Ranking the SEC’s best teams during the BCS era

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The BCS era is officially over, and it gives way to a new College Football Playoff era, which should be fun and intriguing even for a BCS homer like me.

The SEC dominated the BCS era, winning nine of 15 BCS Championship games. Tennessee won the first championship in 1998, and FSU ended it with their victory over Auburn this season, in an instant classic. But the middle was sandwiched by SEC dominance, and the conference’s dominance exits as the leading storyline throughout the 15-year era.

Over the last several weeks, SDS has broken down and ranked the SEC’s nine BCS Championship winners, listing their schedule, first- and second-round draft picks, key stats, coaching staffs and wins against top 25 opponents in order to determine the best overall team.

SEC’s BCS Championship Teams:

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  • 2004 Auburn team is one of the best teams of the last 40 years…

    • Yes, but unfortunately, we did not win the BCS National Title in ’04. This is the list of actual title winners. But I do agree with you

    • Based on just what? Who did they beat? A mediocre Tennessee team in the SECCG? The #10 ranked Virginia Tech team by a field goal? USC would have mopped the field with them, and everyone knows it.

  • Pretty good list but I don’t think the 2011 Bama team should be that high. They did loose at home, didnt win the SEC,and only beat 3 teams that were in the final top 25. The Auburn at #4 went in defeated, won the SEC, and beat 7 teams that were in the final top 25. Just saying….

    • Auto correct….. then Auburn went undefeated

    • LSU 2003 and Bama 2012 were wayyyy better teams than Bama in 2011, agreed. OSU was the more deserving team in the BCS in 2011 and got hosed by the morons voting for Boise state.

    • You see who they picked number one? Lost at home to an unranked Ole Miss team. That is what you should be whining about, not BAMA being ranked over the tiggers. How many undefeated teams on that list and they picked the one that lost at home to an unranked team.

    • The 2011 Alabama team would beat any team on this list, because no team on this list would score more than 17 points against them. If that. They lost one game (to 13-1 LSU) because they missed four field goals. Make even one of them, and they are 14-0 and there is no discussion of who’s number one. Maybe you’ve forgotten just how badly they humiliated LSU in that national championship game?

  • And in 2007, Georgia was better than LSU…..

  • The 2007 LSU team had 2 losses and and 8 other teams had as good of a record as they did including one team in their conference that just loss a tie breaker and was playing better at the end of the season. LSU’s team in 2011 was better than that team along with a dozen or so others, just got suckered into playing the number 3 team on the list twice after beating them!

  • Yep, had that one pegged! Something to told me when the countdown started, that the Gators would get the nod for the top spot!

  • 2008 Florida as #1? 2008 Ole Miss begs to differ.

  • 2008 Florida as #1? 2008 Ole Miss begs to differ.

    There is no way that team should be ranked ahead of the 2009 Alabama team that easily beat Tebow and company in the SECCG.

    • Bama had their chance to stop Florida in ’08 and couldn’t do it

      • For good reason. The 2008 Alabama team wasn’t as good as the 2009 Alabama team that dismantled a 12-0 Tim Tebow team in the SECCG the very next season. The fact that Florida lost to a mediocre Ole Miss team should preclude them from #1.

        • I wouldn’t consider a team that finished in the top 15 and embarrassed the #7 team in a bowl game “mediocre.” But anytime Bama isn’t at the top of a list we have to listen to y’all whine about not being at the top so I completely understand where you’re coming from.

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