Former WVU QB Pat White said he was offered Corvette to sign with Alabama, Saban responds

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Pat White has inserted himself into sports talk.

When referring to current Alabama running back Derrick Henry’s Instagram photo of his new ride, the former WVU QB said Alabama offered him a Corvette to sign with the Tide on Facebook.

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“Stop pretending like you didn’t know the crimson tide has been doing this for years. Still glad I turned down a Corvette to become a mountaineer,” White’s Facebook post said.

The three-star White excelled as a QB at West Virginia from 2005-2008.

Amid the claims, former Alabama running backs coach Sparky Woods, who coached under then-head coach Mike Shula, said the Tide had little interest in the player.

“I didn’t recruit Pat, but I remember he wanted to be a quarterback,” Woods told Rivals. “I remember a discussion that we weren’t going to recruit him as a quarterback. That was kind of a closed book on him pretty early because he wanted to be a quarterback.

“I don’t think he ever took an official visit that I remember,” Woods said. “I never met him. I saw him play and he was a good athlete, but I don’t think he ever took a trip to Tuscaloosa or ever was in camp that I recall.”

Ironically enough, Alabama opens the 2014 season against, you guessed it, West Virginia.

Updated: A reporter asked Nick Saban about White’s claim, and Saban, while during a Nashville stop of the Crimson Caravan today, responded, “I didn’t even know it happened. So I can’t comment on it. … Is that the best thing we can talk about? … kiss my ass.”

You can also watch the video on YouTube.



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  • I’m a SUCKER for Corvettes. No way he passed on Alabama to stay at West Virginia. No way. Vette or no vette

  • Right VolsJake, if I had a ride to bama and a corvette over West Virginia and the ‘high road’, I would take the corvette, I think most people would!

  • Give me a break, guys. You really find it hard to believe that any SEC team pays players, especially after the whole bag man story? One of my best friends was an engineering major with perfect grades at Alabama, and he lived in Bryant Hall with the football team and would do their work for them often. He told me about how Saban had just gotten Julio Jones a new vehicle. It’s not like anyone can prove it to the NCAA, so it’ll keep happening until someone gets caught.

  • White is probably full of it, but who really knows. Now the idiot that instagramed a new ride is just asking for trouble. I know he’s proud of it, but dud really?

    • Why shouldn’t he? It’s his car, he can post pictures of it if he wants. Either way, your fellow Barner fans would fine something to complain about. What was your solution to the other Barners complaining about Trent Richardson’s suits? That he should just show up on the Walk of Champions naked, or wrapped in newspaper?

  • I don’t necessarily believe that this stuff doesn’t go on as far as illegal benefits for players to sign. I am however, highly skeptical that a 3 star recruit would be offered a corvette. I mean what a waste, if he was a 4 or 5 star stud his story would carry a little more weight but I don’t believe this particular scenario.
    Do other players receive benefits at every major D1 school, probably yes, but a new sports car to every 3 star kid that won’t start until he is a junior, please.

    • It’s especially laughable considering he claims they were sooooo interested in him… yet he only got visits to Kentucky, LSU, Vandy, and WVU. Not even so much as a visit to T-Town is mentioned.


  • Hard to believe this guy was offered a scholarship at the University of Alabama, but IMPOSSIBLE to believe that he turned it down – – – Corvette or not.

  • Oh yes, because any SEC school would want to face the possible consequences FOR A THREE STAR.

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