PHOTOS: Mississippi State and Adidas officially unveil new ‘Hail State’ uniforms


Mississippi State and Adidas officially unveiled their new Hail State uniforms today. They will wear the new uniforms in the season opener against Southern Miss to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Scott Field. A photo of the uniforms leaked out yesterday after the MSU Twitter account sent out a cryptic message Tuesday.

The uniforms are sharp, and the late 90s uniform style looks great. Still, many MSU fans will question the Hail State on the front, but knowing MSU’s branding the last few years, it isn’t surprising.

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Check out the photos:








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  • Aside from the obnoxious “Hail State” logo, I dig the new uni’s! I’m all for ringing my bell and chanting at games but I think they should have taken the classier route and stuck with the school name on the front. Now if only a new NCAA Football game were coming out…

  • Again…Whats the BIG DEAL! The SEC is so afraid of change beside UGA coming out in those crazy uniforms when the played Boise these tweaks to the uniform are nothing ground breaking

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