Seven from SEC on post-spring Heisman watch list


Quarterbacks highlighted the SEC’s post-spring Heisman hopefuls last year, and the picture looks much different this year.

The SEC landed seven players on Heisman Pundit’s annual post-spring watch list, and six of the seven are running backs, with Auburn’s Nick Marshall as the only non-running back listed.

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The seven represent five different teams: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina. Many would agree on the consensus of Mike Davis, Todd Gurley, Nick Marshall and TJ Yeldon being on the watch list. However, Arkansas’ Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams and Alabama’s Derrick Henry are three wild cards.

Teams usually have to be in the championship picture in order for players to hoist the award. That will be the equally talented Alex Collins’ and Jonathan Williams’ biggest challenge. The hype surrounding Derrick Henry is busting at the seams, and we’ve only really seen Henry for one game against Oklahoma. But, man, was he a tank.

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Here are the seven Heisman watch-listers from the SEC:

  • Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas (SO)
  • Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina (JR)
  • Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia (JR)
  • Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama (SO)
  • Nick Marshall, QB, Auburn (SR)
  • Jonathan Williams, RB, Arkansas (JR)
  • TJ Yeldon, RB, Alabama (JR)

Here’s the full list of Heisman hopefuls.

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  • I don’t think Maty Mauk is getting enough love in these pre-season watch lists, I think he will be able to get his completion % up and challenge SC and Georgia really well this season. He has a cannon for an arm and I like his field vision. I’m so glad we get Mizzou at home this year and hopefully don’t have to play them in the future.

    • I, too, agree. Both Mauk and Dak Prescott will be two that will enter as more ‘darkhorse’ Heisman contenders, certainly on mine. I would also consider Amari Cooper a darkhorse contender, but we’ve come to realize receivers just don’t win the award.

    • This is the new Henson offense. And Henson is still figuring out how to jerk secondaries around. Youst was great at this when all he had to do was watch film and plan. Hill was so-so at this. Now it’s Washington, with Henson setting the rules. Last year Missouri dropped way too many balls receiving in spaces that were too tight. It is a real credit to Franklin that they were so seldom intercepted. This fact is one of the non-statistical realities that media doesn’t often see. If Henson and Washington design a good playbook of routes and techniques, Mauk will set records. Mauk has all the tools. More importantly he is maybe the quickest in the NCAA when he decides to go north and south. I like Prescott too. Auburn does not have a Heisman player, sorry, I like Auburn and Malzhan as a team just as much as last year.

    • Kinda like Thompson who goes into Death Valley as a sophmore in 2012’s season final rivalry game and came out with the big W ! A pro style QB with a cannon as well but his experience came in nationally televised games! But Carolina has no offensive woes. Thier secondary will need these top 10 nationally ranked JUCO’s, to make the impact! Standard practice for the OBC.

  • WHY IS IT THAT EVERY YEAR RUNNING BACKS ARE MARKED AS ‘HEISMAN FRONT RUNNERS’ WHEN THE LAST 13 YEARS ONLY 1 RUNNING BACK OR PLAYER OTHER THAN QUARTERBACK’S HAVE WON THE AWARD..13 OUT OF 14 HAVE BEEN QB’S…best player in the nation award and non-athletic QB’s win it about every year…just rename it to the ”3rd award” cause there is already 2 awards for quaterbacks. HEISMAN TROPHY IS OVER RATED AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN. THANK THE MEDIA AND BIAS L.A. BASED ESPN

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