South Carolina lineman arrested over weekend


Aside from Jadeveon Clowney’s two speeding tickets last season, South Carolina players stayed completely out of trouble. Tanner McEvoy, who transferred to Wisconsin, was the last Gamecock arrested in July of 2012.

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However, early Sunday morning, redshirt freshman offensive lineman Na’ty Rodgers was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and consumption of alcohol by a person under 21. He’s suspended from the team indefinitely, per South Carolina policy.

Per 247Sports, officers responded to a civil disturbance. Rodgers was allegedly acting in a ‘boisterous manner’, and officers detected an alcohol smell. Rodgers has been competing for the starting right guard job with Mike Matulis this spring.

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  • I know this one really aggravates the OBC. Taking away from his jokes towards UGA

  • You mean Mark Richt actually suspending his players?

    • To be fair, Richt has had quite a few more opportunities to take action than most other coaches when it comes to player arrests. Richt is on the more stern end of the spectrum and it’s fair game to knock the inconsistency amongst the SEC programs, but not many have had anything close to the number of players arrested as UGA has.

  • The headline is slightly misleading.

    He was arrested, however, it was a “field arrest”, which means he wasn’t taken to jail, and no mugshot. He was ticketed for underage consumption and “loud & boisterous behavior” and released at the scene.

  • Under-aged drinking at a University… shocker. This is his first offense there so hopefully he’ll learn from it. If he turns into a new Garcia then we need to take more action.

    If he was breaking and entering, cashing fraudulent checks, assaulting people, raping students, or stealing then I would be really concerned.

  • If the biggest problem we’ve had is an alcoholic qb who thoroughly enjoyed college a little too much, and enjoyed strippers the night before bowl games….then I’m actually not too worried. He was like a much drunker Mettenburger, except with consent.

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