Ranking the SEC’s BCS Championship winners: 2008 Florida Gators


SEC’s BCS Championship Teams:

#1 SEC BCS Championship team

2008 Florida Gators (13-1)

Head coach: Urban Meyer
Offensive coordinator: Dan Mullen
Defensive coordinator: Charlie Strong
Average margin of victory: 33.1 PPG
FBS’ opponents record: 100-58 (.633)
Wins vs. Top 25 teams in final AP Poll (4): #5 Oklahoma, #6 Alabama, #13 Georgia, #21 Florida State
Key stats: 43.6 PPG offense (#4 CFB), 12.9 PPG defense (#4 CFB)
1st and 2nd round draft picks: Percy Harvin (1st), Tim Tebow (1st), Joe Haden (1st), Maurkice Pouncey (1st), Mike Pouncey (1st), Carlos Dunlap (2nd), Jermaine Cunningham (2nd), Brandon Spikes (2nd), Marcus Gilbert (2nd)

Team buzz: How can the one-loss 2008 Florida Gators be the best team in SEC BCS Championship history? Yes, they lost to Ole Miss, but they throttled opponents and won by an average margin of 33.1 points per game, the highest of any SEC BCS Champion.

Florida had arguably the best payer in the BCS era in Tim Tebow leading the offense, along with one of the most electric players in college football history in Percy Harvin. Let’s not forget about ‘The Promise’ Tebow delivered after the Ole Miss loss that helped take his iconic image to even bigger heights. The defense was nasty, led by Brandon Spikes, Joe Haden, Janoris Jenkins, Major Wright and Carlos Dunlap, among others.

If the players weren’t enough, try the coaching staff. Urban Meyer’s two coordinators, Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong, are both BCS coaches. His offensive line coach Steve Addazio is also a BCS coach. The coaching staff was also loaded.

The win over unbeaten and No. 1 ranked Alabama in the SEC Championship Game helped propel the Gators in the BCS Championship. What the Gators’ defense did to Oklahoma’s record-setting offense in the championship game was a thing of beauty. The Gators held the Sooners to just 14 points after averaging over 51 per game during the regular season.

Team Schedule

Aug. 30: Florida 56, Hawaii 10 (Gainesville)
Sept. 6: Florida 26, Miami 3 (Gainesville)
Sept. 20: Florida 30, Tennessee 6 (Knoxville)
Sept. 27: Ole Miss 31, Florida 30 (Gainesville)
Oct. 4: Florida 38, Arkansas 7 (Fayetteville)
Oct. 11: Florida 51, #4 LSU 21 (Gainesville)
Oct. 25: Florida 63, Kentucky 5 (Gainesville)
Nov. 1: Florida 49, #8 Georgia 10 (Jacksonville)
Nov. 8: Florida 42, Vanderbilt 14 (Nashville)
Nov. 15: Florida 56, #24 South Carolina 6 (Gainesville)
Nov. 22: Florida 70, Citadel 19 (Gainesville)
Nov. 29: Florida 45, #23 Florida State 15 (Tallahassee)
Dec. 6: Florida 31, #1 Alabama 20 (SEC CG, Atlanta)
Jan. 8: Florida 24, #2 Oklahoma 14 (BCS CG, Miami Gardens)

Offensive starters

  • QB Tim Tebow
  • RB Jeff Demps
  • WR Percy Harvin
  • WR Louis Murphy
  • TE Aaron Hernandez
  • LT Phil Trautwein
  • LG Carl Johnson
  • C Maurkice Pouncey
  • RG Mike Pouncey
  • RT Jason Watkins

Defensive starters

  • DE Jermaine Cunningham
  • DT Terron Sanders
  • DT Lawrence Marsh
  • DE Carlos Dunlap
  • OLB Dustin Doe
  • MLB Brandon Spikes
  • OLB AJ Jones
  • CB Joe Haden
  • CB Janoris Jenkins
  • FS Major Wright
  • SS Ahmad Black



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  • Horse manure! That 2008 Gator team returned 22 starters in ’09 and Bama served them their asses on a platter in the SECCG. Bama went on to stomp the Longhorns in the BCSNCG. The ’09, ’11 and ’12 Bama teams were all better than that ’08 Gator team, hands down…

    • Hands down! Y’all Bammers kill me. 22 starters? I know for one thing Percy Harvin wasn’t on the team, right? So, I’ll take your opinion with a grain of salt. Everything is all about Alabama…there are other teams in the league you know…like Auburn, who jabbed a dagger in your heart this year. Hands down…get outta here.

      • Percy Harvin was on the 09 florida team. He missed the sec championship game. I think the 08 gators are the number team and i would put the 11 bama team a close second simply because of how nasty the defense was.

        • Actually, Percy Harvin missed the ’08 SEC Championship Game and was drafted in the ’09 draft. He wasn’t on the 09 team.

    • Too bad that ’08 bama team wasn’t better than them…..

    • Starters from 2008 that were not on the 2009 Florida Gators: RB Kestahn Moore (he started over Jeff Demps in 2008), WR Percy Harvin, WR Louis Murphy, LT Phil Trautwein, RT Jason Watkins, DT Terron Sanders, and OLB Dustin Doe. Also, Carl Johnson didn’t start the entire year, Jim Tartt also started at LG during 2008, but wasn’t on the 2009 team, same with Javier Estopinan at DT. Other contributors on the 2008 team that were not on the 2009 team: DT Torrey Davis and CB Jaques Rickerson.

      Obviously, the biggest loss was Harvin, followed by Murphy. Carl Moore, David Nelson, and Riley Cooper were hardly replacements for those two.

  • “Yes, they lost to Ole Miss’. I don’t know if you remember that Ole Miss team, but at the end of the year they were one of the scariest teams in the nation. They completely obliterated the #7 team in the nation in their bowl game, and they consisted mostly of current NFL players.

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