SEC’s College Football Playoff Betting Odds


After winning the last ever BCS Championship, Florida State enters as the championship favorite to repeat in 2014. Alabama (5-1), Oregon (7-1), Ohio State (9-1) and Oklahoma (12-1) round out the top five favorites.

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Here are the College Football Playoff betting odds by OddsShark, and neither Kentucky nor Vanderbilt were listed:

  • Alabama 5-1
  • LSU 16-1
  • Auburn 20-1
  • Georgia 28-1
  • Ole Miss 33-1
  • South Carolina 40-1
  • Florida 50-1
  • Missouri 50-1
  • Texas A&M 50-1
  • Tennessee 75-1
  • Arkansas 100-1
  • Mississippi State 100-1

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  • I can handle seeing UGA or LSU’s odds higher than SC (they’re traditional powers), but Ole Miss?!? It’s like they haven’t finished in the top 10 the last 3 years and had a very young team last year. I think past tradition of SC plays into this

    • A lot of ppl that don’t know much about college football are going to be surprise at how good Ole Miss is going to be this year. I’m saying they are going to win the SEC, but it would be that big a surprise if they did for ppl that follow the SEC. But I would have thought that LSU would be lower and that South Carolina would be higher. I’m interested in seeing how USC does without Shaw. He was the heart and soul of last years team. LSU has a lot of production they have to replace, especially at QB and WR.

  • I like this order better , with expectations of a few surprises :
    1. Alabama
    2. LSU
    3. Florida
    4. Auburn
    5. Ole Miss
    6. Georgia
    7. Arkansas
    8. Tennessee
    9. South Carolina
    10. Miss.St.
    11. Tex A&M
    12. Missouri
    13. Kentucky
    14. Vanderbilt

    Yes , some big fall offs from last year & don’t be surprised by finishes of Ole Miss, Miss. St. , Arkansas or Tennessee . Just one persons view of next season, let the fireworks begin !

    • Thanks for your interesting rank, but what are the odds gaps between each of your rankings? And here are my questions with your rank. South Carolina has been an SEC East contender and big bowl winner every year for a long time, so why are they 9th this year. LSU quality is going in the other direction why are you turning them around? Florida 3rd? because they hired a new coach instantly? and from there your ranking needs a lot more back up. ???Arkansas gets to 7th because….? Missouri returns arguably the best QB in the league and has been to a bowl game 9 of the last 10 years and you think they have the 12th best chance of winning it all? Share your thinking here?

  • Florida goes to Bama and has it’s yearly game with LSU. UGA plays @ USCe and that may determine the East. Hard to count on UGA with Murray gone. Should be a fun year.

    • Chris, there is a gap between what the media says Tennessee is recruiting and how you have them performing. I’m not saying i disagree with you, but why do You leave Tennessee out of the east race? Also how is Georgia going to beat Missouri?, remember that in their first two league meetings the game has been tied at the beginning of the 4th quarter, so that is a real question to enumerate. Even in Missouri we will miss seeing Murray.

  • I would put msu at one million to one odds haha

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