11 SEC teams projected to go bowling in 2014


Yeah, it’s May, but CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm published his way-too-early bowl projections for 2014.

Eleven SEC teams are projected to go bowling, and Alabama is projected to be in the College Football Playoff, along with Oklahoma, Florida State and Ohio State.

Auburn and South Carolina are projected as bowl invitees based on the selection committee’s vote, with Auburn in the Orange Bowl and South Carolina in the Peach Bowl as an at-large bid.

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Here are all 11 SEC teams’ projections:

College Football Playoff
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Rose Bowl: Florida State vs. Ohio State

Selection Committee Bowl Games
Orange Bowl: Auburn vs. Clemson
Peach Bowl: South Carolina vs. Cincinnati

Other Bowl Games
TaxSlayer Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Iowa
Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan
Capital One Bowl: LSU vs. Michigan State
Compass Bowl: Tennessee vs. Memphis
Liberty Bowl: Missouri vs. Texas
Music City Bowl: Mississippi State vs. North Carolina
Belk Bowl: Florida vs. Virginia Tech
Texas Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech

Not projected to go bowling:

  • Arkansas
  • Kentucky
  • Vanderbilt

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  • Good luck to the fans of all these teams, there are certainly a lot of programs on this list I respect. Having said that, I’m laughing here, why do Missouri fans, coaches, and student-athletes love the media so much?, because after polls like this they can’t help but be so motivated all summer that they come back to practice way ahead of everyone else. After a decade of division championships and being contenders, suddenly, even with one of their best new quarterbacks since Chase Daniels, they are going to drop from being nationally ranked #5 to playing Texas-zero draft picks. As followers we want to thank the media for supplying us with a laugh to exchange with our friends every few moments as we pass other people on the street wearing a Tiger hat. You can take every one of those projected 4 play-off teams and hold them up to Missouri’s line, backs, receivers, corners, safeties, and especially tight-ends, coaching staff and you would have a hard time finding any better than Missouri’s.

    • You will line up Mizzou rb wr and coaches up against Alabamas and can honestly tell me there isnt a diffrence? Really??

      • without a doubt the receivers and coaches are better than Alabama. You can argue about the secondary, the linebackers,

        • If you think mizzou has better coaches than Bama your high, just count the rings.

        • GBO4Life, just count the actual record Missouri vs. Alabama even

        • 1975 is the last time Missouri beat the tide. Were you even old enough to see it?…..Congratulations on being 2-2 against Bama. Bama will just remain ahead of Missouri in NCs, Conf titles, Division titles, All time wins, Win Pct, Bowl Appearances, and bowl wins…….

        • Bamatime, yes I saw the game in 75, I was a collegiate student athlete at the time. You don’t even want to know what the media and even the ‘gentlemen’ (take a cue here) on the AL coaching staff said about the contest. You’d be happy to consider the history of the contest if we were talking about 2012. And I’ll let you enter the discussion with that while I remind you that the media and the coaches had Missouri ranked higher than Alabama immediately after the last snap in college football 2013/4. I take the same enjoyment giving other football programs credit for all the great things they’ve done, especially SEC brothers. You on the other hand can’t make yourself recognize the most recent bowl result where the very next night Missouri had to wipe the smile off the big 12-4+2 ‘s face.

    • Eh, as a Missouri fan, that’s pretty overstated. Mizzou has a ton of talent, but we are awfully raw in the WR corps and the secondary. There’s enough talent there for a top 25 season and an 8-4, 9-3 type result. That’s what I’m anticipating, and while I think we’re more in the Gator Bowl/Cap. 1 territory, I don’t think we’re a playoff contender, either.

    • So Missouri’s offensive line, quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers are better than Auburns? Can you expand on that and explain? Maybe you can make a case for wr and rb but AU has the best quarterback unit and O-line unit in the SEC.

      • Auburn was awesome. Alabama has a great system. I think his point is to please keep disrespecting us. I mean it’s inconceivable that Mizzou can stand up player by player to any team in the SEC. Let’s start there again by all means. Can’t wait

      • Auburn won the contest, the Missouri had the lead 5 times, I rest my case.

      • I like Auburn, South Carolina, Georgia, aTm, Alabama. Don’t try to frame it like I have to dislike them to object to the media’s ridiculous dismissal of 2014 Missouri. Take the holding away from AU o-line, Like the National Championship refs did, and they’re not as dominant as you think. Yes Missouri’s Mauk is better. Sure Auburn had some good running backs last year. Expand? We will all have to wait for the the 2014 season to expand.

        • HA! Make up your mind which season you are talking about. You start off talking about the projected playoff teams and how their players at certain units aren’t better than Mizzouri’s but then try to make your case by pointing out things about last year. Speaking of last year, you guys only return 4 of those starters on offense. Auburn on the other hand returns 4 starters including 11 of the top 12 OL from last year. As far as OL being not as dominant as I think I would say leading the nation in rushing and not giving up excessive sacks is about as dominant as it gets. There is no way in reality that Mauk is a better QB than Nick Marshall. That statement is the height of delusion. Hell even AU backup QB Jeremy Johnson is every bit as good as Mauk if not better and has every bit as much potential too. I agree, AU did have some good running backs last year, and the two main guys returning to fill Masons shoes combined for 1250yd at 7.6 per carry last year plus we have a 5 star frosh arriving in summer to round the unit out. I’m not saying Mizz is a bad team. I’m saying you are delusional if you think the Mizz QB and OL units are as good as Auburns.

        • AUwarrior, your comment is full of extremes where this is no justification. Auburn vs. Missouri 2013 had more changes of leads than just about any other football game. Missouri has the starters it wants on both sides of the ball, cip Murphy was near the top of the yards-per-carry, Mauk lost only to #4 because of a missed kick x-point distance, If you think Missouri lost it’s receiver corp then you’re not looking at the deepest part of Missouri’s roster year-in and year-out, conversely, I accept your argument that Auburn’s O-line is a contender. look at the two common opponents Missouri and Auburn had last year. Georgia and OMiss show that your extreme opinion of Auburn over Missouri is groundless.

        • Wolfman you said Missouri’s players were better than AU and other SEC big dogs at these various positions yet again you are defending it with last season. Last season is gone. Let me tell you what I know about this season. Missouri returns 4 starters on offense. AU returns 8 starters on offense and 4 starters on the OL alone. In fact looking over the roster we return 18 of 19 OL who led the nation in rushing ypg last season and now enter into their 2nd season with the same OL coach and system. If they accomplished that last year with a new system and coach just imagine what the potential for this year is. You lost your starting QB while we return every QB on our roster. You lost your top 3 WR and only return about 25% of your receiving yards. We return over 90% of our receiving yards including every WR who caught a pass last year! To say ” You can take every one of those projected 4 play-off teams and hold them up to Missouri’s line, backs, receivers, corners, safeties, and especially tight-ends, coaching staff and you would have a hard time finding any better than Missouri’s” is absolute insanity. You had a great year last year and have a very solid program, but the majority of your offense THIS year has proven nothing other than having potential. That’s nice but there are teams like AU out there who are returning experienced and proven playmakers.

      • Wait what? Nick Marshall? best QB? oh my

        • So then who is it? Ben Wallace and Dak Prescott are the only 2 who can even make a case and Marshall had better QB rating, yards per attempt, TD to INT ratio, and rushing ypg than both of them.

    • Wolf, I’m with you. But safeties, corners and LBs concern me. Then there are those dang injuries (ask GA or look at our 2012). But we “suuooorrre-do” appreciate the SEC media.

    • Mizzou was extremely lucky last season. They are not an elite SEC team and won’t be any time soon. They will be lucky to win 7 games this year. Bama would annihilate Mizzou 10 out of 10 games. Fla,UGA,USC,and the VOLS will all beat MIzzou.

      • Steve Spurrier said, “Heaven smiled on SC” at Missouri. Indiana said “That was the worst beating in the history of Indiana at home”. aTm said “nobody else could hold Evans to 8 yards receiving. Mauk said “you won’t notice the difference between Franklin’s and my performance. The Associated Press and the Coaches poll said Missouri was the #5 team in the nation. Joshua Webb says (see the above)

        • not to mention the actual record between Missouri and Alabama 2-2

        • That last time Missouri beat bama was in 1975……Congratulations since you are using that to back up your opinion that Mizzou has better coaches and WR then Bama.

      • JWebb… extremely lucky last season? You’re delusional. And then, “will be lucky to win 7 games this year.”..? I was wrong, you’re way beyond delusional Bub. S. Carolina will be a tough one, granted…but other than JUST THAT GAME (let this sink in slowly) Mizzou will likely be favored in ALL THE REST OF THEIR GAMES. Now favored doesn’t mean they will win all of those…but it does mean Florida, with NO OFFENSE AT ALL, will not beat them, and Georgia, in THE ZOU at night with a national TV audience, will not beat them, and Tennessee…c’mon now, seriously, TENNESSEE??…. The ZouMen have a shot at 10-2 best case, and at very worst 8-4, but I think they’ll finish with a strong 9-3 under first year starter QB Maty Mauk….. who you will read A TON ABOUT throughout the season.

  • I don’t see Tennessee going bowling this year. They will be 5-7 at best. I see them in a bowl in 2015 though……

    • Their schedule is pretty favorable for winning 6 games. Utah State, Ark State, Chattanooga, Kentucky, Missouri, Vandy. All of those are home games except Vandy (which will probably have more UT fans than Vandy fans anyway). I’m counting all of those as wins and if they can pull of an upset here or there within the conference it only helps their chances. The only problem thing is all of their other conference games are on the road except Florida. If UT wins all the games they should, then they should be 6-6.

      • Chattanooga game doesn’t matter, fcs wins dont count towards your 6 you need for a bowl.
        But I think UT wins all those mention plus South Carolina again. I couold even see a surprise win between florida and georgia, because lets face it. The east is weak, and nodbody has a sure thing here.

        • Fair enough on the FCS game. I didn’t realize that. I don’t know about counting SC as a win. They are a completely different team at home. The only team in the country with an active home winning streak longer than USC is Northern Illinois. Shaw to Thompson shouldn’t be that much of a drop-off honestly, if any. I think Thompson has good legs but not as good as Shaw’s but has the better arm of the two. He has played great at times when needed (against clem on the road in 2012) and played poorly when needed too (2013 vs Mizzou). I think they have a better chance of beating UGA than SC or UF and I agree the East has been weak lately. UF is coming back though and I think the East will be decided between them and SC.

        • Benwilliams – I would disagree with the statement that Thompson played poorly vs. Missouri. Good, no, but he was far from awful. I think he was something like 15-27 for 220 yards, and that was through 2.5 quarters on another team’s field. The two Davis fumbles on the Mizzou side of the field made it seems much worse on the scoreboard than it really was. With Thompson on the field, we did move the ball inside the Mizzou 30 yard line of 4/8 possessions. Doing that and not scoring any points is more the exception than the norm. Shaw is a better QB, but I will agree about not being a dropoff. I actually think the offense will be better because of the OL. We return 4 starters from a good OL and the 5th returns from injury last year, but the year before was a freshman All-American. Having a good OL will be key, if the line lives up to expectations the offense will put up some very large numbers. And having UGA, Mssouri, Tenn and aTm at home is huge.

        • actually you can count 1 win against a FCS team for bowl eligibility. The NCAA
          allows one victory per season over a Division I FCS team to count toward a FBS
          team’s bowl eligibility, so long as the FCS team has supplied financial aid for football
          averaging out to at least 56.7 full scholarships (90% of the limit of 63 allowed to FCS schools) over “a rolling two-year period” that can include the current season.

  • Are they kidding? Ole miss has the most seasoned quarterback in the league, a potent offense if you ask me. They have only gotten better. They gonna beat alabama this year. And the leagues best defense. No doubt. Our defensive line is gonna be nasty, linebackers are pretty set too, and our All American can shut down one side of the field by himself.

    • Yes ole miss is going to have a decent team. However, you are delusional if you think they will be serious contenders. The nucleus of your team coming back is basically the same team who laid an egg (pun intended) in the egg bowl. The stupid bragging of you ole miss fans never ceases to amaze me.

    • Wallace is unreliable and mediocre at best. He’s not a championship QB. Too many careless mistakes. And yes Ole Miss has a good defense, but the league’s best? Not a chance. And beating Bama’s a tall order especially considering you got shut out by them last year. Save the championship talk for the season when you’ve actually done something.

    • Are you kidding?? I hear this same hog wash from ole miss fans every year. Where do yall get this stuff. Ole miss is gonna beat Bama?? Lol thats got to be a joke. Its ok being a homer for your team but my lord you sound ridiculous talking about how ole miss is on par with the top teamn

  • What a waste of time article.. Let’s remember, these same IDIOTS did NOT pick Auburn to be there last year. These same IDIOTS picked Alabama to be there. Yet Alabama lost the Iron Bowl and got their heads handed to them by the Sooners. The same Alabaa who will have a new QB this year. They pick FSU even though they start out with OK. State in Cowboys stadium, where they will LOSE. This article PROVES it doesn’t take much intelligence to be a sports writer…..

    • Your statement knocks sports writers for a lack of intelligence for reasons like essentially not knowing teams will have a new QB, which is your reason/basis for a team not being any good next year (Bama). Okie State loses something like 28 seniors, including their QB, and playmakers at nearly every position. I hate FSU but they are going to stomp Okie State at Jerry’s World. Your post PROVES it doesn’t take much intelligence to post a blog comment. Before knocking articles, do a little research so you at least appear to have a clue…

      • Oklahoma State will go into that game with a good plan. How many snaps does the depth chart have?, because their #2’s 2013 were good. I think FSU will have a better line of scrimmage and OSU will have a better passing attack. In a high scoring game OSU could win? In a low scoring game I think FSU will win it.

        • Of course they will have a good game plan, they have the whole offseason to watch film and create something they think will work. But even the best game plan will not work if you don’t have the horses to execute. I have looked at the depth chart. More important than the 17 starters they lost is the 32 letter winners from last years team. The defense loses will over 70% of tackles, turnovers forced, and pass breakups. The offensive line for them is a huge question. Teams that recruit at the Okie State level can experience significant highs and lows. They have to rely on player development, and what I see happen is that they have to play young guys for a few years. Those guys reach their potential and they have a good season similar to 2013. Now they lose most of that, and have to start over again. They don’t reload, they have to develop. The next few years will be the development time, and then when the youth pays off in two years the have another better than AVG season. I just don’t think they have the athletes to compete with FSU.

        • You’re helping me make my point, Gundy might be a better planner than Fisher. So I’ll return the favor, Oklahoma State will have to score over 40 to have the advantage you’ve fairly proposed FSU has in many positions.

  • As favorable as States schedule is, I definitely DON’T see a Music City Bowl. Maybe more like a Gator, Outback or even a Peach Bowl.

  • It should be more difficult to become bowl eligible. 7 wins should be the mark

  • How about the fact mizzou won the best bowl for the sec last season with auburn and bamas loss

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