Ole Miss’ Nkemdiche brothers sued $2 million for alleged battery

High School Football: National Signing Day-Robert Nkemdiche

According to a report by FoxSports.com, Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche are being sued for alleged battery from an incident that occurred in February 2013.

The Nkemdiche brothers are being sued for battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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The suit alleges that Denzel punched a man in the back of the head at a fraternity house and knocked him out. Robert, then in high school, and five other football players began kicking and stomping the man. The suit alleges the man began convulsing and was taken to the emergency room and treated for severe head injuries.

Ole Miss officials responded to FoxSports with a statement, and the athletic department says they will support the players, as follows:

“When this alleged incident occurred, the proper authorities investigated the matter and could find no evidence of wrongdoing related to Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche or any other members of our football program. This is a personal matter for them and we will support Denzel and Robert while they defend themselves in this civil case.”

Denzel Nkemdiche is currently suspended from the program after his arrest this weekend for disturbing the peace.

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  • I know there is a lower standard in proving a civil case, but there is something really wrong here if these boys don’t get charged with felonies. Either the frat boys are clearly lying, prompting the police to not charge anyone OR the police looked the other way. Not good either way.

    • Look I don’t know the details of this, but there wasn’t enough evidence of wrong-doing during the investigation a year ago to even bring charges against anyone. That doesn’t mean the civil suit won’t succeed due to there being a lower burden of proof, as you mentioned. However, they were never charged criminally, let alone convicted of anything.

  • I seriously hope these frat boys are lying, but I have a gut feeling they aren’t. A lot of these players feel a sense of entitlement on campus, I see it everyday.

  • Here come the haters, I bet they are going to love hear this. The police already ruled out the possibility of fowl play and the person that is sueing is probably doing it to get attention and of course money, because why else does anyone sue someone in this country. We need laws in this country, like in Great Britain, that say if you try and sue someone and they find out that there isn’t any evidence of wrongdoing, that the person can be charged with a crime and punished. That would stop a lot of people from sueing people for now reason in this country really quick. If anyone knows the Nkemdiche brothers, they would know that they were raised well, and wouldn’t do this kind of stuff. And as for as Denzel being arrested this week, he was celebrating his 21st bday and the cops were being a$$holes and arrested him for supposedly smarting off because they were being a$$holes.

    • Yeah, you’re right. He is totally doing it just for the attention. I mean, who gets sucker punched and then jumped by a bunch of guys anymore? That’s such a desperate cry for attention. But please, tell us more about how close you are to the brothers and how much you know about their upbringing, I’d love to hear it from a guy who is so close to the family as you are. And you’re right, how dare those cops arrest Denzel for smarting off to them, shouldn’t they know that it was his birthday and you’re allowed to act like a fool?

      • Considering how many player at Alabama how been kicked off the team in the last few years, I wouldn’t be saying very much. The police investigated the incident when it happened and said that there wasn’t any wrong doing from the brothers. This guys is just looking for a pay day. I guess you don’t get out much or watch tv much, because in this country, ppl will sue anyone for looking at them the wrong way because it hurt their feelings and now they can’t work. But don’t worry, Obama will take care of them.

        • I wouldn’t buy into what the cops say a whole lot just yet. Cops have been known to help cover up things for athletes ya know

        • And surely the guy sueing would know that he’s gonna need documents showing where he got treated in the hospital and all that. I don’t think someone would just make that up

        • Agree with Wes here. I don’t know about a full-blown cover up, but police officers have discretion and can use it when it fits a certain agenda. I am NOT saying that’s what happened here because I always give police the benefit of the doubt, but to act as if the brothers are absolutely innocent because they haven’t been arrested yet is naive.
          After it is all said and done, it’ll be interesting to see the evidence and number of witnesses against the Nkemdiches.

        • You forgot to tell us about how you’re so close to the family and their upbringing, please, I’d love to hear about this.

  • Someones s*** stinks here. Will be interesting to see which one is lying or how fast this gets settled out of court. I have a feeling a “friend of the program” will make sure these boys stay out of trouble on this one. Not a knock at TSUN, just how things work in college football nowadays.

  • @ Armyguy007 – “fowl” play? What are they chickens?

  • Well, I guess we’ll see how it plays out. This happened a year ago & no charges were brought against them, let alone convictions. Less of a burden of proof in a civil suit, so it might work regardless of fault in this fight. Not necessarily condoning fighting, but who of you who went to college & were a part of the greek system didn’t get into a couple of fights? I got into a few. I was never sued because I’m not one of the most famous CFB players in the country. Either way, a lot of negative news lately for Ole Miss, and we’ve got to work on that.

  • @ Rriffe – It’s just been SDS for a while. I’ve been in Afghanistan the last two years working as Contractor so my article production has suffered. I keep up as best I can from here. I should be back for good sometime in June. I really do enjoy some of the regular commentators on SDS. Not everyone is a school homer like most blogs and can accept seeing the other side of things. It’s refreshing.

    • I found some of your articles today by googling for them. Good stuff. I’m pretty much a MSU guy that loves the SEC. I’m smart enough to understand what it will take for our program to take the next step and be regularly competitive and once in a while when others are on a down cycle be able to compete for the west. It’s been a long time coming since sherrill had us there and I feel that Mullen has us at a better chance to get there than ever before. Looking for 9 wins this year minimum and hoping they overachieve and maybe get 10. It will all hinge on keeping Dak Prescott healthy. But, more exciting is how good the defense has a chance to be. We finally have a little depth on the line defensively and with all that’s coming back from what ended up being the fourth best defense in the league scoring wise they should mature into a heck of a defense.

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