Ranking the SEC’s top 10 wide receivers for 2013


Player Rankings:

The SEC was not only loaded with quarterbacks and running backs in 2013, but several incredible receivers put on shows as well. But there were two who stood above the rest, high above the rest, and seven of the top 10 won’t be returning in 2014.

You know what’s crazy? Amari Cooper, who was the SEC’s preseason top wide receiver, didn’t even make the list. Now that we’ve ripped off the band-aid, let’s get it on…

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Two kings

1. Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt (SR)
2. Mike Evans, Texas A&M (SO)

Jordan Matthews didn’t enter the season as the SEC’s top receiver, but he made believers out of everyone with his explosive and consistent play. He exits as the SEC’s career receiving record holder, and he caught 112 passes for 1,477 yards and seven TDs. When Vanderbilt needed a big play or catch, he delivered. Matthews is a great route runner and is smooth getting in and out of his breaks. He should have a great NFL career…The former power forward turned All-American receiver had a huge season for the Aggies. Mike Evans caught 69 passes for 1,394 yards and 12 TDs, including averaging a crazy 20.2 yards per reception – only Auburn’s Sammie Coates averaged more. Let’s remember, Evans was the only receiver in the country to have 275 receiving yards in two different games against Alabama and Auburn. Evans’ 6-5 frame fits well in the NFL, and he should have a huge career.

Dynamic duo

3. Jarvis Landry, LSU (JR)
4. Odell Beckham, LSU (JR)

Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham put up huge numbers for LSU’s offense this season. And while I think Landry is the better receiver, Beckham may be the better overall player. Does that make sense? Landry caught 77 passes for 1,193 yards and 10 TDs, while Beckham caught 59 passes for 1,152 yards and eight TDs, averaging 19.5 yards per catch. Beckham may have more upside in the NFL, depending on how teams use him as a runner and special teams player. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt they’re No. 3 and 4 on the ranking.

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Future NFL receivers

5. Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri (SO)
6. Sammie Coates, Auburn (SO)
7. Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss (JR)
8. L’Damian Washington, Missouri (SR)

The four next-level receivers are all big-time pass catchers. By the end of the season, Dorial Green-Beckham was making his case as the SEC’s best receiver. He broke out this season and caught 59 passes for 883 yards and 12 TDs. He’s a big-time player who’s just getting started…Sammie Coates had an explosive season for Auburn, and he was a big-play threat for the Tigers. Coates only caught 42 passes, but he averaged over 21 yards per reception, and he recorded 902 yards and seven TDs. Those are crazy numbers, and it proves he could do some serious damage almost doubling his receptions…Donte Moncrief had another very consistent year for the Rebels, catching 59 passes for 938 yards and six TDs. Yes, all the talk surrounded Laquon Treadwell, but Moncrief is the biggest reason Treadwell caught a team-high 72 passes. Moncrief will take his game to the NFL…L’Damian Washington looks like an SEC power forward with his 6-4, 210-pound frame. It took DGB a while to break out, but Washington was arguably the more consistent player throughout the season. He caught 50 passes for 893 yards and 10 TDs, while DGB averaged fewer yards per reception. What a receiving corps!

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Very good No. 1s

9. Jameon Lewis, Mississippi State (JR)
10. Bruce Ellington, South Carolina (JR)

Jameon Lewis was an emerging star this season, and he replaced Chad Bumphis nicely this year. Lewis led the Bulldogs with 64 receptions for 923 yards and five TDs, and his Liberty Bowl record-setting performance of 220 receiving yards was outstanding. Lewis caught a TD, rushed for a TD and threw for a TD in two different games this season. That’s some versatility! He’s primed for a huge year in 2014…Bruuuuuuuuuce Ellington had another big year as the Gamecocks’ leading receiver. He led the offense with 49 receptions for 775 yards and eight TDs, and his basketball career is likely over, as he will head to the NFL early. Ellington rarely drops any passes, and he’s a crisp and quick route runner.

Too good to leave off

Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss (FR)

Looking at the 10 above, Laquon Treadwell should be in there somewhere, shouldn’t he? Should he be considered in No. 5-8? He caught 72 passes for 608 yards and five touchdowns. Yes, the receptions were there and you can’t discount those, but he had fewer receiving yards than every single player on the list. Talent-wise, Treadwell has more upside than anyone on this ranking. But then again, so does Amari Cooper, who caught fewer passes for more yards than Treadwell and was hurt for most of the season. I was torn on leaving Treadwell off, because he’s a big-time prospect, but all 10 above had phenomenal seasons with respect to 2013. He was too good not to talk about.

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  • I actually pretty much agree with this list. You are right about Treadwell in the fact you could pretty much put him anywhere on this list. I would hold my breath with DGB though, seems like he is getting into a lot trouble lately and we may not see him on the field any more if keeps on screwing up off the field. I read where he was arrested with a pound of weed. Someone with that much is up to no good. You would think a kid with a future as bright as his wouldn’t be so stupid. This is his second arrest in less that a year.

    • The general consensus in Missouri (which is admittedly biased) is that DGB will walk away with little to no penalty. Word is he was just getting a ride somewhere with a friend of a friend. The driver got pulled over and had a pound of weed in the trunk, which DGB didn’t even know about. Of course this is probably skewed by what we Mizzou fans WANT to hear, but if it’s true, it’ll be hard for prosecutors to pin the drugs on him.

  • Glad to see Sammie Coates on this list. He improved every single week. Excited to watch him again next year! Also, what about solomon patton from Florida? He was really the only thing their offense had going.

  • Had he not been injured, I feel like Justin Scott-Wesley would’ve been worthy of this list by season’s end. He was coming into his own and I’m excited to see him fully recovered next year. Of course, UGA has a small army of WRs (when they are all healthy), so it’s hard for one to stand out.

  • I think every player on this list will succeed in the NFL. I don’t think I remember a year where the SEC was so loaded at receiver. Good luck to them all on the next level.

  • I don’t think DGB made all that great case to be one of the top. but he definitely is the one with one of the best upside. Jordan’s definitely the king

    • don’t get me wrong he has the skill set, the size and definitely the speed. he just needs the confidence and determination that someone like Matthew has then he would be absolutely incredible

  • Don’t sleep on Marcus Lucas the 3rd of Mizzou’s dynamic receiving corp. Doesn’t have the flat out foot speed of some of the others, but he’s big (6’5″ 220lbs), smart (Academic All-conference), runs great routes and can really snatch the ball in a crowd. Think he’s got a real shot at the next level.

    • I don’t think Lucas will get drafted but I’m sure he’ll play in the NFL. somebody’s going to get a steal. he has a great skill set and he will sacrifice his ego for the good of the team. he played slots this year just saw the team could use DGB somewhere without him having to do too much thinking. which is where DGB has his limits.

  • somebody dont know crap about what their typing…not the first UGA player and were one of the few that actually run a true pro style offense. busted plays and a scrambling QB dont make the receiver good. thats why its called a BUSTED play. duh! HOW BOUT DYNAMIC DUO chris conley and michael bennet?? BOTH are NFL ready..PEYTON MANNING WOULD KILL FOR MICHAEL BENNETT if he can stay healthy..Conley will be a starter his rookie season in the pro’s. horrible article..stop making articles about your opinion, get some facts and actually know about the teams your writing about.

    • I’m guessing your the one that doesn’t know a crap about anything, much less football. Conley and Bennett are good WR, but they are a far cry from the most of the receivers on this list. But I realize that you are completely bias on your opinion and aren’t capable of rational thinking.

  • As good as Mike Evans was this year, it just makes it all the more impressive that Mizzou’s E.J. Gaines played man coverage on him all game and held him to just 9 yards. Some NFL team is gonna get a steal with Gaines in round 2-3.

  • Where is Marquez North ranked? (in your opinion)

    • North’s biggest problem will be getting a QB that can get him the football. Wonderful looking receiver probably projects somewhere 15-20 right now.

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