Several notable SEC players went undrafted


The 2014 NFL Draft was absolutely loaded; so loaded that several notable players didn’t get drafted.

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We’ll recap all the SEC’s draft picks soon, but let’s talk about notable players who saw round seven come to an end without hearing their names called:

  • Connor Shaw, QB, South Carolina
  • LaDarius Perkins, RB, Missisippi State
  • Henry Josey, RB, Missouri (early entrant)
  • Rajion Neal, RB, Tennessee
  • Ben Malena, RB, Texas A&M
  • L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri
  • Marcus Lucas, WR, Missouri
  • Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee (early entrant)
  • Anthony Steen, OG, Alabama
  • Anthony Johnson, DT, LSU (early entrant)
  • Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina (early entrant)
  • Garrison Smith, DL, Georgia
  • Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama (early entrant)
  • Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida (early entrant)
  • Loucheiz Purifoy, CB, Florida (early entrant)
  • Vic Hampton, CB, South Carolina (early entrant)
  • Deon Belue, CB, Alabama
  • Chris Davis, CB, Auburn
  • Charles Sawyer, CB, Ole Miss
  • Craig Loston, S, LSU
  • Kenny Ladler, S, Vanderbilt
  • Nickoe Whitley, S, Mississippi State

The secondary undrafted list is absolutely loaded. Perhaps the biggest surprises were Florida’s cornerback combo Marcus Roberson and Loucheiz Purifoy, who were projected as top-round picks after the 2013 season. It was also surprising that LSU’s Anthony Johnson, South Carolina’s Kelcy Quarles and Tennessee’s Antonio Richardson went undrafted. All five left school early.

Several of these players have already or will sign free agent deals in the near future, and many will make NFL teams, but seven came out early and still didn’t hear their names’ called. Yes, it happens every year, but it’s happening more and more every year; not just in the SEC but all around college football.



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  • I’m a Georgia fan and I can say that I think it is truly pathetic that Connor Shaw and Henry Josey didn’t get picked up! Connor Shaw is the best player South Carolina has had grace the field! I mean Tom Savage got picked before Murray, McCarron, and Mettenbrrger for gods sake. Some of the draft picks this year puzzled me. Well I hope that some of these players get picked up as free agents and prove Kiper and the rest of them wrong who passed them up.

    • does being undrafted give the player freedom to court a contract where their talent is unique? At a price where they might be kept long enough to have their talent become fully known?

    • Ugadawg85, first, very decent of you to praise two non-dawgs, Connor Shaw & Henry Josey. For us Mizzou fans, Josey is a point of tremendous pride for not only his on field heart & talent…but also for being a such a great young man! Secondly, I saw something special in Connor Shaw at the S. Caro. vs. Mizzou game last fall. the Tigers were in complete control of that game, when Shaw…who was very ill with flu-like symptoms AND had a gimpy knee, came in and took control of everything. Which resulted in a (sad for us Zou fans) fantastic comeback win for Shaw & the Gamecocks! I was extremely impressed and thought right then Shaw would be heavily sought after by any number of teams in search of a leader & quality QB. I am SHOCKED he was not drafted! I hope both he & Josey land somewhere in the NFL soon & make the team for this season. Two high quality players…and men.

      • I am with you on every single point. That was the greatest performance by a football player I have ever seen. Shaw came in an was taking tremendous shots too! I will always be a Conner Shaw fan.

  • One of the tests pro teams give world-wide is a psychological profile. Henry Josey and La Damian Washington are two football players who would a+ that exam. Conner Shaw, Ben Malena, and Marcus Lucas have to be talented enough. We need more pro football teams.

  • This is also probably another sign that the NFL should also start looking to create a few new expansion teams. I think that people would welcome it in Los Angeles and San Antonio for sure.

  • I’m surprised by a few names on this list. I wish them the best and hope they get an opportunity to earn a spot on a team and pursue their dreams of playing in the NFL.

  • Disappointing! This list alone composes of what could be a great NFL team. Connor Shaw could make a very good NFL QB. The guy doesn’t give up, and wills himself and his team to win.

  • There are great names all through this list. I think Loston has a ton of interest from multiple teams. Conner Shaw, and Josey were great and I’m sure most of these guys will be signed by tomorrow. As a Gator surprised about Roberson and really Purifoy too even though his last game he got torched he’s a dangerous return man.

  • I agree Ugadawg85. Many of this years picks were puzzling. It left me wondering if it’s just because of so many teams having cap problems. The Saints only have 4 million left to sign all of their draftees. It seemed like they were just drafting practice team guys after the second pick.

  • Well my final thought on the draft . Not a single Texas longhorn was drafted! Feel sorry for their players but not their organization.

    • yup, same feeling, I love Texans, but can’t forgive the Lowborns for ruin-ing another great conference. At the end of the season I had hopes that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State’s respectable bowl results would turn the big 12-4+2 around, but after this draft, I wonder how long it will take the ship to sink. What a waste of great programs and coaches, be careful how you vote in conference meetings. Gary Pinkel said “We talk and we talk and we talk and nothing ever gets fixed”.

  • Many of these players will have long and noteworthy NFL careers, Shaw and Josey are 2 of them

  • No worries for most of those people that didn’t get drafted!! I think about Foster the RB from the Vols that went undrafted.

  • Connor Shaw pretty much assumed that he wouldn’t be drafted. He’s a rather humble guy, especially given his talent level. He is actually planning to serve his country in the military if pro ball doesn’t work out and very content and honored to do so. That tells you plenty about his heart and character. Nevertheless, I hope he surprises the Browns enough to become the starter (over Johnny Football, which seems impossible but isn’t – I hope Johnny does well also). Thank you Connor for Gamecock football that I’ve never seen in 50 years of watching!

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