”

      • Nothing more annoying than people like Stoops and Big XII fans trying to claim the success of A&M and Mizzou. Those guys said a collective “good riddance” when we left, now they want to use our success to bolster their league? Get real, it doesn’t go both ways.

        • You are so “friggin” right Chris, they blew off 100s of years of history and sacrificd Nebraska, A&M, Missouri and Colorado to keep Texas. I hate theTexas-12 worse than any conference. I mean if one of the 4 win the NC next year are they going to claim that too.

    • Bob Stoops is ignorant. Mizzou found out last season that the SEC is truly the top football conference in the nation. They got embarrassed last year. The team challenged itself to step up this season and play better. I love the SEC! I pull for all SEC teams when they’re not playing Mizzou. The big 12 is has been really all about Texas and OU. Very selfish schools. Texas even has its own network! The Big 12 determines if your team is going to be on national TV or not. I hope Mizzou can keep up the momentum they’ve earned this year. S-E-C!

  • Great win for our Tigers! What a 4th quarter and win over a team that’s had our number the last several years. So proud of this team and coach Pinkel. Great to be in the SEC. I can’t explain how much more fun it is in the conference (even last year). So glad we accomplished so much this season.

  • Greatest sound 25,000 Mizzou fans chanting “SEC, SEC!”. Best graphic ” Mizzou’s 5th win against a ranked opponent”, “best other story Wilson, Middle Linebacker, Captain of the Defense who passed his father , Middle Linebacker, Captain of the defense, for tackle on Mizzou’s top ten list.” I just hope the other SEC fans know how happy Mizzou is to be here. The greatest Conference in the world

  • I remember the final year of the big eight and half of the conference finished in the top 10 along with the national champion and some stupid magazines came out the next season stating that the SEC had been the toughest conference. I was livid! it was just b******* Media hype. and I absolutely hated the SEC. but after having amassed some success in the big 12 and then getting screwed out of millions of dollars( especially by Texas, who by the way has ruined two conferences now

  • From an Auburn fan, congrats to Mizzou on their win!

    • Thanks JRG, and speaking for the Northern Tigers, I’m pretty sure every Mizzou Fan wants Auburn to kick the living crap out of FSU

      • Thanks… I am looking for it to be a really tough game we may, or may not win… I actually think it may be a lot like the SEC championship game… as I feel FSU is a lot like Mizzou Offense wise with those great recievers.. I’m just worried FSU Defense is better than both of ours… A LOT of talent. They may not have played as tough a schedule, but I think FSU is every bit as good a team as they seem to be, and I think they will respond when tested by Auburn. I’m hoping for a good hard clean game, no injuries, and a well officiated game. I hope Auburn comes out with a chip on their shoulder, and plays like there’s no tomorrow and I think they will… and if they do I’ll be happy.

        • JRG. If Auburn plays the way they did against Mizzou I don’t see how they can lose.

  • I am so happy to be a member of the SEC now. and I think rather than being filler, we may have actually helped solidify the what has obviously been the dominant Football Conference for several years now. we’re not going to have the consistency of Georgia and Florida but as long as we have Gary Pinkel we should always have an outside shot at competing. I can’t wait to play them next year. win or lose the respect the SEC teams and fans have for ech other is the prize. South Carolina didn’t get near enough credit for the season they had. and I won’t be surprised to see Tennessee sitting where we’re at sooner than later. I wish we were able to recruit as well as they were. I I think we’ll have a fairly competitive season next year too. looking forward to playing against the best. SEC! SEC!

    • Yea I think we have great player development obviously. The next step has to be recruiting, otherwise we will be competitive like 2 of every 3 years. Hopefully we started that last night

      • I honestly don’t think yo guy’s have any thing to worry about, from what I’ve seen of your program and especially your coach… I think you guy’s should expect to be competitive every year from now on. I think your year last year was about injuries more than anything, and I don’t think we were really as bad as our record either, but those years happen and we both bounced back this year. Speaking for the Plains Tigers… we’re glad to have you guy’s too… love the additions of both you and A&M. I have heard nothing but classy things about both fan bases.

        • Right you are. While attending last year’s miserable game against TAMU (63-21), we tailgated and had a grand ole time with some Aggies fans. They showed us their cheer, and all the other Aggies surrounding the tents joined in. While few in attendance, they proved they could outyell us well before the game. And judging from what I’ve seen from Missouri on this site alone, Missouri fans seem very laidback and cool. I don’t see what took so long to add these two spectacular programs in!

        • Go get em Wareagle!

  • Great win Tigers! Winning the Cotton Bowl as a member of the Big 12 and now as a proud member of the SEC is a great accomplishment. Fun season. So proud to be a Tiger and a member of the SEC. Go Auburn…beat FSU!

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