Oklahoma assistant coach takes a shot at Nick Saban on Twitter

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas

Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy felt the need to take a shot at Nick Saban over the NCAA’s tabled 10-second proposal via Twitter.

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Oklahoma has been known for its no-huddle offensive attack for well over the last 10 years, and Gundy tweeted the following last night, which has since been deleted. Here is the screen shot.


Within the hour, Gundy deleted the tweet and apologized. But that tweet has also been deleted. Here is the screen shot.

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 9.18.02 AM

Obviously, Oklahoma is coming off the 45-31 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama, and they’re feeling pretty good about the direction of the program and are taking full advantage of current bragging rights.

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  • Seems a little childish to me to make the kind of comments that some of these coaches are making on this deal. I guess it goes with the territory when you dominate a sport and then lose a game or two. People want to take the chance to kick you while you are down. If you call losing a couple of games being down. And, I say that not being a Bama or Saban fan.

  • More Big 12 teams “came up short” in 2013 bowl games than SEC again this year and every year going back as far as practical history requires looking. Still, Congratulations to Oklahoma for finishing their season on an up note. Contenders, K-State, Oklahoma State, Baylor also did better than the media thought they might, even if you count their non-conference losses and bowl losses. But the Gundy comment would look silly even if the Big 12 hadn’t had it’s stumbles this year.

    • Wolfman. I congratulate you on your choice of obvious restraint. As oppose to most that post comments on these articles use for the most part an unparalleled bias , bigotry , homophobia and anything in Pandora box of nasty’s.To demean and belittle anyone who is not on “their side’. I went back and read some of your older post and you seem to have shown this same decorum. So kudos for not being a total jerk as is all to common . There doesn’t seem to be much perspective and objectivity when it comes to “my team”. and screw your team just because it’s not my team. Momma always said , if you ain’t got nothing nice to say about someone , then keep your damned mouth shut. Go team!

      • Mark your comment is kind and thoughtful, thank you. There’s always a way to improve one’s thinking and writing. After 25 years of coaching college and high school, athletic director at the college level as well, believe me I’ve written and said my share of things I’d like to go back and improve. I hope I can always remember the value of participation and observation. If we high five the winners and boo the losers of every game then we are sure to miss 50% of the pure joy of athletic competition. Kipling called victory and defeat “impostors”, and that’s just what they are. “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run”, “You’ll be a man my son”. That’s what every high school and college athlete should aspire to do, and as observers, that’s what athletic competition should inspire us to do as well, no matter what our age or mission in life. Your mama was a wise woman.

  • His brain isn’t working real fast as this is old news.

  • Ou has to talk to get in the news. They will never play for a national Championship!

  • this guy couldn’t hold saban’s jock strap. bama could have cared less about that game. it wasn’t for the national title so who cared. it was a free trip to new Orleans.

  • LOL… You guys need to go get a ROOM…

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