Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Michael Sam’ documentary postponed


Representatives for Michael Sam and the Oprah Winfrey Network have decided to postpone a documentary that was announced earlier this week.

The network had planned to follow Sam–the NFL’s first openly gay player–during his daily life as he tried to make an NFL roster, this coming one week after he was taken in the 7th round of the NFL Draft last week by the St. Louis Rams. They would have as many as eight shows on the subject. Cameron Weiss, Sam’s agent, put out a statement about the decision.

“After today’s meeting with the Rams, we felt it is best to postpone the project,” Weiss said in a statement. “This will allow for Michael to have total focus on football, and will ensure no distractions to his teammates. Everybody involved remains committed to this project and understands its historical importance as well as its positive message.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN.com that the league had no knowledge this plan was in place before the draft, and there was no agreement to use protected league footage to help in the documentary.

Sam starred for Missouri this past season. He was a unanimous all-american and was co-defensive player of the year in the SEC. A two-star prospect coming out of high school, he finished his career at Missouri with 123 tackles, 36 tackles for loss, 21 sacks, six forced fumbles and 2 INTs. He graduated from Mizzou in December.



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  • I have a lot of respect for Sam, but if he means what he says, he will never do such a program. A clear defined % of football fans are disgusted that sex, any reference to sex, has to be injected into athletic competition. Another % are rightfully indignant that Sam is getting more press than higher football draft picks. Another % have teams they want to watch with bigger stories than the Rams. Another % are fans of players already starting for the Rams, or players more likely to see more snaps than Sam in 2014/5. It’s not a big story every time a non-majority person does something. We are all non-majority people at numerous things we do.

    • If I never hear Sams name again I will be happy. The liberals and Micheal Sam want this to be about him being gay. He is not a heroic at all for coming out and for anyone to say he is is just ignorant. I’m not saying that your saying that Wolffman. But a hero is someone that fights for their country or does something that like that. He isn’t a hero for coming out and then being praised for it. He is the first player to ever be drafted so low to get a advertising gig. It was because he of his football skills, it was because he is gay! The liberals are pushing all this down everyone throats and anyone that disagrees with them are call racist and bigots. When they are actually the racist and bigots.

      • Word of advice. No one is taking anything you say serious considering you have a colonel rebel as a mascot. Surely you realize that anyone who reads your comment and sees that mascot is immediately going to label you racist. Best thing for you to have done in this situation would have been to keep it to yourself. Just a thought.

        • Riffe, how does feel to be a complete retard and someone that has now clue about what your talking about? Believe me, I have earned my right to say whatever damn well I want and believe what I want. I am sure you are scared of your own shadow. You have liberal written all over you. I beat you worship Obama, and think Christians are evil right?

      • Army, you make a good point. At the same time if you frame it as liberal vs. conservative you lose your best fundamental statement (all the real heroes in our society, and there are many, bigger than campaigning for the private to become public.) I hate it that the media tried to paint Sam’s college program as keeping it a secret. That bologna, are you kidding me, he lived with another gay man and nobody knew that? The truth is: It was not worth talking about inside the Missouri program, There was a national championship effort going on. No distractions were welcome among those college men. That is the real football story here, not the particular direction this distraction would have gone in. Sam was doing his part to win a National Championship and more. Everyone else on the team wanted to focus on doing their part. Sam’s after the season “admission”, campaign”, whatever. Can never be part of a championship, no matter how well intended. Let’s just imagine that Michael
        Vick’s team decided they would make their football team a group of spokesmen against cruelty to animals. It might be good for animals but it going to be bad for a championship football season.

        • Army, where did I say that I didn’t feel you had the right to say what you said? Nowhere. I was only interjecting an opinion. I’m not scared of my shadow, I don’t worship obama, I am a Christian who is a registered Republican.
          By the way, if you were to have a child in the future who is mentally challenged what word would you use to describe your child’s disability? Better yet, how would you react to someone calling that child a retard? So before you get all high and mighty about your freedom of speech just know that you aren’t the only one with that right.

        • Rifle, you said I should take notice of what I say because I am an Ole Miss fan because their mascot use to be Col. Reb. I loved Col. Reb, and it has nothing to with slavery. If you knew anything about history or tradition you would know that. Everything I pointed out was correct. I don’t believe in being PC, because that is what is wrong with this country to begin with. As for as using the word retard, if you act like one, then expect to be called one. It has nothing to do with kids being born with a disability. Everyone now days gets so upset when someone says something that hurts their feelings except when it has to do Christians or whites. Sam and media are pushing this gay stuff down everyone throats and if anyone disagrees with them, they call you a racist or bigot. Just like you Rriffe saying that I was racist because I am a Ole Miss fan. Don’t try and deny it, because we all know that was what you were implying.

        • Again you are wrong. I can deny it because I did not in any way insinuate you were actually racist. I only pointed out that a person who has a colonel rebel as a mascot complaining about being called a racist doesn’t fly very well considering. You can’t deny that the colonel rebel has racist stigma tied to it. If you don’t think it does then you are not dealing in reality. If it has no racist stigma ties to it then why did your university replace it. Just to be politically correct or to be on the right side of the racism issue for a change. If the shoe fits wear it.

        • Just so you know army, what I said at the start is still there in black and white so you saying I called you racist makes you look like the moron that you seem to be. My point about the retard comment is that there are people out there who get offended by that word as much as other politically correct issues of the day and you seem to have them all down pat.

  • Well wolf man I thought you would be the only commenter and thought every one else was trying to comment with a ten foot stick . Thank you msu fan for bein so politically correct

  • Yeah but what army guy had to say is what every state fan says and believes . Wake and grow a pair don’t post civil liberty crap against ole miss when we know y’all make fun of us for letting our mascot our song and the flags go. You can’t have both. State fans are hippocrit low life under achieving fans of the sec

    • Sorry, but you are wrong. First, I don’t give ole miss people crap about the fact that they let their mascot go. It was what was best to do. Second, what I posted wasn’t civil liberty crap. I agree with some of what he had to say but not everything he had to say. Being a white upper middle aged registered republican from the South makes me well aware of how offensive it is to be called a racist just because of that fact.

    • Talk about HYPOCRITE! To call us under achieving fans with such spelling is pretty lame. However, your handle indicates you attended ole miss and graduated in 1985 so that answers the spelling issue.

  • Way to try and slide race into the equation his race isn bein judged or questioned it his sexuality

    • How is it that you think that i slid race into this thread? I believe that the original statement by army interjected something about being labeled a racist. I never said that I disagreed with everything he said. Some i agree with some I don’t. However as a southerner its hard enough to be proud to be from the South and Mississippi in particular considering how we are looked upon due to our past. Someone with a colonel rebel mascot griping about being called a racist doesn’t doesn’t make it any easier. I believe in his right to say so and yada, yada, yada however I was just pointing out how his comments might have been better to keep to himself. Everyone needs to get their feelings off their shoulders.
      By the way, I am white, upper middle aged registered Republican born in Tuscaloosa and raised in NE Mississippi.

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