SEC coaches unanimously in favor of early signing period in December

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One of the bigger agenda discussion points at this week’s SEC spring meetings is whether or not to have an early signing period, and Les Miles said the coaches were ‘unanimously’ in favor of an early signing day in December.

Getting it passed via the conference’s bureaucracy could be difficult.

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The coaches voted unanimously in favor of it, and it will now be forwarded to athletic directors and presidents later this week. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive pointed out the conference has always been against an early signing period, but if the administrators feels that’s it’s necessary, the conference could take another stand on the subject.

“I think we need to vet that out and see if the conference wants to change its position, but up until now the conference has been opposed to it,” Slive said.

“Obviously if our football coaches want to recommend an early signing day and our athletic directors are comfortable — notwithstanding the arguments against it — then obviously the conference will take a different position,” said Slive, “but we aren’t there yet.”

An early signing period would mean players wouldn’t be able to take any more official visits past the signing day – whether that’s August or December, two months that have been mentioned. If players take more official visits, they would have to wait until February to sign.

Would an early signing period be good for college football or the SEC?

If they did adopt an early signing period, the cutthroat recruiting would get earlier and earlier, but how much earlier would it get than it already is now? We have middle school prospects being offered scholarships, and the recruiting process is already at that point now.

Many high school prospects love to create drama in February; you’ll always have the drama queens, but an early signing period would alleviate added pressure on high school prospects who are ready to be done with recruiting. Recruiting creates jealousy among high school teammates; jealousy can wreck seasons and championship runs. Still, many high school players would be in favor of an early signing period, especially if they know exactly where they’re going to school.

So, why not end the craziness for the prospects who want to sign early?

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