9 SEC teams ranked in Phil Steele’s preseason top 40

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Texas A&M

Who needs a preseason top 25 when you can rank the top 40?

College football analyst Phil Steele’s magazine hit the shelves recently, and it’s essentially the encyclopedia of your football needs. I encourage you to pick one up.

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Anyway, Steele ranked the preseason top 40 teams, and nine SEC teams were included. Four SEC teams were also included in the top 10, with Alabama pacing the conference at No. 2 in the country. Do you think Steele has faith in Jacob Coker? Georgia, Auburn and South Carolina are all top 10 teams, according to Steele.

Steele also says Mizzou is the country’s 41st best team and one that just ‘missed the cut’.

Look at Florida squeaking in at No. 24! Here’s a look at Steele’s preseason top 40:

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma
6. Oregon
7. Georgia
8. Baylor
9. Auburn
10. South Carolina
11. Michigan State
12. USC
13. Wisconsin
14. TCU
15. LSU
16. Ole Miss
17. Notre Dame
18. UNC
19. Marshall
20. Stanford
21. UCF
22. Boise State
23. Clemson
24. Florida
25. Texas
26. Louisville
27. Northwestern
28. Washington
29. Virginia Tech
30. Michigan
31. Houston
32. Iowa
33. Nebraska
34. Mississippi State
35. Maryland
36. Oregon State
37. Miami
38. BYU
39. Texas A&M
40. Cincinnati

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  • I don’t have a lot of problems with this poll, but I do think Georgia is more of a 13-18 team and Auburn should be ranked higher. I would also switch Miss St and Florida. I’m not sold on teams like UCLA, TCU, and Marshall.

    • the problem with auburn is they have to play LSU and LSU having so many good athletes on defense is a bad match up for teams like auburn who rely on running with their quarterback so much.

      • I wouldn’t say Auburn relies on running the quarterback. Yes Marshall had 1068 rush yards but keep in mind our RB’s and WR’s had 3500+ rush yards as well. Just because we can run with our quarterback doesn’t mean we have to.

      • Mike: We all know that LSU has plenty of talent laying around, but LSU is having to replace their QB, and probably the two best WR’s they have had in a long time on offense. Plus having to replace a lot of production on defense. I don’t think anyone knows how good or bad LSU is going to be this season. I know your not going to like to hear this, but in some polls Ole Miss is ranked higher than LSU. Auburn is going to really tough for any defense to stop, weather it be LSU, Ole Miss or Alabama. Ole Miss’ DL is ranked 2nd behind Bama coming into this season and had the best secondary in the SEC. But even I still don’t like the match up against Auburn’s offense.

    • I’m a Auburn fan and I would keep FL at 24th and move Miss ST up to 18th.OK is way overrated but UCLA is a very good football team.They will beat OR and Stanford.

  • Wow,Miss State ranked that low,lol.Well we gonna show them!

  • I’d swap South Carolina & Georgia. I’d swap UF & State, & I’d probably move us back a little closer to #25(ish) range.

  • Marshall? Man Christmas came early. Thanks so much. I’m so happy he thinks we are a top 50 team. It’s never to early to early to help Mizzou with flagrant disrespect. Now if someone would just tell use we will finish last.

    This isn’t about crying. I have no blinders on. It will be tough to repeat in a hard division in the best Conference in College football. But to say we are not better than Marshall is a joke. Every team in the SEC is better than Marshall. Thank you , Thank you !,,,

  • The SEC teams look right however once again I think Ohio State and Oregon are overrated.

  • I have a lot of respect for Phil Steele but he’s been wrong before. I think Missouri will win the East again. I honestly believe we have one of the best D’s in the league. Our D line might be better than last year. And we whooped the dog$#*@ out of most O lines last year. We did however get out schemed in the Auburn game. Hats off to Gus.

    • Missouri loses at least 5 games this year. Book it.

      • People still don’t respect this MU team. We figured out in this league if you ain’t got the hogs and dogs in the middle and upfront you aint gonna win. This D line is for real! And the O line has some experience. Markus Golden could possibly be player of the year in the SEC.

        • I don’t think its a lack of respect I think its valid concern over certain situations MU has to deal with this year. For example bringing back only 4 starters on offense and 4 starters on defense is a major concern. You only bring back 34% of your offensive yards which places you 113th in the nation. You only bring back 53% of your tackles which places you 102nd in the nation. These are major concerns. A few SEC schools can overcome obstacles like this because of their recruiting success. Its not such a big deal if you have a roster of blue chip guys ready to plug into the vacancies but MU does not have that luxury. You’ve been consistently recruiting in the bottom 25% of the SEC for the past few years. However, MU does have a very very winnable schedule.

    • Auburn ran the ball strait up the middle against y’all.Our offensive line was better then your defensive line and AU’s O-Line will be better this year than last year.

      • Come on now, I know they teach math in Alabama. Your figures and rankings are only accurate if we don’t replace the players we lost, surely you realize we do have other players that will fill those holes. I think winning the division again this year is probably a stretch, but not to be ranked in anybodies top 40 is just ridiculous. We will most likely suffer three loses this year, maybe four if things go terribly wrong.

  • phil steele slips in texas at number 25,… who’s shocked?… not me, that’s for sure.

  • Armyguy007 got it exactly right, i think (and i’m a Georgia fan), especially about Auburn (that school who takes players and coaches regardless of what they’ve done). I could easily see a rematch National Championship.

  • Is this the same Steele who gabbed about Texas being a top 10 team last year? In fact, looking back over the past 5 years I’m wondering why anyone thinks this clown is reputable, or still employed as some kind of college analyst?

  • Georgia is too high and Miss St and Texas AM are too low.

    • Just realized Missouri wasn’t even in the top-40. I think they should be about where A&M is at.

    • Sorry, I just don’t see where MisStake is under-ranked here … I just don’t see it … Prescott is over-rated … Just wait and see, his stats this year will prove me right. He was extraordinarily lucky last year. Unless you are telling me that Mullen’s is an idiot? Because if Dak were so great why wasn’t he the starter for TSBU last year? Face it #Russelling was not a good QB when it comes to heart for the game. Dak just benefited from opposing teams having bad days … it happens.

  • Auburn pretty much lost 2 that mattered on offense and 1 on defense that were all pretty special, but I think they’ve all been replaced with equal or better talent, except for maybe Robinson at OT. Only reason I see them being at 9 is because of their schedule being so tough, which is the opposite reason Bama is high.

    • Our schedule is the only reason Auburn is not in the Top 3.If we stay healthy,we can make it to the playoff with 1 loss but I hope we prove everybody wrong and run the table this year

  • Miss State will finish with a better record than Florida. Muschamp better have his Uhaul money ready.

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